After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 722

Chapter 722:  A small gift for Madeline

The valley was very dark, and bat droppings were scattered all over the ground. The air was so foul that it was unbearable.

Robb found another unpleasant aspect of exploring the real world. When exploring in the game, he wouldn’t smell the stench. The current games haven’t reached the level where computers can emit a foul smell.

He took out the map and saw that the location of the ore was not far away. He took a step forward.

Twenty-three people followed behind him. Despite the Black Earth Knight’s earlier complaints, the mission was still a priority. They had to go to the mission location and check it out; otherwise, they wouldn’t be able to explain to Madeline upon their return.

As they walked through the valley, they occasionally stepped on bat droppings. The look on their faces was one of embarrassment and disgust.

One Black Earth Knight muttered to himself, “Our team has investigated and found no enemy forces in the target gorge. We ran here for nothing.”

Kante asked, “What are you reciting?”

The Black Earth Knight replied, “I am practicing the report that I will submit to the Grand Duke after we return.”

Before he could finish, Robb suddenly pointed to the nearby mountain wall and whispered, “Look over there.”

Everyone looked up and saw a bat hanging upside down on the wall. It was a giant bat, but it was clearly an immature one. Its size was only as big as a normal bird.

“There are more over here!”

“Giant bat pups.”

“Ah, there are more over here, so many pups.”

Excited by the sight, the group shouted, “So many pups! If we bring them back and raise them from a young age, teach them to obey humans, we can create a bat knight army.”

Robb said, “I thought of this earlier. Our scout team is serving the strategy of West Gran. It seems that we haven’t deviated from our mission. We have contributed an air force unit to the kingdom.”

He turned to the Black Earth Knight who had complained earlier and said, “Congratulations, you have made a great achievement.”

The Black Earth Knight was stunned.

Of course, they couldn’t take these pups with them now. They would have to send someone back to catch them.

They continued on and, after a while, Robb finally stood at the yellow spot on the map.

He looked to the left and right but couldn’t see anything. It seemed that the ore vein was hidden underground.

Robb was thinking about how he couldn’t dig in front of these people when a Wind Knight exclaimed, “Oh no!”

Robb turned to see that the Wind Knight had accidentally fallen and was covered in bat droppings. Angry, he drew his double-handed sword from his back and started wildly hacking at the droppings on the ground.

Unexpectedly, after a few strokes, the droppings were swept away by his sword, and the surface layer of soil was also swept away, revealing a silver-white stone shining brightly.

The wind knight was stunned as he looked at the silver stone in front of him, “Thorium!”

The knights, scouts, thieves, and archers nearby all rushed over, exclaiming in shock, “Oh my god! It’s Thorium, Thorium ore! This is incredible, there is actually Thorium ore here.”

Robb cursed to himself, [Tch! Useless Thorium ore, boring.]

In “Dark Blade”, Thorium ore is a level 50 ore, 10 levels lower than Arcanite, so the items made from it are just average. Robb had once used this stuff to make a steam tank (refer to chapter 420 for those who have forgotten).

For Robb, this stuff was less useful than the animal hides found outside.

However, for the natives of this world, it was a different story.

Thorium was the best material they had mastered and understood, and for them, Thorium was synonymous with wealth and top-tier equipment.

They had no idea that the bat hides outside were more useful than this stuff.

Among the 23 companions, except for Kante, everyone was excited and screaming. Two Black Earth Knights immediately showed off some battle techniques, creating large pits in the ground and sending the Thorium ore flying everywhere. They didn’t even care about the bat guano on the ore, holding the smelly rocks in their hands and exclaimed in ecstasy, “This is the real merit, taking this back can earn us money, titles, and everything.”

Kante came over to Robb and whispered, “Shouldn’t this good stuff also belong to Westwind City? Should I go out and call Elsie to occupy the vein first?”

“No need.” Robb said, “Let them play with this level 50 stone, we in Westwind City are already mining Arcanite ore on a large scale. Let’s just give this stuff as a small gift to Madeline.”

On the way back, the Black Earth Knights and Wind Knights were very excited, carrying bags full of smelly Thorium ore and smiling. In fact, the Thorium vein was quite large, and what they had dug up was only a tiny part of it. But they couldn’t move the rest of the vein, so they could only collect some samples and report back with good news.

However, Robb was not very happy, walking with a gloomy face following the team.

Although they had gained level 60 hides this time, Robb didn’t think he had gotten anything good.

He found that the area where he was operating could only produce level 60 materials at most, which was not a good thing.

It seemed that his operating area was too close to an area already developed by humans!

The closer the ore is to the city, the lower its grade, while the more remote and inaccessible areas have higher grade ore. This is a common rule in almost every game, and it’s also the norm in modern society. Have you ever seen anyone dig up good ore from the underground in the center of Shuangqing City?

In the “development zone” of the Kingdom of Gran, it’s probably as difficult as reaching the sky to find something even more advanced.

You need to broaden your perspective and expand your horizons!

Robb picked up the map of the Fengmo Continent and opened the “Find Mineral” skill. Damn! The skill can only be used on a small map and not on the large one.

Robb closed the map and cursed at the sky, “MMP!”

When Robb and his team returned to the camp of the Wind knights, it was already the afternoon of the next day. Other scouting teams had already explored the surrounding area and reported back to the leader of the Wind knights, Viscount Barry.

There were no signs that Mondra’s Army had left the city, so when Robb and his team returned, Barry had already pushed the camp forward by 20 miles. They were now only ten miles away from the Magic Temple. The army could reach the enemy’s city in half a day, set up a formation, and start a siege.

The atmosphere of the impending war echoed throughout the entire camp.


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