After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 750

Chapter 750: Defending Westwind City

The archbishop clenched his teeth and said, “Since the ambush didn’t work, we’ll attack head-on! After all, that man is not here, so there’s nothing to fear in Westwind City.”

The Templar Knights charged out of the forest towards Westwind City, but halfway there, they realized that Westwind City was well-prepared. The elf scout who had been silently watching them from nearby had already warned the city to be on guard.

Elsie jumped out from behind a scarecrow in a roadside field. He had actually wanted to jump off the city wall, but Westwind City didn’t have any walls; it was an open city. So, he could only jump out from behind the scarecrow, which was somewhat embarrassing. But that wasn’t important. He shouted loudly, “I am from Westwind Holy City, and we never invade others. But if anyone wants to invade Westwind City, we will make them pay a heavy price.”

After speaking, he gestured forward and shouted, “Westwind Self-Defense Corps! Charge!”

A large number of Westwind soldiers emerged from the haystacks in the field, including humans, dwarves, and elves.

There were also many strange characters mixed in the army, such as Motra with gold rings and a curved sword, Baron Nuolun carrying a newly-made boxwood staff, Russ with a holy sword and dragonhide armor, Suofa with dual silver daggers, and Little Yi, who appeared unarmed but actually had two short guns strapped to his thighs. There was also the elf elder wearing a moon cloth robe…

Of course, the most proud of them all was the dwarven chief. He held a blue-glowing giant axe in his hand, the true artifact, the symbol of identity and status since the 1960s, the Arcanite Battle Axe.

Elsie’s equipment seemed a bit lackluster in front of these people, but he didn’t care. He climbed onto a nearby haystack, lifted the lid on top of it, and climbed inside. Then, the haystack opened up, and a steam-powered tank rushed out!

“Since Godfather is not here, it’s up to us.”

“Ah, he’s not here for once. I haven’t had a real fight in a long time. I’m so excited.”

“Defend Westwind City!”


As soon as the Templar Knights charged out of the forest, they were met with a fierce attack from this group. The steam tank’s main gun fired first, sending the enemy Templar Knights flying. The elf elder raised his hand and summoned a large group of tree people to attack the Templar Knights. The elven archers, protected by the tree people, pulled their bows and arrows and rained down a storm of arrows.

Baron Nuolun waved his staff, and two sharp wind blades sliced through the enemy army. Suddenly, a middle-aged man jumped out next to him and waved his hand, shooting out a fireball the size of a football, flying over the enemy ranks and exploding, sending people flying.

Baron Nuolun was surprised, “Who are you, brother? You look familiar. Why haven’t you shown up before?”

The middle-aged man said, “It’s me, George’s father!”

Lord Nuolun: “…”

The Big Loli held up her holy sword and recited a long battle monologue, “Evil scoundrels, you come from the darkness and seek to overthrow the light. But as long as I, Guardian of Light, Russ Belmonde Dracula, exists, the Holy Light will never be extinguished. I will use my holy sword and my life to protect…”

Before she finished her lines, Motra swung his curved blade and shouted, “LEAP!” and jumped into the enemy’s camp. He wielded his blade left and right, causing the Templar Knights to run for cover. However, a Black Earth Knight charged towards him and raised a ridiculously thick shield, blocking three of Motra’s strikes and pushing back his attack.

At that moment, a short figure suddenly jumped over and swung a large axe, chopping the Black Earth Knight’s shield in half and splitting the person behind him in two. The one swinging the axe was the dwarf leader, who laughed and said, “Arcanite Reaper is so damn strong. I’m going to name this thing that.”

Motra envied him and said, “Ah, I also want such a powerful weapon.”

The dwarf leader laughed and said, “Don’t worry, when we have enough arcanite, there will be a share for you too.”

As they joked around, they heard the voice of Elsie behind them, “You two idiots, get out of the way. You’re blocking the path for my steam tank.”

Motra and the dwarf leader were startled and quickly jumped to the left and right. Then, a majestic and arrogant steam tank rushed past them from where they had been standing earlier, causing chaos among the enemy troops.

The two of them raised their middle fingers towards the tank and shouted, “Elsie, f*** you. You clearly did that on purpose.”

The combat power of Westwind City had always been underestimated because Robb didn’t like his subordinates getting hurt or killed. In his own words, if you idiots get hurt or die, I still have to heal and resurrect you, which is too troublesome. It’s better if I do it myself.

Therefore, the powerful combat power of Westwind City had always been hidden, and no one knew how strong they were when they fought with all their might!

Here were the elite Westwind warriors armed with Robb’s cheat equipment, the brave and fearless dwarves, the mysterious and elegant elves who excelled in literature, and countless heroic characters “picked up” by Robb. These people didn’t have the opportunity to fight regularly, so no one knew how strong they were. But now, it was time for them to show off.

The Archbishop of the Church of Light suddenly felt a sense of pressure. He knew the Pope was wrong. Westwind City was not just a one man city, there were also such powerful troops…

He gritted his teeth and took out a scroll from his pocket. This was something the Pope had given him before he left, and it was said to have consumed a considerable amount of the Pope’s magic to make. He couldn’t use it recklessly until it was absolutely necessary.

He tossed the scroll into the sky, and it emitted a black light. A fallen angel flew down from the sky.

“You’re all going to die! Without Godfather here, I’d like to see how you deal with a fallen angel!”

As soon as the Archbishop finished speaking, about ten tanks raised their barrels together and fired their rocket launchers. Boom! Boom boom boom…

The fallen angel had just started diving and hadn’t had time to strike yet when it was hit by ten rockets and fell from the sky with a scream, crashing into the ground and dying.

The Archbishop: “…”

He began to feel fear and wanted to turn and run away.

As he lifted his foot to take a step back, he suddenly felt a sharp, icy sensation in his back, as if something had stabbed into him. He turned his head with difficulty and saw a dark-skinned female assassin standing behind him. She pulled a poisoned dagger out of his back and whispered, “Remember, the person who killed you is named Suofa. Go repent in hell.”

The Archbishop fell to the ground with a thud and died.


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