After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 710

Chapter 710: Dig

The miners in Westwind City have basically transformed into new-style miners. They no longer mine ore by themselves, carry them out of the mines, and then smelt them like the old miners used to. Instead, they often engage in very singular jobs. For example, a few miners are responsible for using a pickaxe to mine ore, and once the ore is mined, they no longer deal with it. Then, other miners are specialized in carrying the ore into small carts. There are also people who specialize in handling the carts and pulling them out of the mine. Then, outside the mine, there are people who specialize in getting the ore into the smelter.

Each person only does a little bit.

At first, they thought that this would lead to a decrease in efficiency, but they later discovered that this approach actually increased efficiency. They couldn’t figure out why, since each person only did a little bit, why was the efficiency higher than before?

But it didn’t matter. Godfather’s method was a good method, so they just followed it.

At this point, the sky was already dark, and the miners were suddenly summoned by Godfather. They curiously ran to the chapel and saw Robb standing in front of a purple portal, beckoning to them.

The miners and dwarves ran up to Robb excitedly, “What does Godfather want us to do?”

Robb smiled and said, “I found a relatively rare ore in a faraway place, and I need you to go and mine it.”

“Rare ore?” The ordinary miners had no reaction, but the dwarves suddenly got excited, “Is it Truesilver or Dark Iron?”

Robb laughed and said, “Truesilver and Dark Iron are too low-level. This one is a bit more advanced.”

“What?” The dwarves were shocked, “More advanced than Truesilver and Dark Iron? What kind of ore is that? We’ve never heard of an ore more advanced than Truesilver and Dark Iron. Oh, Godfather, you must take us there to see it.”

Dwarves have spent their lives dealing with stones and love playing with unusual and magical metals. The most magnificent metal they had ever seen before was Truesilver and Dark Iron, and even a small piece of it would make them happy to play with for a year. Now, when they heard Robb say there was an ore more advanced than Truesilver and Dark Iron, they couldn’t be more excited.

Robb said, “However, that place is a bit peculiar, and the mining conditions aren’t very good. Anyway, go take a look, and if you can mine it, then mine it. If not, we’ll figure out another way.”

Before he could finish his sentence, a dwarf shouted, “We can overcome any difficulty for advanced ore!”

He didn’t even need to hear the rest. He buried his head and rushed into the portal, not caring what was on the other side, whether there were mountains of blades or oceans of flames, or whether there were monsters lurking there. The other dwarves followed suit and rushed into the portal with a loud roar.

Robb smiled wryly and said, “These idiots are so reckless. I think they’re going to suffer.”

Human miners needed to be cautious as they asked, “Is it dangerous on the other side of the portal?”

Robb responded, “It’s not necessarily dangerous, but I opened the door very close to the lake. If they charge through like that, they might…”

As the human miners passed through the door, they quickly realized the portal was only one or two steps away from the lake. The dwarves had just charged through the door and, in that instant, the scenery changed. They had no time to react and charged straight into the lake. They were now soaking in the water, with some of them shouting, “Oh no, I can’t swim, help me!”

The human miners burst into laughter and quickly rescued the dwarves from the water. The dwarves stood at the shore, shaking off the water droplets from their bodies while cursing at the lake. After a while, they turned their heads and asked, “Godfather, where is the rare ore you mentioned?”

Robb pointed to the lake in front of them and said, “At the bottom of the lake in the center.”

The dwarves exclaimed, “What!”

The human miners laughed, “Dwarves can’t even swim?”

The dwarves retorted angrily, “We used to live in caves in the mountains. How could we possibly know how to swim?”

“Don’t be afraid, I’ll give you water breathing,” Robb said.

After that, Robb pushed all the dwarves into the water with one foot each. The poor dwarves screamed as they fell into the water. However, they soon discovered that they could breathe in the water, and there was nothing to be afraid of. A group of ducks played joyfully in the water. However, not being able to swim meant they could not move forward in the water, and they could only float awkwardly.

Fortunately, the human miners followed closely behind and pulled the dwarves towards the center of the lake. After a while, they arrived at the bottom of the lake, with Robb transforming into a large seal and swimming alongside them. He released a lighting ball underwater.

The lighting ball illuminated the bottom of the lake, revealing a large vein of rare minerals in front of the miners and dwarves.

“Oh, this is the rare ore that Godfather talked about,” said one of the human miners, as he touched the stone of the vein and made a strange expression on his face. “I’ve never seen anything like it.”

The dwarves had already surrounded the vein, with one of them even taking out a small pickaxe from his waist and tapping the vein. Soon, a fist-sized piece of ore fell off, which he held in his hand, examining it closely. He saw a blue metallic luster on the surface.

Although he didn’t recognize the ore, the dwarf said, “Although I don’t know what this ore is, just looking at the surface of this rock, it’s definitely a powerful metal. It even has magic naturally, just look at the blue light it emits.”

The miners are knowledgeable, marveling at the rare and valuable ore.

“Alright,” Robb said with a smile. “The next question is how to mine it.”

The dwarves and miners looked at each other in confusion. How do we mine it, especially since it’s underwater? This was indeed a difficult problem.

“I’ve figured it out,” Robb said. “We’ll split into two groups. One group will come to me every day to get underwater breathing gear and work underwater. The other group will work on shore. The underwater group will be responsible for mining the ore, and the shore group will build a large structure by the lake and operate a winch system to lower large baskets into the water with long ropes. The underwater team will put the ore into the baskets, and the shore team will pull it up and send it back to Westwind City through the transmission portal.”

The miners understood immediately. This was essentially the same way they worked in the Westwind Mine – with division of labor and cooperation. Some people only mined, while others only transported. This way, they could work in a familiar rhythm.

Of course, there was still the issue of division of labor.

The dwarves didn’t hesitate and raised their hands together. “We want to be the shore team.”

The human miners burst out laughing. “Silly dwarves can’t swim, so it’s obvious that the underwater team will get paid more. We’ll take the underwater team.”


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