After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 733

Chapter 733: This battle won’t be finished so easily

After the arrival of the queen, a grand battle began. The Northern Army took the lead in starting the fight.

A reinforcement army from the Ardent Flame Tower rushed to the Capital of Saints to help, but they ended up fighting with the undead army ten miles north of the city. The Flame Knights, stationed in the Capital of Saints, also came out from the north gate and sandwiched the outside reinforcements, desperately trying to eliminate the Northern Army.

Typically, when a regular army is caught in a pincer attack, they would panic and lose morale. However, the undead army outside the north gate is different. The undead army will never waver in terms of morale, so being attacked from two sides is no different than fighting on one front.

They fought fiercely with the Flame Knights, and of course, they could not die.

The Flame Knights charged two or three times but failed to break through the undead army’s blockade. They quickly called for the Templar Knight’s help since holy magic is effective against the undead.

However, when the Archbishop led the Templar Knights out, Madeline also led the Black Earth Knights to reinforce the undead army. The Black Earth Knights’ members were all humans and were not afraid of holy magic.

The two sides fought fiercely about twenty miles away from the city for four days, and in the end, Mondra army was pushed back into the city.

Two days later, unwilling to be trapped in the city, Mondra sent the Frost Knights to open the south gate and launch a surprise attack. The two sides fought fiercely in the forests about twenty miles south of the city. The werewolf army and the leopard army fought a vicious jungle ambush. Afterward, the Ice Knights’ main force collided with the undead army.

For a moment, the entire area was filled with skeletons frozen into popsicles, which was quite a sight.

Later, the Wind Knights’ reinforcements arrived, joining forces with the undead army and the leopard army to finally repel the Ice Knights. Then, people took hammers and chisels and chipped the ice off the skeletons, and the skeletons came back to life again.

Mondra’s two offensives did not gain any advantage, nor did they reduce the undead army’s numbers effectively. This made him feel incredibly frustrated as every one of his men lost was one less fighter, but the undead army wouldn’t die. Even if the skeleton soldiers were broken apart, they would still come back to life, giving him a terrible headache.

Although the Templar Knights could purify the undead, they didn’t have the time to do so since the enemy outnumbered them. If they couldn’t gain a significant advantage in a single battle, they wouldn’t be able to purify these undead troops.

Next, the queen led the main force, suppressing the west gate head-on.

The composition of the main force is extremely complex, consisting of a legion of undead led by Miss Queen and some necromancers, Madeline’s Black Earth Knights, Barry’s Wind Knights, as well as a group of demi-human tribes such as Bear folk, Cat folk, Tiger folk, and Leopard folk.

The army did not immediately attack the city, but advanced slowly, first building some simple and basic defensive fortifications such as a simple front-line camp, a wooden frame, a high platform, a wooden siege tower, and various other things like catapults.

The people inside the city, of course, would not let the enemy build defenses so easily under their own walls.

Mondra is not a fool and knows that the defending army must give pressure to the attacking army, occasionally opening the city gates and sending out a knight group to charge and hinder West Gran’s army from approaching their own city.

Both sides fought cautiously and carefully in this war because neither side can afford to lose.

Robb did not go to the front line of the battle. Instead, he has been supervising the production of Thorium bombs, working hard with the army craftsmen to process the Thorium ore into Thorium ingots as quickly as possible, then turning them into bombs and handing them over to the magicians to load the most powerful explosive spells they could cast.

Meanwhile, the craftsmen on the side of Westwind City were also intensively producing mortar shells, one cylindrical container after another.

Because there weren’t many of these things, Miss Queen didn’t plan to reveal them, but instead planned to accumulate a large pile and then unleash them in the final battle to bomb Mondra unexpectedly. Robb thought this idea was feasible and did not raise any objections, but silently did his job.

While Mondra and Miss Queen were fighting fiercely under the walls of the Capital of Saints, a group of rabbit people were walking through a vast mountain range.

This mountain range is the boundary mountain that separates the Desert Kingdom and the Kingdom of Gran. There is a rugged and difficult-to-travel path in the mountains that countless rabbit people have paved with their own sweat and lives. Its name is the Tea Horse Ancient Road.

The leader of this group of rabbit people is none other than Shang Yang!

He led his own caravan, carrying a large amount of Western goods purchased in Westwind City, trekking along the Tea Horse Ancient Road, intending to transport these goods back to Big Tang and make a fortune. Then he would bring back large amounts of tea, silk, and ceramics from Big Tang, and make another fortune.

The hardworking rabbit people are willing to risk their lives for the sake of making money.

Shang Yang walked on a dangerous mountain cliff. This cliff was the highest cliff on the boundary mountain with an excellent view. Looking to the left, one could see the desert stretching all the way to the horizon, and looking to the right, one could see a lush green forest. The magical boundary mountain seemed to separate two worlds.

He took out a map and looked at it. He said to another rabbit next to him, “We’re about to reach the Jewel Canyon up ahead. Since we have close relations with the West Gran, we shouldn’t enter the Jewel Canyon. Let’s go around it on the small path on the cliff instead.”

The Jewel Canyon is an important pass between East Gran and the Desert Kingdom, just like the Crystal Canyon in West Gran.

As they were talking, the merchant caravan turned a corner and in the distance they could see the Jewel Canyon below the cliff.

The rabbit at the front suddenly made a “shush” gesture and pointed down at the canyon.

The leader of the merchant group quickly signaled for everyone to be quiet, and he quietly walked to the edge of the canyon to look down below.

He was shocked by what he saw…

There was a large army below, silently passing through the Jewel Canyon. The number of people in this army was probably more than 5,000, and they were in strong formation. The front of the army was still passing through the canyon, while the rear was far into the desert. The army carried the banners of the Kingdom of Norma and the Church of Light. There were many people in bishop and priest robes in the army, and some were even wearing higher ranks of clothing.

A rabbit leaned in close to the merchant leader and whispered, “Master, this is the army of the Kingdom of Norma and the Church of Light. They are… actually entering East Gran.”


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