After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 744

Chapter 744: Godfather, please help!

The King of Flames was surrounded by flames and wielding a gigantic hammer made of fire. He was throwing fireballs one after another at the King of Wind, who was flying in the sky, laughing arrogantly and saying, “Die, you vermin!”

The King of Wind kept dodging the fireballs and attacked the King of Flames with wind blades and whirlwinds.

Both of them were giant monsters, and their attacks were extremely powerful. The soldiers of the West Gran’s Army, who were attacking the palace gate, and the soldiers of the East Gran’s Army, who were defending the palace, all stopped fighting and turned their heads to watch the battle between the two Elemental Lords. Who would have the mood to fight when these two guys were duking it out?

Earlier, when the King of Flames was summoned by Mondra’s soldiers, they cheered and thought that the tide of the battle would turn with his help. They didn’t expect that West Gran’s Army could also summon the King of Wind, which was really unexpected.

The generals and soldiers watched the fierce battle between the two Elemental Lords with worried eyes.

Mondra’s face was pale. He had exhausted all his magic when he summoned the King of Flames and was now very weak. He needed a long time to rest to replenish his magic. He looked even more haggard than usual.

However, his eyes were still fierce. “I didn’t expect that after John Roland Smith died, there would still be someone in the Wind knights who could summon the King of Wind.”

Duke Yingsi who stood beside Mondra whispered, “Shouldn’t be a problem, right?”

Mondra whispered back, “Don’t worry, the King of Wind is the weakest of the four Elemental Lords, and my King of Flames is the strongest. The strongest one fights the weakest one, so we will win no matter what.”

As he finished speaking, the King of Wind suddenly swooped down from the sky, avoiding two fireballs, and punched the King of Flames in the face. Then, he delivered a series of punches to the King of Flames’ face.

The King of Flames roared in pain. “It hurts!”

From afar, Kante added, “Wow, it turns out that this guy can say something other than ‘die, you vermin’.”

The King of Flames swung his fire hammer wildly, driving away the King of Wind, and shouted, ” King of Wind, why did you come here? Go back to your sky world!”

The King of Wind responded, “Wind! Hear my command!”

Kante said, “Hmm? The King of Flames’ lines have increased, but the King of Wind still only knows that one sentence.”

The King of Flames is a real elemental creature, truly summoned into existence.

However, the King of Wind is an NPC in the game, summoned by Robb using his game skills. The game designer only gave him one line, so no matter what the situation, he would only say that.

The King of Flames cursed and threw fireballs, spewing vulgarities, but the King of Wind calmly repeated that one line and engaged in battle with the King of Flames once again. Everyone was surprised to find that the King of Flames was slowly losing ground to the King of Wind, who had a significant advantage.

Strange, the King of Wind was clearly the weakest of the four lords, and the King of Flames was clearly the strongest, but how did the battle turn out to be the opposite?

Westwind City!

Westwind City was very peaceful at night.

Number 48 passed through the portal and entered Westwind City. This wasn’t his first time in Westwind City. The last time he was here, he brought thousands of skeleton soldiers and was beaten by Robb, captured, and put on a ceiling fan. He was eventually released and brought back the recipe for candy and popsicles to Bright Road.

Now, it seems like it was a very long time ago.

Last time he didn’t get to experience the city very well due to the war, and this time he came to bring reinforcements. He still didn’t have the mood to experience it, but… the moment he passed through the portal, he still felt a sense of peace that he could never feel on Bright Road.

Perhaps it was because he had been on Bright Road for too long, but Number 48 had always felt a tense atmosphere, where the entire city was like a stretched rubber band, ready to snap at any moment. However, Westwind City did not have that feeling at all.

This was a newly emerging city, a city full of vitality and upward momentum.

Moreover, this was also a city that never worried about war. It didn’t even have walls and was completely defenseless, placing itself among the mountains and the lake.

Living in such a city must be so comfortable!

No, it wasn’t the time to experience these things now.

Number 48 took a quick step towards the chapel, shouting loudly as he ran, “Godfather, wake up quickly! Bright Road needs your help.”

He thought Godfather should have already gone to bed at this late hour, and waking him up would be a hassle. But he didn’t expect that after shouting just twice, he would hear a lazy voice from the churchyard say, “Don’t shout so loud. You’ll wake up the girls.”

Number 48 followed the direction of the voice and immediately saw the man who was called Godfather, the lord of Westwind City. Even though it was already the middle of the night, he was sitting on the familiar stone stool in the same lazy posture as last time.

The only difference is that the guy is no longer wearing a priest’s outfit, not the outfit of the Church of Light or the New Church of Light. He’s wearing a strange outfit that he doesn’t know from which era it is.

“Don’t stare at my clothes,” Robb said. “It’s strange for a man to stare at me like that. Let me tell you, what I’m wearing is called a T-shirt and jeans, it’s a cool outfit that I spent a lot of money on. Because today I have to shake off my priest identity and attend a grand performance as an ordinary person, so…”

Number 48 was anxious to call for reinforcements. He didn’t have time to listen to Robb’s nonsense and quickly said, “Godfather, the Church of Darkness has rebelled and Bright Road is in danger. Her Majesty the Queen sent me to ask for your help and said that you have agreed to it.”

Robb slapped his butt and stood up. “Okay, I’ll go now! Hmph, this woman is too afraid to call me herself for fear that I’ll ask for conditions. She’s really underestimating me. Am I the kind of person who would ask for conditions at a time like this?”

Number 48 quickly smiled and said, “Of course not, Godfather.”

Robb said, “Of course not. I wouldn’t even ask her to kiss me at a time like this. At most, I just want her to stretch her legs out for me to touch.”

Number 48: “…”

He thought to himself, [No wonder Her Majesty the Queen didn’t call him for help personally. How would she deal with such conditions at a time like this?]


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