After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 756

Chapter 756: Two Gates

The Capital of Saints!

The troops of West Gran are in chaos. The magicians have used a lot of magic to stop the advance of the enemies, and the two sides have formed a precarious balance. However, the sudden attack of angels from the sky has disrupted the formation of the troops.

The large group of magicians had no choice but to redirect their attacks to the sky, with fireballs, ice arrows, and lightning bolts raining down on the angels. Although they successfully prevented the angels from making another dive attack, it weakened their frontal firepower.

The enemy knight legion took advantage of this and launched a fierce attack, breaking through West Gran’s army and forcing them to retreat continuously.

The retreat of the front row of soldiers disrupted the formation of the magicians, forcing them to retreat as well, and weakening their magic attacks against the sky. The angels took advantage of this and dived down, causing even greater chaos for West Gran’s army.

One angel even went straight for the queen, trying to capture the leader first.

Barry threw two wind blades at the angel, but it lightly dodged them and continued its descent. When it got close to the queen, Madeline suddenly leapt up and swung her black holy sword in a black arc. The angel blocked it with a sword, creating a clang sound, and Madeline was knocked back.

However, in the instant that Madeline was knocked back, the queen waved her left hand, and a bone spear struck the angel’s chest.

The angel grinned, not taking the bone spear seriously, as it only caused a slight internal injury. But just as it thought this, the queen waved her right hand, and a small volcano suddenly appeared under the angel’s feet, spewing out lava that surged up and hit the angel.

High-level earth magic – Wrath of the Earth!

Does anyone remember that the queen’s parents were two outstanding magicians? Her family magic is not necromancy, but authentic earth magic.

The angel screamed and was thrown far away, hitting the ground.

The other angels were stunned…

Then dozens of angels turned their attention to the queen.

The queen’s heart sank, but she remained steadfast and calm, holding her wand in front of her chest with a serene expression. Dozens of angels flapped their wings and flew towards her, with white feathers fluttering.

Several angels shook their wings, and white feathers flew everywhere. They charged towards the queen, who was holding a staff in her hand and slamming it heavily on the ground. She wanted to release another Earth’ spell, but she knew that it might not be effective this time. The angels were not fools; their intelligence was even higher than that of humans. They would be wary of the sudden appearance of a small volcano on the ground and would not easily fall for this trick again.

The surrounding magicians and guards rushed to form a line of defense around the queen, and countless archers pulled their bows, ready to face the angel army’s attack.

However, just at that moment!

Suddenly, a figure flashed, and the queen saw a man standing in front of her, a man.

He reached out and pulled her behind him, blocking her in front of him.

The queen, who was about to cast the Wrath of the Earth spell, suddenly stopped and became quiet.

The soldiers and magicians who had rushed to protect her also froze for a moment.

In an instant, two angels flew towards them with their swords and fiercely attacked Robb.

Robb grabbed one angel’s wrist, swung it back, and threw the angel backwards. The angel collided with another angel who had followed closely behind, and their feathers flew everywhere as they kept colliding with each other.

Robb then turned his head and smiled at the queen, “How did things get so messy over here?”

The queen angrily replied, “Who knew that the kingdom of Norma would suddenly interfere at this time?”

“You’re a really incompetent politician.” Robb said, “You knew about the alliance between the desert kingdom and the Kingdom of Norma, but you didn’t take any precautions. It’s not like you.”

The queen was silent. She had received news of the alliance between the desert kingdom and the Kingdom of Norma when Robb was still fighting in the movie battle. She had not taken any action at that time because she wanted to reclaim East Gran. However, now that she had waited for so long, she could not afford to wait any longer.

Reclaiming the kingdom had become her life’s goal, the support of her soul. She could not calmly pass up one opportunity after another, so she had to take risks.

“Don’t mock me.” The queen said calmly, “Anyway, I’ve asked for your help. I admit that I’ve lost. I’m prepared to accept any consequences. You can humiliate me however you want, but before that, you have to help me protect Kingdom of Gran. Otherwise, I’ll be rolling on the ground.”

When she finally ended up rolling on the ground, her expression, which was usually cold and aloof, actually changed slightly. It turned into a slightly playful look. It turned out that she also knew how to act cute. Once she fell into a weak position in a relationship between men and women, and could no longer maintain her pride, she began to recognize herself as weak and would show this kind of feminine attitude. However, no one had the qualification or chance to see it before.

Robb couldn’t help but laugh, “It’s really scary when someone who never acts cute suddenly does so. Alright, wait here and don’t move. I’ll be back soon.”

After speaking, Robb flew up to the sky in a flash and headed towards the Angel Legion and the dazzling Heaven’s Gate.

“Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!”

Wherever Robb went, the blocking angels were all knocked out like birds, as if no one could stop him. In the blink of an eye, he arrived in front of the Heaven’s Gate of the Church of Light.

Looking at the gate, he looked left and right, and after two glances, he shrugged, “There’s no creativity at all. It’s exactly the same as Heaven’s Gate of the Church of Darkness, just with a different color.”

Dealing with people who have no creativity, use a way without creativity.

Robb waved his hand and a black gate stood erect across from Heaven’s Gate.

the most powerful summoning magic of the Church of Darkness and by the Dark Pope in “Dark Blade”,– Heaven’s Gate.

Two gates, facing each other!

The game he played on Bright Road just now was now being played with a different color. It was really uninteresting and couldn’t raise his interest.

Robb slammed the gate open and immediately fell back to the ground, standing in front of the Queen, clapping his hands, “Okay, it’s done. The rescue mission is complete.”

The Queen: “…”


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