After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 732

Chapter 732: You finally decided to stand on my side

“Mass production!” The queen didn’t waste any more words and gave a definitive two-word order. However, she wasn’t foolish. The real difficulty of the thing just now was not noticed by others but was very clear to her. “Robb, I have something to ask you,” she said.

Robb asked, “What is it?”

The queen pointed to the cylinder on the ground and said, “Don’t think I don’t know. This bomb is a very simple thing. The magic craftsmen here can easily make it. Everyone was shocked by the cost of the shell and focused on the bomb. But they didn’t realize that the real difficulty lies in this cylinder. It uses the technology of the short cannon, but it’s only this small. The technology here is the most important, isn’t it?”

Robb was truly impressed this time. Everyone’s eyes were chasing after the thorium bomb, but only the queen noticed it. That bomb was useless if it couldn’t be thrown so far. A mortar that could throw the bomb so far was the true scientific achievement.

“This cylinder is from Westwind City…” Robb started to say, but the queen immediately ignored him and pulled out a crystal ball.

Robb saw this and quickly switched his attention to the lazy priest. Just as he switched, the communication crystal ball on the stone table emitted a bright light.

He couldn’t help but laugh at the situation but had to pretend to look lazy while he answered the call. Just as he connected the call, the queen jumped up on the other end of the crystal ball and exclaimed, “Who is this guy?!”

Robb asked, “What’s wrong? You’re criticizing me as soon as the call connects. Did I steal your rice?”

The queen said indignantly, “I finally understand why you didn’t want the thorium ore. It turns out you’ve already made up your mind to let me make the thorium bomb myself, and then you let your student bring this cylinder to show me and trick me into buying it. What a poisonous way to make money!”

Robb replied, “Hey, you’re thinking too much.”

“I’m not thinking too much!” The queen said sadly, “I’m attacking Mondra, and when I saw such a good weapon, how could I not buy it? I just want to ask, how much does this cylinder cost?”

Robb shrugged and said, “It’s up to you to set the price. Look at how much material and gunpowder the cylinder uses and make an estimate yourself. I won’t quote a price. I’m afraid you’ll be suspicious of me. By the way, I have to remind you that it’s not called a cylinder without a mortar.”

“What? I can set the price?” The queen was stunned. “Didn’t you want to extort me?”

“Cut!” Robb said, “What’s the use of extorting you? You’re on a mission and you can’t possibly carry a lot of money with you. Your money is all piled up in that palace that looks like a slum. Now you’re asking me to manage your capital city and sit on your throne. That means all your money is now under my management. Why would I extort you for money? Don’t I know how to earn money myself?”

The queen said, “…”

Well, he had a point and was persuasive.

She said suspiciously, “Why are you being so kind this time? You’re not going to cheat me out of my money? Why?”

Robb sighed lightly, didn’t say anything, and didn’t tell the queen the reason.

But he knew the reason very well himself. He had been in this world for four years!

At first, he saw himself as a passerby, an outsider, someone who had nothing to do with this world, and could watch the world’s destruction with a smile and no pity for anyone. Therefore, he was able to remain detached and watch the wars go back and forth without any reaction.

But not anymore!

Four years of living had made him part of this world, and he had become a member of this world. He began to think about problems with the mindset of person of the kingdom of Gran. He had friends and worries in this world. He could no longer watch everything in this world coldly, especially with the Black Dragon’s attack, which showed him that his power was limited.

With a threat like the Black Dragon, shouldn’t humans unite and do their best to defeat it and avoid living in fear every four years? Why do humans have to fight each other in this situation?

He began to want to stop this boring war!

To stop the war, there must be a winner. If he had to choose between Mondra and the queen to be the winner, there was no question about his side.

“Don’t worry too much about money, go and fight well, quickly complete the unification of the kingdom, and let the people live a stable life. I’ll immediately start producing mortars to send to you. Of course, it’s not free. You have intelligence from Westwind Town, you know what the going rate is for the Dwarven craftsmen’s wages, so think about it and pay them,” Robb said.

The queen was speechless for a moment. After several seconds, she sighed lightly and said, “Are you finally on my side?”

“Fool,” Robb said, “When I agreed to help you protect Bright Road, wasn’t that already me standing on your side?”

The queen suddenly felt a bit emotional…

However, she was very good at controlling her emotions. So after a moment of emotion, she immediately returned to her usual expression and mental state. She waved her hand and tapped the crystal ball, hanging up the phone.

Turning around, her black cloak spun with her movement like a black flower blooming. She loudly said to the ministers around her, “Mine thorium ore vigorously and let the accompanying craftsmen produce a large number of thorium bombs. If there are not enough, the Manticore troops will immediately return to Bright Road and bring in more craftsmen.”

The queen continued, “At this point, our army already has a certain chance of victory. From Number 10 to the 20, you will lead a part of the undead army to move north to Mondra’s stronghold and control the northern region of the city. Number 20 to 30, you will lead another part of the undead army to control the southern region of the city, while I personally lead the main army to press on the outside of the west city, leaving the east to Mondra…”

Kante peeked out from the Wind Knights and weakly asked, “Why leave the east to Mondra? Isn’t it better to surround them and kill them all?”

All the generals laughed, “Get lost, you new recruit! You know nothing.”

“Hey!” Kante shouted, “My opinion is correct! Your tactics are wrong. The right way is to surround the enemy and wipe them all out. Why do you want to leave a way for the enemy to escape? Your tactics are definitely wrong. Just because I’m a new recruit, you can’t insist on the wrong tactics.”

The queen glanced at him and asked, “Where did this guy come from? What nonsense is he talking?”

Barry awkwardly said, “He’s from Westwind City, the private… cough… nephew of Baron Nuolun. He’s a new recruit and doesn’t understand warfare. I’ll take care of him.”

The queen heard the words “Westwind City” and paused for a moment before sighing, “Forget it, don’t blame him. That crazy man in Westwind City does have the qualifications to surround the enemy and kill them all. It’s just because our strength is not enough that we have to leave a way out for the enemy.”


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