After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 741

Chapter 741: The Church of Darkness has rebelled!

Bright Road, West Gate

Under the cover of nightfall, a large group of people wearing black robes quietly arrived at the West Gate of Bright Road, riding on horses instead of coming by train, and looked like they were in a hurry.

At this time, there weren’t many guards at the gate due to the fact that the Queen had almost emptied all of the military forces on Bright Road, and even the garrison soldiers were not left with many. So, there were only a few scattered guards at the city gate.

One guard immediately noticed the group of black-robed people outside the city, and raised his torch high, trying to illuminate the group below the city, while loudly asking, “Who are you? What are you doing running around the city gate at this time of night? Immediately state your identity and purpose.”

The people below the city gate completely ignored him and stood silently by the gate.

The guard felt an unusual atmosphere, and turned his head to see that two soldiers were turning the winch behind the city gate, seemingly ready to open the gate and let the group of black-robed people in.

He was shocked, “Why are you opening the gate? The origin of this group of people is unknown. Don’t open it, ask first…”

Before he could finish speaking, he suddenly felt a heavy blow to the back of his head, which made a muffled sound as his helmet was struck by a heavy object. The guard felt dizzy and fell to the ground, unconscious.

All the other guards, except for him, laughed coldly, then took out a black robe and wrapped it around themselves.

Another guard came to kill the fallen guard, but one of the black-robed people waved his hand and said, “No need to bother with him. Once Bright Road falls into our hands, he will have no choice but to surrender to us. Killing him is like killing our own people.”

The guard was then spared.

The city gate slowly opened, and the black-robed people entered in single file. The small group of city guards also donned black robes and silently followed them. Just as they entered the city, a large number of soldiers appeared outside, wearing black helmets and armor. At first glance, they looked like the Black Earth Knights, but upon closer inspection, their attire was different. The shoulder armor of the Black Earth Knights bore a stone emblem, while the shoulder armor of these soldiers bore a symbol representing the Dark God.

They belonged to the Templar Knights of the Church of Darkness! Once they entered the city, they immediately took control of the city gate. Meanwhile, a large number of soldiers dispersed, patrolling through the streets and alleys, charging towards other city gates.

As the black-robed people moved through the streets, more and more of them emerged from houses and buildings. Ahead, a small patrol saw the black-robed people, but instead of sounding an alarm, they silently donned black robes and joined the end of the procession.

The team of black-robed men is getting bigger and bigger, with more and more people joining them.

Finally, some ignorant people noticed this strange team. People who grew up in the war years were clever enough to immediately cover their mouths and obediently return to their own homes, tightly locking their doors and windows. Silently repeating to themselves, “I can’t see what’s happening outside, I don’t know, I don’t know anything.”

After finishing their silent mantra, they couldn’t resist peeping through the window cracks, nervously looking outside.

The team of black-robed men arrived unobstructed at the Church of Darkness, where the Archbishop immediately came out to greet them. He bowed respectfully to the lead black-robed man and said, “Cardinal, I have already arranged everything here.”

The Cardinal nodded. “Very good! Let’s begin.”

The group followed the Archbishop into the Church of Darkness. Soon, the large bell in the center of the Church of Darkness rang suddenly. Its sound echoed through the quiet night, awakening the entire Bright Road from its slumber. Then, the voice of the Cardinal was amplified through a large magical amplifier, “Dark worshippers! The Dark God has an important announcement for you…”

“Queen Elizabeth of West Gran has betrayed us. She appears to be a devout believer of the Dark God, but behind the scenes, she is a blasphemer. She personally killed the Archbishop of the Church of Darkness, refused to help our fellow believers, and refused to assist us in our battle against the Church of Darkness.”

“The Dark God has issued a divine oracle to the Pope. Overthrow this blasphemer and let us join forces to establish a true state of believers in the Dark God. We shall call it Dark-Gran!”

This voice echoed over the city, and the guards in the palace suddenly became nervous.

At the command of the Queen, number 48, who guarded Bright Road, was also listening inside the palace. He had only listened for a few sentences before waving his hand and saying, “Close the palace gates, all soldiers retreat into the palace, and prepare to deal with the rebellion of the Church of Darkness.”

After speaking, he quickly took off his black robe, revealing a set of brown robes inside. On the chest of the robes, there was a resolute, angular stone embroidered, as well as the emblem of the Court Magicians on his shoulder.

This meant that he came from the Black Earth Knights and later joined the Court Magicians, both of which were the royal heir’s factions.

The soldiers in the palace quickly began to act. They closed the palace gates, brought in boulders to seal the palace doors, and piled up a large number of magical items on the palace walls. Everyone’s face showed a resolute expression.

Number 48 then took out a crystal ball and dialed the Queen’s phone number.

The phone rang and it was also night on the other side, but the night there was not quiet either. It turned out that Miss Queen was engaged in a night battle…

The siege during the day had been going on until nightfall, and the city walls had been taken. Both sides were now vying for control of the second line of defense, the inner city within the city, which was the control of the palace walls.

But even in such a tense environment, the Queen was the first to answer the call from Number 48.

The moment the call went through, she saw that Number 48 was wearing a magician robe instead of a black robe.

Without waiting for Number 48 to speak, the Queen calmly asked, “Has the Church of Darkness revolted?”

“They have!” Number 48 said. “They are now announcing their oath to overthrow the blasphemers to the people of the whole city. They will probably start attacking the palace within ten minutes. I have no soldiers on hand and can’t stop this wave.”

“Don’t worry, I have made arrangements early on,” the Queen said, feeling somewhat nervous inside. Bright Road could not be lost. Once it was lost, she would have no way out. But she remained calm and composed on the surface. “Now go through the transmission gate, go to Westwind Town, and find that crazy man to make a move. Ten minutes should be enough.”

“Yes, Your Majesty, I understand. I will go find him right away,” Number 48 said.


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