After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 724

Chapter 724: Let them be

Robb sat on the city wall of the magic temple, watching the less than ten thousand residents of the city madly marching on the streets, roaring.

This was the first time they had seen the video of Mondra colluding with demons. The impact on their minds could be imagined. The entire city was in a state of turmoil.

Of course, the people who came from West Gran had already guessed that it would turn out like this. The Wind knights were just silently maintaining public order and did not interfere.

The angry people smashed the Church of Light in the city, tearing it down to nothing. But when they wanted to smash the statue of the God of Light, a group of soldiers intervened.

It turned out that these soldiers were actually believers in the “New Church of Light.” Although the New Church of Light was not the same as the Old Church of Light, they both worshiped the God of Light. A soldier stood in front of the statue of the God of Light and loudly said, “You can smash the church, but you cannot smash the statue of the God of Light! The ones who made mistakes were the Church of Light, not the God of Light. The Church of Light maliciously distorted and tampered with the words said by the God of Light, and maliciously wrote doctrines! You need to figure out who the real villains are, don’t act recklessly.”

The people dared not confront the army or smash the statue of the God of Light. After listening quietly to these words, they became curious and asked, “What is the New Church of Light?”

The soldiers were happy to share their church with others, sitting in the middle of a large group of people, enthusiastically talking about the affairs of the New Church of Light.

Robb stood on the periphery and did not get involved. Although this church belonged to Little Yi, and he himself held the title of a priest in name, he did not want to be involved in preaching.

At this moment, he suddenly noticed that a priest from the Church of Darkness who had come with the army had approached Barry and whispered, “Captain Barry, I have an opinion to propose to you.”

“Oh?” Barry said strangely, “What is it?”

The priest whispered, “You see, the people of the New Church of Light are actually preaching here. Shouldn’t we manage this place? Only our Church of Darkness should be allowed to preach. Even the queen is a medium of our Church of Darkness. In the territory of West Gran, only the Church of Darkness should be allowed to preach. How can we let other churches make trouble in our newly occupied territory?”

Barry looked deeply at him, turned his head, and said something to a vice-captain. The vice-captain then went into the crowd and said a few words to several soldiers who were vigorously promoting the New Church of Light. The soldiers stopped talking with a displeased look, but they still refused to let anyone smash the statue of the God of Light. Instead, they carefully moved it away and hid it in a safe place.

Barry waved at Kante, gesturing for him to come over, then he put his arm around Kante’s shoulder and walked with him like chatting with a good friend. They walked up to Robb who was sitting on the city wall. The three of them sat side by side.

Barry whispered, “Robb, Kante, both of you come from Westwind City and have a deep relationship with Godfather. You must have an opinion about my prohibition of the New Church of Light’s evangelism.”

Kante mumbled, “A little bit.”

Robb smiled and shook his head, indicating that he did not care.

Barry whispered, “To be honest, after the battle 20 years ago, how many of us, the old soldiers who followed Her Majesty, still believed in the Church? Whether it’s the New Church of Light or the Church of Darkness, it makes no difference to us. They are just a force, a tool, a pawn, and a group of clowns. I actually appreciate the New Church of Light of Westwind City. They only preach their own doctrine, spread knowledge, help the needy, do not defame others, do not manipulate others, and do not seek power and profit… Honestly, this kind of church is the one we want… Let me tell you secretly, this is also Her Majesty’s will!”

Robb smiled.

Kante exclaimed in surprise, “So even the Queen supports the New Church of Light? Then why did you prohibit their evangelism just now?”

Barry whispered, “It’s not the right time yet! Kante, maybe you don’t understand, but Robb definitely does. Please tell Godfather about this matter and not let the New Church of Light promote its teaching. We have our own difficulties, and Godfather does not have to hold a grudge against Her Majesty.”

Kante still pouted.

But Robb smiled and said, “It’s okay! Captain Barry, you don’t have to worry about such small things. My teacher is not as enthusiastic about spreading the New Church of Light as you think. In his opinion, belief is a personal choice. Let others believe or not, don’t force it, and don’t pursue it.”

“Huh?” Barry was curious. “Isn’t Godfather a priest of the New Church of Light? Why does he have no interest in preaching?”

“That’s right!” Robb smiled, “What’s the point of preaching? Whoever wants to preach, go ahead. It has nothing to do with my teacher. You really don’t have to worry about this. Do whatever it takes to end the war as soon as possible and let the people live a good life.”

Barry shook his head, feeling amused and helpless at this strange priest. “Well, that’s good too.”

During the conversation, the soldiers of the New Church of Light, who were prohibited from preaching, had already carried the statue of the God of Light and left. The dark priests in the army went to the streets and talked about the benefits of the Church of Darkness.


The residents here have long been under the control of the Church of Light, with their minds filled with the God of Light. They have always seen the God of Darkness as an evil deity, and it’s not easy to change their beliefs so easily. Even if those dark priests talked until they were blue in the face, they wouldn’t want to listen to them.

The dark priests are quite easygoing. It doesn’t matter if they ignore them, they just keep talking, and they should listen and learn something.

Most of these priests are actually good people, and Robb, of course, wouldn’t want to give them a hard time. If they want to spread the word, they can spread it, who cares.

After calming down the people, the next problem is to deal with the prisoners of war.

More than a hundred magicians from various schools surrendered, as well as a large number of Black Earth Knights, magic knights, and miscellaneous soldiers. The handling of this large group of people is also a very complicated problem.

Robb really hates these messy things and doesn’t want to get involved at all.

However, trouble finds him even if he doesn’t want to get involved. While he was sitting on the city wall lost in thought, a Wind Knight ran up from behind and whispered, “Lord Robb, Captain Barry is talking to a few Thunder Magicians. He wants you to go over and take a look.”


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