After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 708

Chapter 708: This is a poison concocted by a great witch doctor

“This is a choice without a choice.”

Robb said this, and nobody else had anything to say.

Madeline nodded and said, “Let’s give it a try.”

Robb turned around and cast Swift Wind with reduced power to a logistics soldier and said, “Quickly bring me the big bag of herbs I picked on the way here.”

The logistics soldier hurriedly left because the situation was critical. With the Swift Wind, he ran as fast as he could and returned in no time. He was carrying a big cloth bag filled with various plants that Robb had “luckily” picked on the way.

Among these plants, some were familiar to Madeline and her companions, but many others were unknown to them.

Even if professional alchemists were present, they would only be able to recognize half of the herbs, and many high-level medicinal materials were not yet thoroughly researched by people in this world and could not be used in alchemy. In fact, people in this world may not even know that they are medicine.

Robb held two strange flowers that no one recognized. He could easily produce medicine by simply rubbing them in his hands, but this method was not viable because Kante would definitely recognize the Godfather’s signature hand-rubbing production method. So, he brought some small bowls and pretended to mash the plants in them. While doing so, he suddenly said, “Hey, buddy, don’t die before I finish making the medicine.”

As soon as he spoke, everyone’s attention shifted instantly to the poisoned scout. Robb took advantage of this moment and rubbed the herbs in his hands.

Half a minute later, the attention of those people returned from the poisoned scout, and they said in unison, “He’s not dead yet, but he’s feeling better. Your medicine needs to work fast.”

They had barely finished speaking when they saw that Robb had already finished making the medicine and poured it into a small glass bottle.

In fact, it was not a very advanced medicine. Its name was “Antidote Lv.4.”

It was a very simple name, and its ingredients were only 40-level materials. It could only neutralize poison at or below Lv.4 in the game. Poison smoke and mist emitted by high-level bosses could not be neutralized by this medicine. It was just a rare and low-level medicine that some low-level players occasionally used while playing solo missions.

Robb planned to pour the medicine into the poisoned scout’s mouth.

The nearby scouts were worried and asked, “Mr. Robb, isn’t your medicine-making speed too fast? It seems a bit careless. Can this medicine really be used?”

Westerners are direct. If it were Eastern soldiers, who would dare to question a Viscount with a Duke’s protection?

Westerners say whatever they think.

Robb knew his comrades were worried about the poisoned scout, but he was not used to their repeated suspicions. He explained, “If I didn’t hurry up and make the medicine, wouldn’t it be too late? I could only make a crude medicine, but anyway, I’ll try it first.”

The scouts could only watch him helplessly.

Robb pried open the poisoned scout’s mouth and poured a bottle of medicine into it. The guy was barely conscious and couldn’t even swallow the medicine, leaving Robb speechless. One of the scouts crouched down beside him and helped him force the medicine down by holding his mouth and neck.

Then, the group watched the poisoned scout with serious expressions, waiting to see the results.

Everyone knew that the effect of medicine was slower than that of magic. For example, when a healing spell is cast on someone, their injuries heal instantly, but the effect of drinking a red potion is much slower.

This is because medicines in the real world do not take immediate effect. There is usually a slow process of “ingestion,” “digestion,” “effectiveness,” and “recovery.”

Therefore, no one expected the medicine to cure the poisoned scout immediately. Everyone thought that even if the medicine was effective, he would only recover slowly.

What they needed to confirm now was whether he had been removed from life-threatening danger.

However, the situation was completely beyond their expectations. The medicine Robb made with his hands enjoyed the game’s rules, not the rules of the real world. Therefore, this medicine did not have the slow effectiveness process of medicines in the real world. As soon as it was swallowed, the result was instant.

The poisoned scout’s face, which had been green, suddenly regained its rosy color.

The onlookers beside him said, “Huh? He is okay?”

“So fast?”

“What kind of medicine is this?”

“Oh my god! The effect of this medicine is crazy!”

“Quick, priest, heal him. Although the poison is gone, his life is still in danger.”

It turned out that the antidote only removed the poisoned state but could not heal injuries. The life force consumed by the poison could not be restored, and the only difference now was that he would no longer be tormented by the poison. The nearby priest quickly cast a healing spell to help him.

The poisoned scout sat up with a swish and exclaimed, “Oh my god, I thought I was a goner.”

The people nearby looked at him silently.

In an instant, the poisoned scout was ignored by the crowd because his life was no longer in danger. He was no longer the center of attention, and everyone’s eyes were now on Robb.

Madeline said proudly, “Mr. Robb, your alchemy skills are amazing.”

The Black Earth Knights asked, “What kind of strange medicine is this? How did you make it?”

Kante looked bewildered and said, “Robb, my brother, I bet this isn’t your own skill. Godfather must have taught you this!”

According to Kante, it is as good a reason for Robb to borrow a donkey and go down the hill. He quickly said, “Yes, this kind of alchemy was taught to me by Godfather. He said that when you’re out and about, it’s necessary to learn how to detoxify in case you get bitten by a snake or insect and need to save yourself.”

“You’re not just saving yourself from snakes and insects, this is really impressive.”

“Even the bishop can’t treat this poison, but your medicine can.”

“I feel like I want to worship Godfather as my master.”

The people nearby were discussing in a commotion.

At this moment, Robb turned to Madeline, his face slightly serious, and said seriously, “This poison in the scout is, if I’m not mistaken, from the great witch doctor of the desert kingdom, a master of poisons!”

“Ah? It’s from the desert kingdom again?” Madeline was slightly stunned.

“Yes, it must be.” Robb had actually tasted this poison before.

It was the kind of highly poisonous substance that Suofa had applied to her lips and pretended to kiss Robb with, wanting to kill him with poison. Of course, later she poisoned herself to death.

This poison was concocted by a top-level professional witch doctor, so at least a high bishop-level priest is needed to barely remove it. No wonder ordinary priests couldn’t treat it.


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