After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 721

Chapter 721: One strike!

The whirlwind is still spinning non-stop.

The bats on the periphery are already tired from spinning! No matter what animal it is, spinning around in a small circle non-stop, spinning dozens or hundreds of circles, even their brain can’t handle it. By the end, the bats were almost spinning to vomit, but the whirlwind just kept circling around Robb and the others.

Meanwhile, Robb and his companions in the middle of the whirlwind remained calm, forming a circle and watching the hunter skinning the bats.

In fact, Robb could also skin the bats, and it only took him 1.5 seconds to skin one, but he didn’t want to do it in front of so many people. So, he had to watch the hunter sweat while skinning for a while until a large piece of bat skin was handed over to him.

“You see, how’s the skin?” the hunter asked.

Robb picked it up and tugged on it, immediately recognizing it as “Connective Leather”, a level 60 leatherworking material in “Dark Blade”, which could make equipment of around level 60. Basically, it was a material of the same level as Arcanite but easier to obtain, so the effect of the finished product was slightly inferior to Arcanite.

In the game, it was not very difficult to obtain this kind of leather, as beasts were everywhere. However, the beasts were still scattered, so to collect a large amount of this leather, one had to squat in a place where level 60 beasts spawned and skin them all day long, or even for several days.

But in the real world, it was different. The giant bats were as abundant as the grass. They were not as scarce as they were in the game world.

Looking at how many bats were in the valley, if they skinned all of them, they could make enough equipment to arm an army.

Thinking about it carefully, it was quite cruel!

But, thinking about how the Black Dragon came out every four years, destroyed a city, and killed countless people, and had been playing like this for over three hundred times, causing so much damage to humanity.

To kill the Black Dragon and prevent such painful events from happening every four years, they had no choice but to let these bats die. This was not the time to be a saint.

Robb said to the people around him, “This leather is useful, my teacher will definitely like it. I’ll open a portal and invite him over. This is not to ask him to save us, just to pick up the materials, he will be happy to do it.”

The teammates were overjoyed, but a Wind Knight who had never seen Robb’s prowess muttered, “Forgive me for being blunt, but even Godfather of Westwind City would find it difficult to deal with so many giant bats, right? This is not one or two, or even a few hundred, but tens of thousands. We don’t even know how many of these things are in that damn canyon. What if your teacher can’t handle it when he comes over?”

Robb laughed and didn’t explain, he just opened a portal with a wave of his hand.

Soon, he operated his clone on the other side of the portal and walked through it.

Pretending that the student paid his respects to his teacher first, and then let the student’s identity develop on the side. The main perspective naturally fell on the lazy priest, Robb, who looked at the bats flying and spinning around and showed an excited look as if he has seen countless materials!

The Wind Knight who spoke just now whispered, “Godfather, if there are too many of them, it is safer for us to escape. We can wait for the army to come…”

He hadn’t finished speaking.

Robb raised his hand, “Arcane Explosion!”


A purple light screen spread out from him and spread outwards…

Just now, as Robb Smith, he was not skilled in casting spells, and he had to suppress his power. But now, as he recovered his identity as Godfather, he could do things as he pleased without having to deliberately conceal his strength. This Arcane Explosion was cast very smoothly.

The purple light screen, centered on him, spread outwards in a spherical shape. The bats all over the sky were simultaneously swept by the light of the Arcane Explosion, then all stiffened and fell from the sky, plop, plop, constantly falling to the ground.

These things were huge in size, with one being as big as a manticore. Thousands of them fell around, piled up into small mountains, and surrounded everyone in a circular pile of bat corpses that were as high as a mountain.

The Wind Knight who had just spoken was completely stunned, with his mouth open wide.

The Black Earth Knights next to him gave him a heavy pat on the shoulder. “Brother, are you questioning Godfather’s strength?”

“It was just, just, just one strike!” The Wind Knight said.

“What’s so strange about one strike?” The Black Earth Knights sneered, “If you had seen Godfather face off against the Black Dragon, you wouldn’t think that these small bats would cause him any trouble.”

Robb cleared the area with an Arcane Explosion, clapped his hands, and then went back through the portal. Soon, a group of leatherworkers from Westwind City came in, led by Elsie and a small group responsible for protecting the safety of the leatherworkers.

Elsie shouted loudly, “Move away, move away. The Wind Knights over there, put down the bat corpses in your hands. I must remind you that these bats were all killed by Godfather, they are his things. No one can take them without Godfather’s consent. Otherwise, it will be regarded as robbing Godfather’s things. Last time, the Black Dragon wanted to come and rob Godfather’s treasure, and you already know what happened. If you think you are stronger than the Black Dragon, feel free to try, but the consequences are your own.”

The Wind Knights were sweating profusely, quickly put down the bat corpses in their hands, backed away, and stood respectfully. They couldn’t afford to provoke any strange misunderstandings at this time.

Elsie waved his hand and the leatherworkers immediately began to skin the bats. With bat corpses everywhere, they just picked one up and started skinning it. Once they were finished, they sent the skins back through the transmission portal. The leatherworkers, the porters, and the counters all quickly formed a standard process.

The Black Earth Knights and the Wind Knights were dumbfounded…

What’s going on here?

These people in Westwind City seem to be so well-prepared and organized. They’ve even started working on an assembly line.

They turned to Robb Smith together, with a questioning look in their eyes.

Robb said, “Don’t worry about them, let’s continue with our scouting mission.”

The two knight orders were sweating profusely and said, “Are we really a scout team? Not a treasure-hunting team?”

Robb said, “I guarantee that we are a scout team, and everything we do is in service of West Gran’s strategy, really.”

The two knight orders didn’t believe him at all. Who would believe that kind of thing at a time like this?

Robb didn’t explain further and immediately headed into the valley. He had expected to find many giant bats in the valley, but there were actually none. In this dark valley, there were only bat droppings all over the ground and the air was filled with the smell of bat excrement.


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