After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 754

Chapter 754: I promise you everything

In this expeditionary force of the Kingdom of Norma, there are mixed in a large group of high-ranking figures such as cardinals and archbishops.

The Church of Light has gone all out this time, with almost all of the cardinals and archbishops present except for the Pope. The main force of the Church of Light has come together, intending to crush both the Kingdom of West Gran and the Church of Darkness in one fell swoop.

All of this is due to Robb’s steel battleships. Because of the powerful might of the steel battleships, all the ports along the coast of the Kingdom of Norma tremble in fear. The Church of Darkness’s warships are also trailing behind the queen’s steel battleships, looting Norma’s merchant ships one day and Norma’s ports the next.

With the coast in constant turmoil, who could bear it?

The Kingdom of Norma and the Church of Light can’t do anything about the steel battleships; they can’t win a battle with them nor catch up to them in pursuit. So, they have chosen to attack by land, signing an agreement with the desert kingdom to pass through the desert and invade West Gran.

As long as they defeat the queen and the Church of Darkness, they won’t have to worry about the warships on the sea because those broken warships won’t be able to come ashore.

The Church of Light had originally planned to simultaneously deal with the legions of West Gran and the Church of Darkness, but unexpectedly, West Gran and the Church of Darkness started to have a dispute. Now, the knights of the Kingdom of Norma have engaged the army of West Gran in battle, but the Templar Knights of the Church of Light have no one to lead them.

The cardinal raised his scepter high, and behind him, a large group of cardinals, archbishops, bishops, priests, and nuns also raised their holy artifacts. The holy light was bright and dazzling, and a portal slowly appeared in the dawn sky, a golden portal…

Then, a winged angel with snow-white wings flew out of the portal.

Then, the second, third, fourth angel…

In an instant, nearly a hundred angels appeared in the sky!

Countless snow-white wings, v-white armor, and snow -white robes, the momentum was immense.

When the warriors of West Gran saw this scene, they couldn’t help but shudder.

The angel that had been fighting the queen’s skeleton dragon in the sky suddenly became heroic. He swiftly slashed his sword three to five times on the skeleton dragon, then kicked it out of the sky with a forceful kick. He then flew into the middle of the angel army, pointing his big sword at the West Gran people below, his face showing a victorious, smug smile.

It was as if he were saying, “You bullied me when I was alone just now? Now that the army of my angel group has arrived, you will have a hard time.”

The queen looked up at the sky and then down at the ground…

This is the territory of the Kingdom of Gran. In fact, there are not many troops from the Kingdom of Norma. If it weren’t for the recent painful civil war in East and West Gran, with full force, they could block the knight army of the Kingdom of Norma on the ground and also fight the angel army in the sky with the formation of magicians and archers, they might have a chance of victory.


After the civil war, the exhausted army suffered huge losses. Now, it is already quite difficult for them to deal with the knight army on the ground alone, and if they also have to face the angel army in the sky, they won’t be able to hold on for long.

The queen closed her eyes in pain.

Madeline and Barry leaned in and whispered, “What should we do?”

“I don’t know!” The queen sighed, “I really don’t know.”

When she said “I don’t know,” Madeline was shocked. In her memory, Elizabeth was an incredibly strong woman who had always struggled in adversity and never uttered a word of weakness. But today, she actually said the three words “I don’t know.” Does that mean that even she has given up hope?

Madeline bit her lip. “Then, shall we retreat, go back to Bright Road and regroup?”

The queen also bit her lip. “If we do that, all the land in East Gran will be marked with the emblem of the Kingdom of Norma. I’m really unwilling to accept that.”

“This is not your fault. It’s all because of Mondra.”

“No, it’s my fault!” The queen said in pain, “It’s my inadequate diplomatic skills that led to this situation.”

She looked up at the sky. “Even if we want to retreat now, the other side won’t let us go so easily, right? The angel army can fly, and the knight troops of the Kingdom of Norma are also very fast. In contrast, our magic knights moves relatively slowly… The losses during the retreat will not be small.”

Madeline saw her strange expression and couldn’t help but whisper, “Elizabeth, what do you want to say?”

The queen sighed. “My only option now is to call the crazy man and cry to him for help. Then, in front of him, I may never be able to raise my head again. He will definitely take advantage of the situation and propose all sorts of perverse conditions… those shameless conditions that men always propose to women… Madeline, should I give up my dignity to save my kingdom in front of a man, or should I perish with my kingdom for the sake of my dignity?”

Madeline whispered, “What’s the point of playing dignity in front of your beloved man? You’re being ridiculous.”

The queen… Well, there’s no point in asking this guy.

The queen only hesitated for a second, or maybe just half a second. For someone like her, making a decision didn’t require much time because the countless angels in the sky would not give her any time to think.

She grabbed the crystal ball.

However, as she took out the thing, she was thinking to herself, [ That crazy man should be dealing with the Church of Darkness right now. I wonder if he has time to answer the phone?]

The phone rang…

The Queen did not expect Robb to answer the call so quickly.

When the crystal ball lit up, she saw Robb holding the crystal ball in his left hand and crushing a fallen angel’s face with his right hand, throwing it to the ground, and then stepping heavily on his stomach. The fallen angel screamed and black feathers floated everywhere.

Then, while dodging a fireball shot by a fallen archangel, Robb held the crystal ball in front of his face and combed his hair with his hand, making himself look a little more handsome. “Miss Queen, you didn’t call me when you asked me to save Bright Road earlier. Why did you suddenly call now?”

Without wasting any time, the Queen got straight to the point, “Come to Mondra’s lair to help me, I will promise you anything.”

“Wow!” Robb exclaimed, surprised. “What happened over there? You’re even making such crazy promises. You know, when a woman says ‘I will promise you anything’ to a man, that can be… hehehe.”

“I don’t have time to explain!” The Queen said firmly.

Without waiting for Robb’s response, she hung up the phone decisively and said to Madeline and Barry next to her, “Fight to the death, never retreat!”

At that moment, Robb Smith, who was lying on Madeline’s lap, opened his eyes and looked up at the sky. No wonder Miss Queen couldn’t hold on anymore. It turned out that someone had also opened the gate to heaven over there.


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