After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 755

Chapter 755: I have something urgent to do, so I have to go first

“Mr. Robb, sorry, I have to put you down temporarily.” Madeline said gently in Robb’s ear. “I’m going to fight with Elizabeth, you lie down and rest for a while, we will definitely win.”

After saying this, she suddenly whispered again, “If we can’t win, you run away quickly, I will stay behind.”

“Stay calm, my teacher will be here soon,” Robb said.

“Is he not fighting the angel army of the Church of Darkness? I saw it in the crystal ball, how can he have time to help us?” Madeline said.

“He will have time, don’t worry,” Robb whispered. “My teacher is just playing with the fallen angels, not really fighting, so he can come over anytime.”

Bright Road!

Robb put the communication crystal ball back into his pocket, punched a fallen angel sneaking up from behind, and sighed, “No time to play here.”

He promised the queen to “guard Bright Road”, so when he fought against the fallen angel legion, he was not in a hurry, just playing with them slowly.

There are always some abnormal players in this world who like to play games in various ways.

For example, Super Mario runs at full speed, without mushroom, and rush clearing.

Also, Contra where you fire only the necessary bullets and rely mostly on movement to clear the level.

Playing games for a long time will bring out these absurd methods.

Robb was just playing an absurd method when he was fighting the fallen angels. Now that he knows the queen is in trouble again, he can no longer play this method.

He stretched lazily and said, “Alright! Help to the end and send the Buddha to the west. The time has come to end this farce.”

Robb disappeared suddenly with a brush, and the next moment, he appeared at the door of Heaven’s Gate.

Then, with a wave of his hand, a golden gate of heaven was set up in front of the black gate of heaven.

The final summoning skill of the Pope, the highest profession of the holy system in “Dark Blade”, Heaven’s Gate.

In fact, Robb also knew this skill, but he was too lazy to use it just now.

Two gates, facing each other!

When he opened his gate, the Church of Darkness believers below were completely stunned, and the palace guards were all stunned. Only George was still stupidly shouting, “What is that?”

He would know what it was soon!

A white-winged angel with a double-handed sword came out of the golden gate…

As soon as the angel flew out of the gate, he had a head-on collision with a fallen angel who was also holding a double-handed sword. They were both angels, but one was a white angel and the other was a fallen angel, one with white wings and the other with black wings. They used the same weapon, but…

In theory, they should look the same, but…

The equipment that the angel Robb was wearing was several times more powerful than the opposing side’s.

In the game, the angels were drawn by the artists, and the artists always liked to draw some inexplicable outfits for the high-level NPCs. They were glamorous, exaggerated, and unrealistic, with huge armor that was disproportionately large when they held a sword in their hands, and they were just plain insane.

The two angels looked at each other like this, and the fallen angel was almost crying with grievances. Why? Why could the white angel dress so cool while I had to dress so miserably?

After a brief moment of grievance, the fallen angel raised his sword angrily, wishing all the white angels to die, including the one in front of him.

He swung his sword fiercely, and then the angel summoned by Robb swung his sword in with a loud noise, causing the fallen angel’s sword to be thrown far away.

The fallen angel felt his hands go numb… The power of the angel in front of him far exceeded his expectations and was much more powerful than any white angel he had seen before.

He didn’t know that the angel in front of him was not from this world but was summoned by Robb, and the game data was much stronger than he had imagined.

The angel summoned by Robb punched and kicked the fallen angel until he was bruised and swollen, and was thrown off to the side. There were also angels constantly emerging from the golden gate, dozens of them in just a moment.

These angels were holding different weapons, such as spears, staffs, and scepters. They had various professions and styles, and they corresponded one by one with the fallen angels on the opposite side. But one thing was certain: they were all dressed cool and stylish, while the equipment on the fallen angels was like a group of refugees compared to the ones summoned by Robb.

The fallen angels: “…”

The two-colored angels collided in midair and fought fiercely. White feathers and black feathers flew at the same time. In a blink of an eye, the fallen angels were suppressed and the white angels seemed to have no problem dealing with them.

One of the white angels with the largest swords did not participate in the battle. He held a large sword in his hands and slowly descended from the sky. He sat down at the entrance of the palace and inserted his sword into the ground, watching the Templar Knights outside the palace.

Robb clapped his hands and said, “Okay, members of the Church of Darkness, you can play with these angels. I have something urgent to do, so I’m leaving.”

The people of the Church of Darkness: “…”

Robb made a motion to return to the city in midair, froze for a few seconds, and then disappeared without a trace with a brush. Only a pile of scattered light particles were left in midair, as if he had never been there.

However, when the members of the Church of Darkness turned to look at the golden gate next to them and the angels fighting against the fallen angels in the sky, they became certain that the man from earlier was truly here.

“Where did that monster go?”

“God knows!”

“He actually abandoned this place.”

“How much does he look down on us?”

“Fuck! Full force attack, I don’t believe that we can’t take down this palace when he’s not even here.”


The members of the Church of Darkness rushed forward as if they were injected with chicken blood.

However, the archangel sitting at the entrance of the palace couldn’t be bothered to pay attention to these foolish scum. He swung his large sword in his hands, and a terrifying sword light shone brightly in front of the palace, causing everyone to retreat tens of meters in fear just from the sword energy.

“This angel seems to be much stronger than our fallen angels.”

“What the hell is this thing?”

The archangel grinned and showed a polite smile, speaking the only line of dialogue that the game designer had designed for him: “Hello, I am the Archangel Michael, the strongest angel.”


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