After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 723

Chapter 723: Angry roar

On the second day, the magical temple attack and defense battle began!

When the real war broke out, Robb didn’t want to get involved too much. After all, his power was too much. If he intervened directly in the war, he would be too biased towards West Gran. Although he was already leaning towards West Gran, he hadn’t reached the point where he wanted to personally help the queen to unify the messy situation.

In this critical battle, he planned to bide his time, keep a low profile, and just observe carefully. If the queen’s army couldn’t win against Mondra without his help, then his intervention would be meaningless. The weak shouldn’t claim a kingdom! That is the will of heaven! Those who destroy the will of heaven will not find a girlfriend.

Robb just needed to do a good job as a strategist, and as a strategist, he was only there to watch.

The magical temple was not a very large city. It was a small town built on a mountain, with a population of less than 10,000. The entire castle was built with a sense of “mystery,” and it was more like a temple than a city. The name of the magical temple was also derived from this.

The biggest characteristic of this city was that there were many magicians! There were hundreds of magicians on the city walls, including fire, earth, water, and lightning magicians. Only the wind magicians were completely excluded, due to the effect of the exclusion by the lightning magicians.

For a small town with a population of less than 10,000, having hundreds of magicians was considered to be beyond standard.

In addition, there were many magic swordsmen and magic knights in the city. Even ordinary soldiers could occasionally cast a fireball, but the power of the soldiers’ fireball spell was about the same as George’s and was not very effective in practical combat.

The Wind Knights were immediately thrown into a bitter struggle as soon as the battle began. The fireball, ice arrow, and rockfall spells on the city walls rained down on them like a shower… The effect of the hundreds of magicians attacking together was truly astonishing, and they also had a small number of magic items, allowing ordinary soldiers to assist the magicians in casting a wave of magic attacks.

Relatively speaking, the number of magicians on the side of the Wind Knights was still a little less. There were only more than 50 wind magicians on this side. Not only was the number insufficient, but the types of magic were single-target ones. The wind magicians only knew how to use wind magic, so the magic attacks launched by the attacking side were all wind blade spells and whirlwind spells, making them seem weaker in terms of momentum.

Robb calmly sat behind the formation and watched. He saw that the Wind Knights were defeated from the beginning and were hit hard by the opponent’s magic attacks, almost losing their bearings. Captain Barry was furious and brought out the magic items he had hidden, which he had intended to save for later. With the overwhelming advantage in the number of magic props, West Gran’s national power had already surpassed that of East Gran.

The magic from below the city was like a rainstorm, bombarding the top of the city. There were plenty of fireballs, ice arrows, falling rocks, wind blades, and lightning arrows. The magicians on the city wall were just immersed in the joy of their small victory in the previous wave of battles, and were immediately baptized by a large number of magic attacks.

For a moment, there was not a single person from the Magic Temple on the city wall who dared to show their head, only feeling the wall shaking incessantly from the magical bombardment.

Occasionally, a magician would show their head and try to fight back, but as soon as they poked their head out, they would be spotted by an archer from below the city. Robb provided him with a “boxwood longbow,” which increased his accuracy by 20%. The arrow that would have just missed or gone awry was pulled back by the extra accuracy and plunged into the magician, making a “pu” sound as they fell to the ground.

Fighting like this was really difficult for the opposition.

But after just five days, the city gates were already damaged in multiple places, and the city walls were about to fall.

Before the start of the daily siege, Barry would take a magical device for amplification and shout loudly towards the city, “People of the city, you are already surrounded. It’s only a matter of time before we capture this small city. There is only a dead end in resisting, but if you lay down your weapons and surrender, you can still live. We are all from the Kingdom of Gran. We are all Gran’s citizens. Originally, we should have been one family, and we shouldn’t fight each other. You should have also seen the video of Mondra colluding with demons. Why not abandon darkness and join us in West Gran? Her Majesty the Queen, as the rightful heir to the royal family, is wise, martial, and loves her people like her own children. Compared to Mondra, she is more worthy of your loyalty, isn’t she?”

Every time he shouted like this, it was as if his words sank into the sea of mud, and the people inside the city neither agreed nor refused, simply ignoring him.

But Barry was not discouraged at all. Before each siege, he would shout like this once, and before retiring for the night after the siege ended, he would shout again. He did this twice a day and enjoyed it.

He thought he would shout like this until the city was breached…

Unexpectedly, on the tenth day of the siege, a bat knight flew over from the southeast at a very high altitude, which was beyond the reach of the archers from the Wind Knights. It passed over the Wind Knights and landed in the city.

Then, a messenger from the Black Earth Knights came to the ground with a fast horse, bringing good news, “two days ago, Mondra’s Knight Order left their stronghold to reinforce the Magic Temple. However, they were ambushed on the way by the Black Earth Knight Order led by Madeline, suffering heavy casualties and had to abandon their reinforcement and retreat back to their stronghold.

The news brought by the bat knight seemed to be the same as the one brought by the messenger.

The magic temple will surrender soon!

That night, the Wind Knights stationed themselves in the Magic Temple, occupying the barracks that belonged to the defenders. The original defenders in the city were disarmed, stripped of their armor, and locked up in their prisoner-of-war camp, waiting for further disposition.

Before it got dark, Robb walked around the streets to see how the people felt about the war.

As expected, the people in the city did not show any rejection or welcome towards the new West Gran army. Instead, they wore a numb expression, as if it didn’t matter who was in charge, as the king’s banner changed constantly.

In recent years, the people in the war zone had become accustomed to this kind of thing.

However, Robb soon saw that Barry greeted a few soldiers and set up a 43-inch crystal panel at the intersection in the city center. Then, he took out a magical device for storing videos, connected it to the crystal panel, and began playing a small video.

The video was about Mondra colluding with demons!

This video had already spread throughout West Gran and among the upper-class nobles in East Gran. But for ordinary people, it was still a novelty they had never seen before.

As soon as the video was played…

The people of this city were no longer numb. They also shouted out in anger.


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