After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 762

Chapter 762: Madeline, what should we do?

“Earl?” Madeline was surprised. “Why just an Earl? Elizabeth, you saw it with your own eyes. Mr. Robb has reached the pinnacle of wind magic. He can even summon the King of Wind. Such a powerful magician is already the top of our Kingdom of Gran. Twenty years ago, John Roland Smith, a Duke, was only so powerful.”

She summarized seriously, “John Roland Smith was a Duke, so Robb Smith should also be a Duke.”

The queen glanced at her with displeasure. “Being powerful doesn’t necessarily mean that you can hold a high position. To sit in a high position, you not only need strong combat power but also reputation, outstanding vision, strong management and leadership abilities. These things, forgive me, I cannot see right now.”

Madeline said, “You can’t see it now because he hasn’t held a high position yet. If you give him a dukedom and make him the leader of the Wind Knights, then you can see his leadership skills. If you don’t give him a high position, how can he perform?”

The queen cried and laughed, “It seems like you have it all wrong. It should be showing strength first before getting a high position, not getting a high position and then showing it.”

Madeline said, “It’s almost the same. It’s just the order that’s been reversed. It’s not important.”

The queen said, “It’s important! Alright, don’t make a fuss here. It’s almost dusk, and I still have a lot of documents to deal with. I’m in a hurry.”

Madeline knew that this person would always be in a hurry to finish her work before sunset, so that she could chat with her ghost boyfriend without any worries. This time, the expedition also took a lot of time, and she was probably a bit eager to chat.

The more it was like this, the more she had to twist and pull her, until she couldn’t stand it anymore, so she would give Robb Smith, the Duke.

Madeline quickly clung to the queen and said, “Elizabeth, let’s slowly count Mr. Robb’s contributions. Let’s start with the detection battle across the lake… count one by one and see if it’s really just enough to make him an Earl.”

The queen said, “…”

There was no reason to talk to such a crazy friend. The queen slapped the table and said, “Hey! Are you deliberately trying to make trouble with me?”

Madeline said, “It’s you who is making trouble with me. Clearly, he has made such a great contribution, but why is he only an Earl? You are biased. You are specifically targeting Mr. Robb, just because he is a man of integrity and has no desire, and you are withholding the merits he deserves.”

The queen felt dizzy for a moment. “Let’s make him a Marquis. That should be enough, right?”

“He is still one level away from a Duke.”

“If you keep talking nonsense, I won’t even make him a Marquis.”

“You are forcing me to use my last resort.”

The queen asked curiously, “What last resort do you have?”

Madeline hummed, “In August of 1329, when you got up early, you found the sheets…”

“Ah ah ah!” The queen waved her hand, [Silence spell.]

Although Madeline’s Arcanite Defender Armor can absorb magical damage, it cannot resist magical silence. The queen finally breathed a sigh of relief, “Even if you use this to threaten me, I cannot promote him anymore. This time, he will be a Marquis, no discussion. However, I can also grant him Crystal Canyon as his fiefdom.”

Madeline was overjoyed and quickly nodded her head.

The queen then lifted the silence spell on her and said helplessly, “You tricked me out of another piece of land, and it’s an important one, Crystal Canyon, a vital border town connected by a straight line to the north of Stone Canyon and Westwind Town, between West Gran and the Desert Kingdom. Giving this city to Robb Smith as a fiefdom is like giving him an army, and the deeper intention is to let Robb Smith guard the border and block the ever-active Desert Kingdom, and possibly even the Kingdom of Norma, which may come through the desert.”

This appointment was undoubtedly significant. Previously, for important matters like this, the queen would only send Madeline, but this time she appointed Robb. It could be said that she trusted his abilities greatly.

Madeline naturally accepted the reward and did not mention any more conditions.

On the other hand, Robb muttered under his breath, “Wow, I have another place to manage. It’s so troublesome.”

“Hmm?” The queen glared at him.

Robb had to say, “I mean, wow, it’s great. I have another piece of territory.”

The queen said irritably, “I can’t stand you two. One is desperately trying to gain benefits, and the other shows reluctance when receiving them. Both of you, get out of my sight.”

Madeline received a reward, so she was very happy and naturally did not want to leave. Instead, she moved closer and said with a smile, “Elizabeth, are you working hard just to finish before sunset and then call your boyfriend?”

“It’s not like that.” The queen sighed lightly, “I’m a little afraid to call him now. I will let the storm pass before I do.”

“Afraid?” Madeline was a little confused.

Robb next to her understood, though. The queen had promised to agree to any condition, even enlisting his help. Now, she was afraid of him. She was afraid that when he called, he would ask her to sleep with him, and she would explode on the spot.

It was no wonder that she was so afraid!

Perhaps she had been worried about this matter every day recently.

Robb sighed lightly. Alright, at this time, let me call her.

He switched his consciousness back to that of the Lazy Priest and dialed the queen’s communication crystal ball.

The call went out, but it took a while to connect…

Robb couldn’t help but feel curious. “Huh? Miss Queen is afraid to even answer the phone?”

He quickly shifted his focus back to Robb Smith’s side.

When he looked over, it was interesting!

The communication crystal ball was on the Queen’s desk, emitting a shimmering light. The queen’s hand was suspended over the crystal ball, but she had yet to put it down, so the call had not been connected.

Madeline whispered beside her, “Elizabeth, what’s wrong? Why aren’t you answering?”

The Queen whispered, “What should I do? If I answer, this guy will make unreasonable demands. “

Madeline was sweating profusely. “Hey, for the past twenty years, I’ve been the only one asking you what to do. How come now you’re asking me?”

The Queen awkwardly said, “Because this time it’s really difficult! You don’t know how crazy this guy is. He shines when given a little sunlight, climbs up a bamboo pole when given one, and demands more when given an inch. He’ll take advantage of you when you’re sick, and I owe him such a big favor this time that I’m afraid this call is to collect on it. I really don’t know what to do.”


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