After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 760

Chapter 760: You will receive this money

The queen let out a sigh of relief. Now was not a good time to argue with the ghostly man. Besides, she had promised him anything in exchange for his help, and now she was actually scared of him. If he were to make some insane demands, the queen would have to accept them obediently.

Now that she heard he had temporarily left, she has enough time to compose herself. She decided to handle her own affairs first, then gradually deal with the crazy man later.

At that moment, a man walked up to her, knelt on one knee, and placed one hand on his chest. “Respected Queen, Your Majesty, greetings.”

The queen immediately recognized him. “Baron Perseus, the Berserker. Thank you for your contribution to the unification of the Kingdom of Gran in this battle. Is there anything you need? I will try my best to satisfy you.”

Baron Perseus sighed lightly. “I only hope that the family of Duke Yingsi will not be punished.”

The queen smiled proudly. “Do you think I’m Mondra? Withdraw your request that underestimates me. Even if you don’t say anything, I don’t plan to do anything to Duke Yingsi’s family.”

Baron Perseus saluted and left.

At that moment, Barry walked in from outside. “Your Majesty, we searched every residence in the city, but we couldn’t find Mondra and the Archbishop of Light. These guys seem to have quietly escaped.”

Hearing this, the queen’s eyebrows furrowed deeply. The Archbishop of Light didn’t matter, but it wasn’t good news that Mondra had escaped. As long as he was still alive, he could organize a rebellion at any time and threaten the prosperity and stability of the Kingdom of Gran in the future.

She said in a low voice, “Offer a reward of two hundred gold coins to find Mondra!”

Barry bowed respectfully. “Understood, I will do it right away.”

As he turned to leave, he suddenly heard someone laughing loudly outside the hall. “Ah, I heard it. It’s so easy to earn those two hundred gold coins.”

An escort led three people into the hall, and those three people were the adventurers, Gorda, Jike, and Xuelu. Gorda and Jike each carried a corpse, and as soon as they entered the hall, Gorda threw the corpse on his shoulder to the ground, and the corpse rolled over on the ground, revealing Mondra’s face.

Gorda laughed. “I only wanted to bring his body to exchange for some reward, but I happened to hear about the two hundred gold coins bounty.”

The queen was overjoyed, but she didn’t show it. “You will get this money.”

Jike threw the Archbishop’s body out as well, but didn’t say anything. It was Gorda who spoke for them. “What about this body? How much are you going to offer for him?”

The queen glanced at the Archbishop’s body and shook her head. “I won’t pay a copper coin for this man because he’s worthless to me.”

“Oh, that’s really unlucky,” Gorda said. “Maybe I should take his body to lost city.”

Xuelu smiled and said, “From here to Lost City, we have to cross over half of the Kingdom of Gran. The corpses will stink.”

Gorda said, “Maybe we should use a transmission scroll.”

Xuelu said, irritably, “Don’t talk nonsense. A transmission scroll is a strategic magic tool. It’s worth much more than the bounty from this archbishop. Besides, how do you know that the Church of Darkness is willing to pay us for this person? Maybe they will say this person is worthless. We would waste a transmission scroll and get nothing.”

“Ah!” Gorda said in frustration. “I knew it. The least profitable job in the world is doing your own job.”

Xuelu said, “Stop complaining. Killing this guy will make us happy. Isn’t that enough?”

Jike remained silent and just gave Xuelu a thumbs-up.

As Robb Smith, Robb felt a little amused watching these three guys fooling around in the hall. He hadn’t seen them in a while, but these three guys hadn’t changed a bit.

The queen shook her head helplessly. All these guys from the Westwind City were influenced by that crazy man, and none of them were reliable. Thinking of this, she couldn’t help but think, [Actually, I’m also greatly influenced by that guy, so I’m not a very reliable person either.]

“Baron Perseus,” the queen said seriously. “Now, I appoint you as the new leader of the White Lion Knights, in charge of the post-war reconstruction and revitalization of White Lion City… cough… I mean, White Lion City from now on will be entrusted to the newly established White Lion Knights.”

With these words, this city’s name was changed to White Lion City. There was no doubt that this place would be under the jurisdiction of the newly established White Lion Knights.

Baron Perseus hurriedly made a big bow and took on this heavy responsibility.

The queen turned to the others and said, “The rest of you, come with me back to Bright Road immediately!”

Robb returned to Westwind City.

With his identity as Robb Smith, he only needed an excuse to say that summoning the King of Wind had depleted his magic power and he was too tired to do anything. Then he could lie down and sleep on the logistics team’s carriage without doing anything, and Madeline would sit beside him, gently stroking his face.

This way, he had enough energy to switch his consciousness to the body of the Lazy Priest and come back to see how Westwind City was doing.

Westwind City, which had just experienced a great war, had no signs of post-war trauma and was as prosperous as usual.

Workers woke up in the morning and walked along the road to the factory, chatting and laughing all the way. They talked about the strange sounds they heard last night while sleeping, and someone told them that there was a battle in the south of the city last night. Those who heard this froze and then screamed in horror, “Ah, what did I miss?”

A small group of soldiers were scattered in taverns, roadside stalls, and even on stone benches in the city garden, loudly recounting the details of the battle from the night before. A large crowd had gathered around them, listening intently and occasionally bursting into laughter.

Meanwhile, the followers of the Church of Darkness in the city wore embarrassed expressions on their faces. Although Elsie had not ordered anyone to arrest them, they had voluntarily come to the front of Robb’s church, waiting for the lord to punish them.

When they arrived, they found that Robb’s church was very lively. All of the important people in the city had gathered there, sitting in a circle around the stone table where Robb usually sat, seemingly in a meeting.

Commander Elsie was grinning as he reported, “Godfather, last night our army repelled the Church of Darkness’s surprise attack. No one in our army died, only about 150 people were injured but they have all been treated and recovered completely. We captured 1,200 soldiers from the Church of Darkness’ Templar Knights, and more than 170 people who refused to surrender committed suicide…”


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