After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 707

Chapter 707: I might be able to help him

The scouts carried the man past Madeline, and she spoke up, “Let me see.”

Her class was “Dark Sword Saint,” which required proficiency in sword skills as well as basic dark priest magic. As a result, she also knew some basic healing and detoxification magic.

When Robb was studying magical item production at the magic academy, he once played around with a magic array and pretended to be seriously injured. Madeline came to treat him back then. (For friends who forgot, please see Chapter 328.)

The scout team quickly brought their poisoned comrade in front of Madeline.

The man did not know what kind of poison he had been infected with. His whole face had turned green, and he looked like he was on the verge of death. If he had not been an assassin and had some resistance to poisons due to his frequent contact with them, he would probably have already died.

Madeline quickly recited a basic detoxification spell. Black magic engulfed the poisoned scout, but everyone thought the man would immediately sit up when the magic entered his body. However, that did not happen.

The man’s face was still green and showed no signs of improvement.

Madeline frowned, “No, my detoxification spell is too low-level. He’s been infected with a serious poison. We need to find a more powerful priest.”

Someone immediately ran to the Black Earth Knights and the Wind Knights to call for priests!

Both knight orders had accompanying priests. Dozens of them arrived shortly.

Of course, these priests were all under the jurisdiction of the Church of Darkness and not the new Church of Light.

A priest stepped forward and began reciting the spell for detoxification. Soon, another black magic surrounded the poisoned man, but the result was the same as before. The scout’s face was still green and showed no signs of improvement.

The priest awkwardly laughed, “I’m sorry, my strength is not enough.”

“Let me try!” A dark bishop stepped forward. People of this rank were about as powerful as Elsie.

However, after reciting the detoxification spell, he looked at the scout and saw that he was still moaning in pain.

“What? I can’t do it either!” The bishop was surprised. “What kind of strange poison did he get? It’s so strong?”

Now things were getting complicated.

Madeline’s face darkened. “So, he’s doomed?”

Kante, who was standing beside her, asked stupidly, “Are there no higher-level priests?”

As soon as he finished speaking, Robb lightly pulled him back behind him.

This small action made Kante wary. He followed Robb’s gaze and quickly noticed a small detail. These priests were all low-ranking, to put it bluntly, just ordinary priests. Only one person was wearing a bishop’s robes, but none of the high-ranking archbishops or cardinals were present.

Kante spoke in a voice that only Robb could hear and asked, “What’s going on? Why aren’t there any high-level priests?”

Robb whispered back, “It seems that the relationship between Miss Queen and the Church of Darkness isn’t good.”

On the surface, Miss Queen and the Dark Church had a cooperative relationship, but in this important battle to attack the stronghold of Mondra, the Church of Darkness had only sent one bishop-level priest, and no higher-ranking priests had come. It was clear that they were no longer “fully supporting” the queen, but only “partially supporting” her.

Kante was confused and asked, “Why?”

Robb thought for a moment and whispered, “It’s obviously because of our Westwind City.”

Kante still didn’t understand and asked, “What does Westwind City have to do with the relationship between the Church of Darkness and West Gran?”

Robb explained, “It’s a big deal. During the Black Dragon War, the queen helped Godfather, who is a pillar of the New Church of Light. Do you understand now?”

Kante suddenly realized, and Robb continued, “And maybe it’s more than that. The queen now has two steel battleships made by Westwind City and is even ordering a third one, but when the Church of Darkness came to Westwind City to order them, Godfather refused to sell to them. So what do you think the Church of Darkness will do?”

Kante understood and said, “They will ask the Queen to buy it for them.”

Robb nodded, “But Westwind City didn’t receive any new orders for battleships from the queen, which means that she refused the Church of Darkness’ request to buy battleships.”

Kante understood even more and said, “The queen doesn’t want the Dark Church to have battleships and wants to limit their power. Therefore, the church is also unwilling to send powerful high-ranking priests to help West Gran. They are mutually restraining each other.”

Robb sighed and said, “They haven’t even dealt with Mondra and the New Church of Light, so what’s the point of fighting among themselves? I don’t know what to say, maybe it’s because I don’t understand politics!”

Kante shrugged and said, “I don’t understand politics either.”

Madeline’s face looked ugly. She had a subordinate who was poisoned, and if there was a high-ranking priest around, he could have been saved. But now, she could only watch him be tortured to death by poison, which was very painful for her. However, she also knew why there were no powerful priests accompanying the troops this time. West Gran had to maintain its uniqueness and legitimacy, and it couldn’t always rely on the cunning Church of Darkness.

She was about to say a few comforting words to the poisoned subordinate, such as “I will take care of your wife,” when suddenly a man walked up to her and waved his hand, saying, “Let me try to detoxify him.”

Madeline looked closely and said, “Hey? Mr. Robb? You can use detoxification magic?”

Robb shook his head. “I’m not a priest, so of course I don’t know how to detoxify.”

Madeline asked, “Then what…”

“But I do know how to make medicine,” Robb interrupted. “While studying the making of magical artifacts, I also did some basic research on alchemy. Look at all the herbs I’ve gathered on the way. I think if I mix those herbs together, I might be able to detoxify this brother.”

The people around him suddenly looked embarrassed when they heard this.

The scouts thought to themselves, [Do you know what kind of poison this person has? It’s something that even the bishop can’t solve. You’ve only done some basic research on alchemy and picked up some herbs on the road, but you think you can make this level of detoxifying medicine? Aren’t you overestimating yourself a bit?]

Even Kante couldn’t help but exclaim, “Brother Robb, this seems a bit…”

Robb knew what they were worried about and shrugged. “Let’s try it. Anyway, you all said he couldn’t be saved.”


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