After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 709

Chapter 709: Let me work a little harder

Madeline heard that this kind of poison came from the desert, and her brows wrinkled deeply. She had already been attacked by Thunder’s Roar provided by the Desert Kingdom on her way here. Now she saw a poisonous weapon of the Desert Kingdom again…

She turned to the poisoned scout and asked, “Where did you get this poison?”

The scout replied, “I sneaked close to Mondra’s lair, wanting to sneak a peek at the defenses on the city wall. But I accidentally missed a True Sight Eye hidden in a tree on the other side. My stealth was discovered, and an ordinary archer on the city wall shot an arrow at me. The arrow hit my shoulder, and then I was poisoned. Fortunately, I have good resistance to poisons, so I managed to escape while struggling from the range of the archer’s arrows, and my comrades brought me back.”

A Black Earth Knight walked over and whispered, “My lord, even the arrows of ordinary archers are smeared with this highly toxic substance. It seems that they have obtained a lot of poison from the Desert Kingdom, otherwise they would not dare to use them like this.”

Madeline nodded, “Last time, the Thunder Knights ambushed us at the lakeside with two Thunder’s Roars. From these details, we can see that the Desert Kingdom is making every effort to help Mondra. They are really despicable.”

The Black Earth Knights looked towards the northwest direction with displeasure and said in a low voice, “Why does the Desert Kingdom have to help East Gran so desperately? Why are they not helping West Gran instead?”

Robb said, “It’s the thing with making distant friends but attacking nearby enemies. East Gran is farther away from the Desert Kingdom, but West Gran is closer. Geographically speaking, West Gran is more likely to be targeted by the Desert Kingdom. There is also an important point, which is the issue of the king. The Queen is a wise ruler who would never do anything stupid that would harm her own people and interests. But Mondra is a tyrant who would do anything to maintain his power, even colluding with demons. I have no doubt that Mondra is willing to cede territory to the Desert Kingdom in exchange for an alliance.”

Everyone was slightly stunned by this statement, and then they realized that it was true. Last time, Mondra colluded with demons and promised to give them several cities, allowing them to consume the residents at will. It was not surprising that he would do the same with the Desert Kingdom. However, the Queen would never cede territory, even for a small town like Westwind Town. She forced her ghostly husband to admit that it was the territory of Kingdom of Gran or she would fight him to the death. She would never give up her land easily.

Madeline bit her lip and said, “No wonder the bad guys always have so many helpers. Because they have no bottom line, they can trade anything.”

Robb said, “Okay, there’s no point in complaining. Let’s focus on something practical. The fact that the enemy has poisoned even the arrows of their ordinary archers shows that they use poison frequently. Unfortunately, we don’t have high-level priests, so we have to rely on potions.”

He took out the two herbs he had used earlier and placed them on the ground, showing them to everyone. “Take a good look at these two herbs. We need to collect a lot of them and make a large quantity of antidotes to deal with the Desert Kingdom’s poison.”

“Ah, yes!” Madeline quickly realized and ordered a group of people, “Go find the herbs quickly.”

The soldiers hurriedly went out to search for the herbs in the surrounding mountains and forests.

In reality, these two herbs were not difficult to find. In “Dark Blade,” they were just herbs around level 40 and were quite common. However, in the real world, herb distribution is different from the game. In the game, players have to travel far to find a single herb because the game designers cannot let players stay in one place and continuously collect herbs.

But in the real world, finding one herb often means finding a large patch of them, which is the normal rule of nature!

The next day, the soldiers brought back many bags of herbs.

Interestingly, they not only brought back the two herbs that Robb had designated, but also many low-level herbs that these soldiers were familiar with, which were all useless to Robb, as they were all around level 10 or 20.

All of these herbs were piled up in Robb’s room.

Madeline saw so many herbs and was a little worried. “Mr. Robb, are you planning to make all of these into potions? Would it not be too hard for one person to do all this?”

Robb thought to himself, [I can just use a bot to mass-produce them while I sleep. It’s not hard at all.]

But he couldn’t say that, so he said, “Madeline, I appreciate your concern, but we are facing a war. It’s my duty to work hard to ensure our soldiers can survive in battle. Maybe making one more potion could save one more soldier’s life. At a time like this, do you want to encourage me to be lazy?”

This was a valid point. Although Madeline felt sorry for Robb and didn’t want him to work too hard, in this situation, it was better for him to be a little tired than to watch her subordinates die from poison. Once the real battle started, no matter how many antidotes they had, it wouldn’t be enough.

She couldn’t persuade Robb to be lazy here. After thinking about it, she suddenly took out a handkerchief from her pocket and said, “Okay, how about this? When you’re tired from making potions, I’ll wipe your sweat for you.”

Robb: “…”

The Black Earth Knights beside them: “…”

Robb had to push her out of the room and say, “Stop fooling around here. You have your own things to do. As the commander, you have a lot to do. Why are you wiping my sweat here?”

The Black Earth Knights looked embarrassed and said, “Yes, duke. Let’s go and do something productive.”

Madeline could only follow a large group of Black Earth Knights with reluctance.

Robb shook his head, sighed, locked the door, closed the window, and started grinding medicine while AFK. He had to grind several bags of medicine, which would take hours and his body couldn’t move during the process. It was quite boring, so he decided to use this time to arrange something else.

Robb switched his consciousness to his avatar, which had just been split and still had half an hour left of use. He smiled at Suofa and said, “Go and bring the best miners from our mine, oh, and also bring some knowledgeable and combat-capable dwarves.”

Suofa hurried to do so.

While Suofa was still bringing people over, Robb opened a transmission portal to the nearest small town from the lake where he had previously visited. After passing through the portal, he used flight magic to quickly fly to the lakeside and then opened another transmission portal to Westwind Town.

He did not enter the portal himself because it would disappear once he entered. Instead, he used a spell to return to his chapel. At that moment, Suofa had just brought a large group of miners and dwarves.


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