After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 751

Chapter 751: Leg pillow

Bright Road!

The king of wind kicks, oh, wait, the king of wind doesn’t have feet, his lower body is just a whirlwind. He wrapped the king of flames with a whirlwind, and the two elemental lords seem to be riding horses.

The king of flames angrily reached into the sky to grab, grab, grab, but the king of wind dodged left and right, not letting the king of flames catch him.

This made the furious king of flames cast all kinds of messy magic, such as fireballs, meteorites, fire rain, explosion, and blasts, but the king of wind’s whirlwind still kept wrapping around the king of flames\ neck, never letting go.

After a while, the two elemental lords fall to the ground with a loud bang. The king of flames eventually turned into a ball of flames, disappearing without a trace. The king of wind also turned into a clear breeze, dissipating in the air.

The soldiers of West Gran immediately cheered, but the soldiers of East Gran looked grim.

West Gran already had a big advantage, and losing the king of wind would not affect their offense. However, East Gran was in a great disadvantage and losing the king of flames made this battle even harder.

The queen couldn’t help but rejoice, “Great! Robb Smith, you truly deserve to be a descendant of the Smith family. Your king of wind has successfully defeated the king of flames. Well done, now it’s time for our final attack.”

After her statement, a typical servant would usually say something like, “Your Majesty, it is my duty,” or some boastful words to claim credit.

However, after the queen finished speaking, she realized that Robb Smith was actually in a daze, standing motionless like a fool.

The queen furrowed her brow and asked, “What are you doing?”

Madeline rushed over, sweating profusely, and patted Robb’s shoulder. “Mr. Robb, what’s wrong with you?”

At that moment, Robb was controlling his Bright Road clone, punching a fallen angel and kicking another out. Suddenly he felt someone tapping him, damn it, do they expect him to multitask like this? This is too much!

Anyway, he had to cut over and see what was going on. He quickly switched his consciousness and immediately saw Madeline with a concerned expression standing in front of him. “Mr. Robb, what’s wrong with you?”

Robb quickly said, “It’s nothing!”

After saying that, he immediately switched back, punching another fallen angel. Then he cut back again and heard Madeline say, “If it’s nothing, why are you in a daze? Is it because summoning the king of wind has depleted your magic power?”

This excuse was great! He had to use it to avoid being exhausted from multitasking.

Robb quickly said, “Yes, yes, I’m so tired. I need to rest for a while.” He pretended to collapse on the ground.

He switched back and dodged two fireballs that came down from the sky. He shot a blazing angel down with his bow and arrow.

When he cut back, he found himself lying in Madeline’s arms. He pretended to collapse, but didn’t expect her to catch him. She gently laid him down and put his head on her lap.

A leg pillow!

Robb: “……”

Madeline said, “Summoning the king of wind must have tired you out. Close your eyes and rest for a while. Leave the rest to the brave warriors.”

Okay, that was a good proposal. Multitasking was too tiring, and it was good to rest for a while.

Robb closed his eyes, and then quickly switched his consciousness back. As soon as he did, he realized that because he had switched back and forth too quickly, he had a brief moment of dizziness. A fireball had already hit his face, and he couldn’t avoid it. With a loud bang, the fireball engulfed him.

The people of the Church of Darkness cheered loudly, “Hit him! No one can resist the fireball of the blazing angel…”

As soon as they finished speaking, the flames dissipated, and Robb stood firmly without a single burnt hair. He had only lost 3232 HP, which he quickly replenished with a gulp of milk. “Damn it, I was a little busy just now, and you took advantage of it to hit me with a fireball? Just wait, you’re dead.”

Robb didn’t bother standing on the ground anymore. He shot up into the sky in an instant, flying to the fallen archangel’s side. The archangel was slightly stunned as Robb grabbed his throat, lifted him up, and slammed him to the ground with a thud. The archangel was powerless to resist and fell like a meteor, leaving a huge pit in the ground.

He pinched his fingers in mid-air. “Alright, now I can deal with you guys peacefully.”

“Mr. Robb looks so handsome when he’s tired,” Madeleine said as she sat on the ground with Robb’s head on her lap. She was happy because she could be so close to him and secretly touch his face. He didn’t even know, hehe.

The queen next to her couldn’t help but smile and shake her head. This friend was hopeless, with no dignity in front of men. You’ll only be bullied like this. You need to learn from me and always maintain your pride and confidence in front of crazy men…

But never mind!

Now wasn’t the time to think about that. The king of flames had fallen, and Mondra’s magic should have been depleted. Now there was only a group of low morale and unenthusiastic rebels left to be thoroughly wiped out. Then, West Gran would be reunited!

Twenty years! It had been twenty long years, but the Kingdom of Gran was finally going to be back in the hands of the royal family.

The queen was excited, looking up at the sky. Dawn had just begun to break, and she didn’t know how the battle was going on Bright Road. But the crazy Man was sure to deal with the Church of Darkness. If her own actions weren’t fast enough and the crazy Man beat her to it, how could she still be proud in front of him?

She shook herself out of her thoughts and shouted, “All troops, attack!”

The horn sounded again!

The West Gran army was full of morale, all pulling together, and once again charged at the palace walls.

In the sky, the Skeletal Dragon showed its might, suppressing the angel summoned by the archbishop. The whole army was united, and the city would be breached in no time.


Just then, chaos suddenly broke out in the Skeletal Army, which was responsible for surrounding the Capital of Saints. The queen frowned, “What’s going on over there?”

She had just asked, and before anyone could send someone to investigate, the Skeletal Army in the north suddenly collapsed. The Skeleton soldiers were forcibly broken apart by a large army, and everything that passed through was turned into flying ash and dissipated.

The golden light was brighter than the dawn in the sky. In the Holy Light, the flag of the Church of Light fluttered…


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