After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 742

Chapter 742: I cannot call him

The call hung up, and Queen Miss calmly and immediately turned pale, her hand holding the wand trembling slightly.

Madeline had just retreated from the front line at this time. She had just fought with Yingsi for a few rounds. She only attacked and did not defend, causing Yingsi to be in a sorry state, abandoning a defense zone and fleeing. Madeline was also tired from fighting and had to take a rest.

Seeing the queen’s expression, Madeline asked urgently, “What’s wrong? Elizabeth, why do you look so pained?”

The queen whispered, “The Church of Darkness has rebelled! They’re about to attack the palace.”

Madeline furrowed her brows tightly. “What should we do? Retreat?”

“Can we retreat now and save Bright Road?” The queen said, “We’re not from Westwind City. We can’t open a transmission portal and fly all over the world at any time.”

Madeline stiffened and said, “Mr. Robb and Mr. Kante have transmission portals. Let’s borrow them temporarily…”

“No need.” The queen said, “I had made arrangements in advance and asked that crazy man to help me.”

“Then…why do you still look worried?”

The queen smiled bitterly, “I’m worried about whether that crazy man will help me…although he promised me and I trust him, people’s hearts are complicated, and you never know who, when, or where someone will stab you in the back.”

Madeline whispered, “Why don’t you call him? With your shrewdness, you can tell in an instant whether he will help you or not. What’s the use of worrying here?”

The queen shook her head, “No! I can make a call at ordinary times, but not now. I can only let number 48 go and notify him because…I can’t let him see me worried and scared. If he sees me like this, he will definitely tease me and make all kinds of crazy demands in a joking tone. At this sensitive moment, I have no choice but to accept any condition and let him exploit me. Therefore, the more critical the moment, the less I can see him, and with his personality, he will definitely not ask number 48 for conditions, right?”

Madeline was speechless for a while. At this time, Elizabeth was still fighting fiercely with that crazy man.

At this moment, Robb’s head popped out from behind Madeline. He looked at the queen with a complex expression and sighed, “Your Majesty, you have probably lived in the shadow of conspiracy for too long. I think you don’t need to worry about what you just worried about. My teacher will never use any conditions to blackmail you at this critical moment. Really.”


Queen gritted her teeth, “Now is not the time to think about that. Order the army to attack fiercely! Attack with all our might! I want to see the flag of the Kingdom of Gran flying on the roof of Mondra’s headquarters before the first light of dawn. Only then can I calmly look at the situation on the crazy Man’s side through the crystal ball. If he wins, I can laugh at him for being slower. If he loses and cannot hold Bright Road, I have the Capital of Saints as a new base.”

Madeline nodded, “Alright! I’ll charge again. If it fails, then…”

“Not even death is allowed if we fail!” The Queen exclaimed, “As long as we’re alive, there’s hope. We’ve come this far. We must not die for temporary victory. Madeline, we have to see the unity of the Kingdom of Gran together, alive.”

“Okay!” Madeline and the Queen tightly shook hands and hugged each other.

Robb opened his arms, as if he wanted to hug them too, but Madeline came over to hug him while the Queen kicked him in the face.

The Capital of Saints suddenly heard a terrifying roar, “Die, bugs!”

Then, a monster that was all red and seemed to be burning stood up from the city.

The magicians present exclaimed in unison, “The King of Flames! Mondra summoned the King of Flames.”

Everyone was shocked…

The King of Flames was the most powerful magician among the fire magicians. It was a super-strong elemental creature that could only be summoned by the most talented magicians. It was the father, no, grandfather, no, ancestor of all fire elements!

It had immense power, able to destroy everything around it, and even the summoner who called it would often be destroyed by it.

If Mondra wasn’t really desperate, he wouldn’t have called it out.

As soon as it appeared, the battle ahead immediately changed. A large group of skeleton soldiers was swept away by the King of Flames, and then it spewed out a huge fireball, which exploded in front of the skeleton army, creating a large hole.

Skeleton archers bent their bows and shot at the King of Flames, but it was all in vain. The flames were intangible, and the arrows couldn’t hurt it at all.

Kante raised his sword and chopped off the King of Flames’ leg, but felt that his sword had not hit anything, and it brushed past. He couldn’t help but pause slightly, and then the King of Flames kicked Kante far away. If it weren’t for the armor on his body, Kante would have gone to see the King of Hell.

The soldiers of West Gran’s army were all startled.

Several magicians from different legions launched attacks at the King of Flames, using falling rocks, tornadoes, wind blades, and ice arrows…

However, a small number of magicians were not enough to defeat the King of Flames!

And when more magicians tried to come and help, they were desperately restrained by Mondra’s army’s magicians.

Only the skeleton soldiers dared to charge towards the King of Flames, while human and demi-human warriors all retreated. Even Madeline, who had just charged into battle, was forced to follow the team back, as her sword was a physical attack and ineffective against the King of Flames.

Captain Barry of the Wind knights turned around from a nearby street corner, waved his staff, and a bunch of wind blades flew out at the same time. Typically, a regular wind magician could only release two wind blades at once, but Barry threw out a large number of them. As it turned out, this was not just Wind Blade magic, but “Blade Storm,” whose power was several times greater than that of regular wind blades.

Wind blades were like knives, continuously cutting the King of Flames, but the huge creature only stepped back half a step and then laughed loudly, “Die, you insects!”

A huge fireball shot out of his mouth towards Barry.


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