After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 745

Chapter 745: Top student of the Magic Academy

Robb patted his butt and walked towards the portal.

Number 48 followed behind and shouted, “Godfather, are you going alone? What about Elsie? Your Tank Brigade? The Westwind Guards?”

“Their duty is to guard Westwind City and not to help others fight,” Robb said. “Only I promised to help the queen, so I’ll go alone.”

“…” Number 48 saw him really walking towards the portal alone and panicked. Although he had been beaten by Robb alone before and knew that Robb could withstand the attack of the Black Dragon, he still felt that it was a bit arrogant to fight against the entire Church of Darkness alone.

Number 48 hurriedly ran to the nearby Church of Darkness and shouted, “Number 8, call all your men to reinforce Bright Road… Oh, and what about Number 32 in the Governor’s Manor? Tell that guy to come too.”

There was chaos on Bright Road.

A large number of Templar Knights in black helmets and armor were running around in the streets.

The city’s garrison was already thin, and there were many spies from the Church of Darkness lurking inside. Once a rebellion broke out, almost in an instant, the entire outer city fell into the hands of the Church of Darkness. Only the Palace Guards were not infiltrated by the Church of Darkness, so the palace was still safe.

The Templar Knights, who had occupied various strategic points in the city, began to converge on the palace, with the cardinal at the forefront, leading a large group of cardinals and priests towards the palace.

The fanatical followers of the Church of Darkness in the city also poured out of their homes, following the army towards the palace.

The cardinal stood in front of the palace gate, with thousands of people bustling behind him, appearing to be a mighty force, but there were only a few dozen palace guards on the palace walls, and they seemed completely outmatched.

The cardinal coldly swept a glance at the palace guards and said, “Put down your magic tools and weapons and surrender. You have no reason to be loyal to the queen. She is a blasphemer.”

A guard general stuck his head out from behind the wall and angrily said, “Shut up! You are the blasphemer, using the name of the gods to seek your own interests. The queen is a great monarch who has brought us happiness and a beautiful life. She is the only one we should follow, not you bunch of charlatans.”

“Brave guardsman! However, bravery cannot save you,” the cardinal sneered. “It is only a matter of time before I break through the palace guarded by you few. I just don’t want the palace to be destroyed in the flames of war.”

The guard snorted and didn’t want to talk to him.

The cardinal was about to order an attack when suddenly a roar came from the side of the forest, “Traitor of the kingdom, eat this, Fireball!”

The cardinal was slightly stunned, and followed the sound to see a young man jump out from behind a tree next to the palace gate. He was wearing a silk robe and holding a magic wand. He pointed it at the Archbishop and then a small fireball the size of a ping-pong ball flew towards him.

The cardinal was a little surprised… What’s going on?

“Do you know who I am? I am the first among the twelve cardinals of the Church of Darkness, ranked only below the Pope. I am a big shot who is above everyone else. And you, a measly magician who jumps out of nowhere and throws a small fireball the size of a ping-pong ball, do you think you can look down on me?”

The cardinal was so proud of his magical defense that he didn’t even bother to dodge the fireball. What’s the harm? All he needed was a little bit of magic defense…


The fireball exploded on the Cardinal’s face.

The small ping-pong-sized fireball unexpectedly exploded into a dazzling fire, wrapping the Cardinal’s entire head in magical flames and burning it!

The Cardinal’s proud magical defense had been broken!

In an instant, the fireball burned all his hair and turned his face black like the bottom of a pot. Fortunately, he quickly cast a defensive spell to neutralize the remaining power of the fireball. However, this loss was quite big.

The person who threw the fireball laughed loudly, “George, the top student of the Magic Academy, the future greatest fire magician, and the future leader of the Flame Knights. I am the son of a wealthy businessman in Westwind City. I am reporting my name, George! “

After introducing himself, he turned to the general of the palace guards and said, “See, I always tell you that it’s a good idea for me to join the court magicians. You just don’t believe me. Look at me now, I just hit the Cardinal with a big fireball. Can you do it? Is there a better magician than me in the court magicians?”

Everyone was speechless.

It turned out that George had always wanted to join the court magicians. He would come to the palace to argue with the guards all the time. Tonight was no exception. He came to the palace to argue with the guards, but unexpectedly, the Church of Darkness started to make trouble. George hid behind a big tree at the palace gate and watched the situation unfold. He saw the Cardinal and his men run to the front of the palace to make trouble, so he quickly took action to show off his abilities and make others recognize his strength.

This performance was really amazing. No one from either side wanted to speak!

They really didn’t want to talk!

It wasn’t until a long time had passed that the Cardinal finally roared, “What kind of thing is this fireball? Why can such a small ping-pong ball have such a great power? This is unscientific!”

The palace guard general unexpectedly disregarded the fact that his opponent was an enemy and chimed in, “Don’t you think it’s unscientific too? Ah, I’ve always thought it was unscientific. This guy’s magic is lousy. He can only get by with his robe and wand. Without them, he’s the worst student in the magic school.”

“What kind of robe and wand is that?” the cardinal asked furiously.

George pouted and said, “Don’t you admit my strength? My wand and robe are also part of my strength. They cannot be separated…”


A cold arrow shot out from the templar knights, hitting George in the stomach and knocking him over.

The guard general on the wall was startled and quickly threw out a rope, which wrapped around George’s waist. Then, he pulled with all his strength, lifting George into the air.

As soon as he was lifted, a barrage of arrows fell where George had been standing. The guard general slowed down his pulling, and George was about to be shot into a hornet’s nest.

The guard general eventually managed to pull George up onto the palace wall and placed him on the ground. He was about to call for someone to treat him when he remembered that all the priests had betrayed them, and there was no one to treat George’s injuries. He couldn’t help but break out in a cold sweat and asked, “Hey, how are you? Can you hold on?”

George opened his eyes and said, “I’m fine. My robe has a defense power that’s almost as good as your armor.” He reached out and pulled the arrow out of his stomach. Surprisingly, there was no blood on it. It turned out that the arrow didn’t even pierce his robe.


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