After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 743

Chapter 743: Wind! Hear my command!

Barry was startled when he saw the volume of the fireball, realizing that he couldn’t bear it, not to mention the enormous and unmatched flame magic he could sense in the air.

He quickly cast “Swift Wind” on himself and jumped to the side. With a loud bang, the fireball exploded where he had been standing, sending Barry flying far away in the heat wave.

Kante and another Wind Knight rushed over to help him up, and they ran back to their own formation, shouting, “Priest! Priest!”

Madeline walked over and said calmly, “Don’t call for the priest. Just a few minutes ago, all the Dark priests belonging to our army suddenly withdrew from the front line and ran away. The captain wanted to kill them, but the Queen stopped him. It would only make the battlefield more chaotic to let the captain and priests fight each other, and we can’t force them to join forces with the Church of Light. So we let them go.”

Kante was shocked and asked, “What about the captain? No one can treat his wounds now…”

Robb walked up from behind and poured a red potion into Barry’s mouth. Barry sat up abruptly and exclaimed, “Whew! Thank goodness for Robb’s miraculous medicine. Otherwise, I would have been done for.”

After regaining his composure, Barry said, “What do we do now? The situation is not good. All the priests of our army suddenly withdrew, and we can only rely on potions to support us. We can’t deal with the King of Flames.”

Madeline replied, “Only magic can defeat elemental creatures.”

Barry said, “Ordinary magic can’t handle this thing. Duke, your Black Earth Knights, can they summon the King of Earth? His strength is comparable to that of the King of Flames. If we can summon the King of Earth, we can counter the King of Flames.”

Madeline shook her head and said, “In the past hundred years, the Black Earth Knights have not produced any outstanding magicians, and we have lost the power to summon the King of Earth. What about you? What about your King of Wind?”

Barry replied awkwardly, “Former Captain John Roland Smith could summon the King of Wind, but we haven’t seen the King of Wind in the twenty years since he died.”

The two looked at each other, feeling embarrassed.

Miss Queen’s eyebrows furrowed deeply!

It was fortunate that the Ice Knights had also lost the ability to summon the King of Water; otherwise, it would be difficult to deal with the enemy summoning both the King of Water and Flames to charge at them.

The King of Flames was rampaging through the city, pushing back the skeleton army. Many of the skeleton soldiers were turned to ashes by the flames, and even though they were undead creatures, they could not be revived.

The palace walls that were about to be breached were now as secure as ever.

The King of Flames stood at the entrance of the palace, laughing arrogantly, “Die! Vermin!”

The Queen began to feel the situation was becoming difficult.

Not only was she worried about the situation on Bright Road… there was no news from Number 48, and who knows what the situation is over there.

Madeline gritted her teeth, “I might be able to hold off the King of Flames with the magical armor I’m wearing. I’ll go and distract him.”

“No, it’s too dangerous,” Robb said. “Although the armor is strong, it has a cooldown on its magic damage absorption function. During the cooldown period, it’s too easy to get into trouble.”

“Cooldown? What’s that?” Madeline didn’t understand.

But Robb had no intention of explaining. His other clone was now listening to the plea for help from Number 48. Since they had already decided to help the Queen over there, there was no need to continue pretending.

If you don’t act, it’s fine. But once you act, you have to help!

Robb sighed, “Let me handle this King of Flames.”

He raised his hand and shouted with an imposing voice towards the empty space in front of him, “Wind! Hear my command!”

“Hmm?” The Queen and Madeline didn’t quite understand what he was saying.

But when they heard “Wind! Hear my command!” Barry’s expression became very strange because he knew what that sentence meant…

This was the pinnacle of wind magic, the ultimate summoning magic, the spell to summon the King of Wind.

This was a very powerful and terrifying creature that was very difficult to summon. For the past hundred years, only John Roland Smith, the old leader of the Wind knights, had the ability to summon the King of Wind. In fire magic, only the traitor Mondra had the power to summon the King of Flames. No one else had such powerful magic.

Barry looked at Robb’s hand in amazement, wondering if the grandson of the old leader really inherited such a powerful bloodline. Could he really summon the King of Wind? Lord, if he really could, he would be comparable to the old leader at such a young age.

This, perhaps, maybe, seemed impossible! The old leader was already a stunningly talented super genius magician, and no one could surpass him at the age of twenty-something.

As he was thinking this…

Suddenly, a green circle appeared on the open space in front of Robb, and within the circle were a lot of runes of unknown meaning. Then, a whirlwind rose from the ground, and in the center of the whirlwind, a rotating shadow gradually formed, condensing into a huge monster.

This monster’s body was made entirely of wind!

The wind shadow spoke, using the same tone as Robb just now, and roared in a deep voice, “Wind! Hear my command!”

The King of Wind had been summoned successfully.

Barry was almost shocked speechless.

The queen and Madeleine next to him were also astonished. Although they couldn’t understand the incantation, they could guess what was being summoned just by seeing it with their own eyes.

“The King of WInd?” the queen exclaimed. “This can’t be possible!”

Madeline, on the other hand, said, “Ah! Mr. Robb is so powerful.”

The queen gave her best friend a sideways glance. “Can you explain this with just the word ‘powerful’?”

Madeline replied, “If not ‘powerful,’ then how about ‘weak’?”

The queen said, “…”

Robb pointed his finger towards the distant King of Flames and said, “Go!”

The King of Wind disappeared with a swipe, soaring over the city walls in an instant and flying straight towards the King of Flames.

The King of Flames looked up and saw the King of Wind, becoming furious. “Die, you worm!” he shouted, lifting his hand and launching a huge fireball towards the sky.

The King of Wind disappeared with a swipe, dodging the fireball. Then it appeared again, condensed into form in another place, laughing triumphantly. “Wind! Hear my command!”

Kante peeked his head out from behind and said, “Why do these two idiots only know how to say this one sentence?”


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