After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 734

Chapter 734: Attack the city

Shang Yang whispered, “These damn guys, they’re all working together. Look, there’s a group of mamluks in the distance, it’s obvious that these mamluks led the army of the Kingdom of Norma through the desert. East Gran has opened its borders and let them in. This is a formal alliance to fight against West Gran. The big battle in the Capital of Saints may not end so easily.”

As the saying goes, “When a kingdom is about to perish, there are many evil creatures.”

Shang Yang shook his head and sighed, “East Gran has completely lost face. In the civil war of the kingdom of Gran, he actually opened the border to bring in the army of the Kingdom of Norma. Even if he can win this battle in the end, he will become a puppet of the Kingdom of Norma.”

The rabbits beside him shook their heads together. They didn’t know what to say about such things.

However, there have been countless similar incidents in the history of Big Tang, so they are actually used to it and there is nothing to comment on.

A rabbit whispered, “Master, do we need to send someone to notify Mr. Pope?”

“No need!” Shang Yang said, “Mr. Pope has the blessings of heaven and earth and has entered the realm of transcendence and sanctity. Even if these mortals play with all their conspiracies and tricks, they are useless in front of Mr. Pope. We just need to do our own things. If Mr. Pope says he wants to eat donkey rolls, we should quickly go back to the Central Plains to find a pastry chef who can make donkey rolls to bring over. This is the best way to repay him for saving our lives. We don’t need to bother with fighting or delivering messages. Remember what Mr. Pope said: each person should focus on their own tasks and not interfere with other people’s work, in order to achieve maximum efficiency.”

The rabbits humbly learned, then ignored the army passing through the canyon and continued on their tea-horse ancient road, heading towards the ancient East.

In the Capital of Saints!

Finally, the day of the final battle has arrived…

The defenders were standing densely on the city walls. Mondra’s Knights, White Lion Knights, Flame Knights, Ice knights, and thunder Knights, the five major knight groups, were standing in neat formations on the walls. Even the werewolf legion, which had once been sent by Mondra to do guerrilla warfare in West Gran, had been recalled to guard the capital. Werewolf Commander White Moon stood on the city wall, looking at West Gran’s army below with his pair of melancholy eyes.

Among those present, only White Moon had been active within West Gran for a long time and had witnessed the kingdom’s current strength. He knew clearly how powerful West Gran was now.

Miss Queen wore a black cloak and stood 500 yards outside the city.

Behind her are the Undead army, Black Earth Knights, Wind knights, and court magicians and were in a single line, with a grand momentum.

Seeing this scene, she couldn’t help feeling a little emotional…

Twenty years ago, after her parents died, she led the remnants to stand in the old capital of the Black Earth Tower. At that time, Mondra led the five powerful knights outside the city. Now, after twenty years, the situation is reversed.

As she was sighing, she heard someone behind her saying in a strange tone, “Twenty years in the east, twenty years in the west, do not underestimate the poor girl…”

The queen’s sorrow was immediately shattered by this voice, and she turned her head in anger to find that it was Robb Smith who was speaking.

She asked irritably, “What are you muttering about?”

Robb quickly composed himself and said, “I was just feeling emotional.”

The queen replied, “What’s there to be emotional about?”

She was too lazy to pay attention to him, turned her head and looked at Mondra on the city wall. The Mondra twenty years ago was in his prime, full of vigor and vitality, but now he was showing signs of aging, and a sense of exhaustion was evident in his spirit. He probably knew that his days were numbered.

The queen took out a magical device used for amplifying her voice and shouted at the city, “Mondra!”

She had a thousand words to say, but after uttering the three words “Mondra,” she suddenly became speechless. After a pause of several seconds, she continued, “Go to hell.”

Thunderous applause erupted behind her. The entire army of West Gran applauded their queen’s concise and powerful words. What’s the point of talking nonsense before the battle? Talking more won’t make the enemy surrender, so it’s better to fight decisively.

The queen threw the amplifying magical device behind her, waved her hand to signal the army to launch a total attack.

However, just as she was about to give the order, Robb picked up the device and shouted into it, “Listen up, ordinary people in the city! Do not watch, do not watch, do not watch! This is important, listen carefully! Now, please stay away from the west wall, the farther the better. Gather on the east side, or you may get hurt by the magical device. Don’t blame me for not warning you in advance!”

Everyone: “…”

The queen: “…”

Madeline jumped out and said, “Don’t blame him, he’s kind-hearted. Although he’s a bit off-beat, his kindness is not a problem. Let’s continue. Elizabeth, you can order the total attack now.”

Everyone: “…”

The queen: “…”

The queen grabbed the amplifying device from Robb’s hand, threw it on the ground, stomped on it twice, and then raised her head, shouting, “Attack the city!”

The nearby messenger immediately shouted, “Attack the city!”

“Attack the city!”

“Attack the city!”

Countless generals and captains began to repeat this sentence, and their voices spread far and wide throughout the army, finally converging into a loud shout from everyone, “Attack the city!”

Even the skeleton soldiers opened their mouths and roared together, “Crack!”

Mondra’s army on the city wall tightened their expressions, preparing for the attack, but they were surprised to find that West Gran’s army, after the loud roar, did not rush forward but instead continued to shout in place.

Mondra was greatly puzzled, “What are they doing? Shouting without attacking is useless!”

Duke Yingsi standing beside him also looked puzzled.

The Archbishop laughed heartily, “A bunch of rats.”

Only the werewolf commander, White Moon, had a serious expression and whispered, “Your Majesty, be careful. They shouted for a total attack but didn’t move. They must be playing some sort of magic trick.”

Mondra coldly snorted, “Their army is now more than 500 yards away from the city. What kind of magic trick can hit that distance?”

As soon as he finished speaking, he heard a “boom, boom, boom” sound of artillery fire from West Gran’s army formation.

The sound was somewhat similar to the sound of short cannon, except that the amount of gunpowder used was clearly less than that of a short cannon, so the sound was a little smaller, but still clear. Then he heard a sharp whistling sound in the sky, the sound of shells flying through the air…


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