After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 731

Chapter 731: Thorium bombs

Five days later, outside the barracks.

Miss Queen, accompanied by all the necromancers, Madeline, Barry, a large group of Black Earth Knights, Wind Knights, and the leaders of demi-human armies, arrived at a small hill outside the camp.

Everyone came to see the new weapon designed by Robb.

Robb held a thorium bomb in his hand…

It wasn’t made of arcanite. After he and the queen had reached an agreement, she dispatched people to urgently excavate several large pieces of thorium ore from the valley and quickly smelt them into thorium ingots. They then mixed in ruby powder that could enhance and contain fire magic, and finally, according to Robb’s requirements, made a thorium bomb that could be filled with magic.

Robb brought a mortar secretly from Westwind Town, and now that the thorium bomb was just completed, the configuration was complete.

This made the dwarves at home very happy. They no longer needed to use newly smelted arcanite to make bombs and hugged the arcanite ingots tightly, crying happily.

The queen and her entourage looked at Robb, who set up a strange cylinder on the ground. This cylinder was not very large, with a size and weight that a single soldier could carry, and the materials used to make it were obviously not very good. It seemed to be just a steel cylinder.

Robb filled it with gunpowder just like when firing a dwarf cannon.

Seeing this, the generals who often dealt with short cannons had actually guessed what Robb was going to do.

They whispered to each other, “The principle of this thing doesn’t seem complicated. It’s just like the technique used in short cannons to shoot bombs.”

“No wonder thorium is used for the shell! The dwarf cannon uses a solid iron bullet, which will not break when firing, but if you use steel to make the shell, the bomb will break at the moment of firing.”

“Only thorium is hard enough to withstand the impact when firing, right?”

“I think mythril should work too!”

“Hey, that’s also too expensive.”

“These are materials for making artifacts. I advise you to be kind.”

Discussions like this were quietly circulating among the generals.

Miss Queen actually understood the principle of this thing from the beginning. It was very simple and did not need to be explained. The problem now was how strong the practical effect of this thing was.

Everyone present was very clear about the advantages and disadvantages of the short cannon. The shells could not cross the city walls and would be blocked by the solid and tall city walls, unable to harm the enemies behind them. In siege warfare, they were mainly used to bombard the city gates or walls, blasting large holes in them so that soldiers could attack.

After Robb set up the iron tube, he gestured for a while, seeming to aim at something, muttering incomprehensible words like “inclination angle, elevation angle, wind direction, wind speed,” which sounded very profound and impressive.

The generals couldn’t help but whisper to each other, “It seems like using this cannon requires a lot of knowledge.”

“Is it related to mathematics?”

As they were discussing, Robb suddenly shrugged and said, “Fuck, I don’t understand it. It’s too complicated. Just shoot randomly.”

Everyone responded, “Fuck, so you’re just going to shoot randomly? Why bother aiming?”

Robb took out a silver bomb, threw it into the cylinder, lit the fuse underneath the cylinder, and ran away while covering his ears.

This crude mortar was obviously different from the mortars of the future, but it didn’t matter since Robb was just fooling around. As long as he could throw the thorium bomb a few miles away, he didn’t care about the principle or reliability.

Everyone’s eyes were fixed on the fuse, watching it burn. They thought silently in their hearts, [This bomb was made from a large chunk of thorium. If it doesn’t work, Her Majesty the Queen will definitely be angry.]

The Queen was just as nervous!

For her, who was poor, that piece of thorium was a lot of money. It couldn’t fail…


The fuse burned out, and the mortar fired…

If it was a well-designed and scientifically sound mortar from the original world, at most, it would produce a puff of smoke and end. However, this mortar was too explosive. After firing, the shell flew out, but the cylinder itself also flew up and smashed towards the generals.

A Wind Knight who was standing closer almost got hit by the cylinder. He quickly dodged to the side, and a knight behind him raised his shield to block it, making a loud noise, but the knight’s hand was numb from the shock.

A group of people sweated, “Hey, isn’t this weapon hitting its own people?”

Someone shouted, “Where’s the shell? Where did it go?”

“The shell went out! I heard it.”

Everyone heard the sound of the shell flying through the air with a “whoosh.” They all looked up to see where the shell was, but they couldn’t actually see it. After a brief pause, a loud “boom” was heard on a hill more than two miles away, and the thorium bomb landed.

The thorium bomb was filled with an “explosion spell” cast by an ordinary flame magician. Therefore, the explosive power was not very strong, and it exploded two miles away, which didn’t feel very shocking. Everyone only saw a flash of fire two miles away, and that was it.

However, the range of the cannon really surprised everyone.

“So far!”

“Oh my god! This distance is about the same as the distance between the enemy’s poison fog and our fortress on that day.”

“This range is on a strategic level!”

A faint smile appeared on the queen’s face. She was satisfied with this distance. Although the previous explosion spell was too weak, it was just an experimental spell casually put together. When it is truly put into mass production, it will definitely be equipped with powerful and real explosion spells, which will be very impressive.

At that time, even from two miles away, they could use the explosion spells to make Mondra suffer, which would be very pleasing.

She was thinking about this when she heard Robb laugh and say, “Don’t get too excited, everyone. We are still far away from here. You haven’t seen the true power of the explosion yet. Let’s go over and see the explosion site. Let me tell you, the real power of the explosion is not the damage, but the shrapnel!”

No one understood this sentence yet, but when everyone walked two miles and arrived at the center of the explosion, they finally understood what Robb meant by this sentence.

Several large trees around the explosion site were hit by thorium shrapnel, leaving large holes that could be seen through from one side to the other. The nearby mountain wall also had many deep holes, all of which were cut out by the thorium fragments.

Thorium was extremely sharp, cutting through stone like cutting tofu. Even when everyone dug half a yard deep into the mountain wall, they could not find the thorium fragments embedded in it. It took almost two yards of digging before they finally found the thorium piece embedded in the mountain wall.

A commander couldn’t help but turn pale and said, “If this thing exploded next to me, I’m afraid my shield wouldn’t even be able to stop it. The shield would be pierced in an instant.”


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