After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 761

Chapter 761: I made public the fact that she wet the bed when she was young

Robb cursed and laughed at Elsie, “Don’t bother me with this nonsense. Discuss it with Number 32 and I don’t want to deal with it.”

Elsie quickly put this matter aside and whispered, “The next thing is something else. Last night, while the Church of Darkness launched a sneak attack, several Church of Darkness spies were also active in the city. They contacted the Cat Clan leader, five priests in the Church of Darkness, two nuns, and even some fanatics in the city to incite them to rebel.”

“Oh?” Robb suddenly became interested, “What’s the result?”

Elsie waved him hand, and several soldiers brought a group of depressed black-robed people. Elsie pointed to them and said, “As a result, they were caught by the people they wanted to incite and brought to me.”

Robb laughed dumbfoundedly and turned to the spies, shaking his head and sighing, “Where do you come from? How can you come to incite rebellion in my Westwind City?”

The spies did not speak, their faces ashen. They could not imagine that the most steadfast supporters of the Church of Darkness, the Cat Clan, would not listen to the Church and would not betray Westwind City. It was one thing not to listen, but they even brought them to Elsie. What went wrong?

“You probably don’t know,” Robb sighed, “who would want to go to war when they live a comfortable and happy life? Who would want to destroy hard-won happiness? Your conspiracies can only incite those who are dissatisfied with their lives. In my Westwind City, you have no soil for survival.”

At this point, Robb turned to the large group of Church of Darkness followers who had just rushed to the church yard.

These followers were anxiously waiting for Robb’s “disposition.” Robb waved his hand at them and said with a smile, “You didn’t participate in last night’s events, right? You even helped catch these spies.”

“Yes!” The followers quickly replied.

“So why are you worried?” Robb smiled and said, “Westwind City values freedom of faith. You believe in the Dark God, but it doesn’t mean you’re a bad person. And the bad things done by the Church of Darkness cannot be blamed on the Dark God or on you. You are innocent, and I also allow you to continue to be followers of the Dark God. Rest assured, no one can force you to change your spirit and thoughts.”

The Church of Darkness followers breathed a sigh of relief and bowed respectfully to Robb.

However, before they could straighten up again, they heard Robb say in a very serious tone, “However, from today, the Church of Darkness will be listed as an ‘unwelcome church’ in this city.”

The followers said, “…”

If Westwind City didn’t welcome them, what would happen next? They were afraid of a series of chaotic restrictions in the future. Just as they were about to say something, they heard Robb say, “Unless…the Church of Darkness makes some changes.”

He had a sly, fox-like grin on his face. “You guys go and think about whether or not to form a new Church of Darkness, just like the New Church of Light.”

The followers of the Church of Darkness seemed to understand something. They looked at the New Church of Light’s church as if they had found direction.

Robb also didn’t bother to talk to them anymore. He let the followers do what they wanted and turned to the familiar faces in the courtyard. “Okay, this matter is basically over. Everyone can go and do what they need to do.”

A few days later, the Queen’s army returned to Bright Road.

Robb Smith had been lying in the logistics unit’s vehicle, sleeping day after day. After a few days of “rest,” he also arrived at Bright Road.

Number 48, who stayed behind at Bright Road, had completed the cleaning work of Bright Road. The spies of the Church of Darkness had all been cleared out, the city gate guards had been replaced with new recruits, and the new city guard general was the first city guard sentry to be knocked down on the night of the Church of Darkness’s rebellion. He now wore a high-spec armor and looked quite stylish.

The Church of Darkness was now empty, and all the priests and nuns had been urgently withdrawn to Lost City and dared not stay here any longer. Some fanatics knew the situation was hopeless and followed suit. As for the ordinary followers, they had been members of Bright Road four years ago and had been forced to convert to the Church of Darkness. They were not particularly devout, and now that the Church of Darkness had fled, they had no plans to return to Bright Road. They might as well…not believe in anyone, since it didn’t make any difference!

After dinner, the sun had not yet set and was still in the sky.

Robb and Madeline walked into the palace together. There was still a large depression on the palace gate, which accused the Church of Darkness of rebellion that night.

Madeline glanced at the large depression and whispered, “Thanks to your teacher.”

Robb smiled, “It was nothing. My teacher didn’t even use much effort.”

Madeline was not interested in talking about other men repeatedly. Her attention was mostly on Robb Smith. After chuckling twice, she whispered, “When you see Elizabeth later, don’t say anything. Just stand there and daydream. If you speak up to take credit, she will definitely resent you. But if I speak up, it’s okay. You don’t need to worry about anything. I’ll come and bargain with her. If we don’t get a dukedom today, I won’t believe it.”

Robb cried and laughed, “I told you I don’t need this. I really don’t care if I become a duke or not.”

“You don’t care, but I do.” Madeline said, “You made such a great contribution, and if there is no reward for merit, it doesn’t make sense. If you don’t get the dukedom this time, I’ll expose her bedwetting when she was a child.”

Robb: “…”

This is a bit unreasonable!

Robb wiped his sweat and thought to himself, [Miss Queen, it’s not my fault. It’s your fault for making friends with such a strange woman.]

The two entered the council chamber and immediately saw the queen. She was buried on her desk, writing and drawing quickly with her pen, reviewing a pile of reports. Interestingly, none of these reports were written on parchment, but rather on the latest developed “hard paper” from Westwind City. It was low-cost and high in quantity.

Due to the improvement of paper, the number of official documents suddenly increased. After all, there was no need to be frugal like before. Officials’ reports became longer and more verbose. Previously, subordinates who never wrote nonsense on parchment were now writing thousands of words, making the queen’s head ache.

Seeing Madeline and Robb Smith walk in, the queen didn’t even lift her head and threw a letter of appointment, “Madeline, take your little boyfriend to be an earl and don’t bother me at work.”


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