After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 765

Chapter 765: You will make time for it

The plants Robb planted grow unusually fast. When planted at dawn, they sprout and grow vigorously, and by evening, a lush tomato tree has grown in the chapel’s farmland. It is estimated that the tree will bear fruit by nightfall and be ripe by dawn the next day.

Robb sat proudly under a tomato tree when the communication crystal ball lights up. He answered the call and saw Miss Queen, who looked exhausted. She started ranting, “That damned Church of Darkness. They don’t dare to face me directly, so they play dirty. They would set fire today and incite people to riot tomorrow, causing chaos in various cities. They don’t give me any time to develop.”

Robb chuckles and asks, “So, what are you going to do?”

The Queen snorts and says, “I really want to send my army to crush Lost City.”

Robb shook his head and smiled, “Although they only have one city, they have a strong base of believers. There are countless spies and fanatics in your cities. Once the war breaks out, you will face a vast war where you cannot even distinguish between friend and foe. You must do your best to win. But now that you have just ended a war, people need to rest. If you launch another war against the Church of Darkness, I’m afraid it won’t be well received by the public.”

The Queen nodded in agreement. She knew all these things. She just wanted to vent to Robb and hear his rebuttal to dispel her impulse.

However, she added, “If you’re willing to help me deal with the Church of Darkness’s Angel Legion, this battle won’t be difficult.”

Robb shakes his head, “You know I won’t help you again.”

The Queen asks, “Why would you help before, but not now?”

Robb says, “I helped you before because I wanted peace. Now I’m not helping because I want peace too.”

The Queen retorted, “We can only have true peace by defeating the Church of Darkness.”

Robb shakes his head, “I can help you defeat the Pope and even kill all the Templar Knights, but we cannot destroy the believers’ spiritual faith through war. The Church of Darkness may be suppressed in the short term, but in reality, it will only scatter and become the maggots attached to the bones of the Kingdom of Gran. It’s better to let them stay in Lost City. At least this enemy is visible and touchable, instead of becoming an invisible shadow.”

The queen fell silent for a moment, then lifted her head. “So you’re saying I just have to let it be? Leave a monster that could overthrow my kingdom at any moment, and do nothing about it?”

“Of course not,” Robb replied. “But war is not the solution to this problem. You have to deal with it on a spiritual level. You need to value education, develop technology, improve productivity… When people are living happily and prosperously, they will naturally face reality and stop seeking comfort in those intangible things. Only then can you truly defeat the Church of Darkness, even the Church of Light, and any other institution like them.”

The queen fell into deep thought…

Not long ago, she received intelligence that in the last rebellion of the Church of Darkness, not a single citizen of Westwind City followed the Church and instead handed over their spies. Why was Westwind City able to do this?

Without a doubt!

It was because the citizens of Westwind City lived in abundance, received better education than other places, and when faced with problems, they used their intelligence to think things through like the crazy Man. They worked hard to make their own wealth and used their own hands to create a better future. They did not place their futures in the intangible gods.

It was difficult for those who claimed to be messengers of the gods to persuade the citizens of Westwind City to give up their current good lives and follow the Church to do silly things in just a few words.

The queen sighed. “Alright, as you said, we won’t use force against Lost City for now. Visible enemies are indeed easier to deal with than invisible ones. At least we know how to defend ourselves. If these guys scatter and become lost souls, it will be troublesome. Besides, the Kingdom of Gran really needs to rest and recuperate.”

Robb saw that she readily agreed and couldn’t help but give her a thumbs up.

The matter was settled, and the queen suddenly noticed through the crystal ball in the fisheye lens that Robb’s yard had many more trees, a large lush area that covered all the self-sufficient land in the chapel.

Her eyes immediately became sharp. “What are you growing to eat again?”

Robb retorted irritably, “Hey, just because I grow something doesn’t mean it’s for eating. Can’t I cultivate flowers and plants to cultivate my feelings?”

“That’s impossible! It must be something to eat!” the queen said. “Quick, tell me, what delicious thing are you growing?”

Robb had no choice but to say, “It’s a plant called Tomato.”

The queen turned around and gave a couple of orders to the nearby guards. In no time, her chef was standing behind her and whispered to her, “Your Majesty, I don’t know what a tomato is. Whenever I come across something I don’t know, it’s usually brought by the sea merchants from Lost City, and I suspect it’s brought back from the New World.”

Previously, in such a situation, the queen would immediately contact number 2 stationed in Lost City. But now, the number 2 has already withdrawn from Lost City, and except for a few undercover agents who cannot be exposed, the queen has no more sources of information in Lost City.

The undercover agents, of course, cannot be used to investigate such trivial matters. She could only sigh and say, “This is bad! I won’t be able to find out. That elusive man always likes to keep people guessing, even if I ask him, he won’t tell me the details.”

At this point, as if suddenly making up her mind, she shouted to her subordinate next to her, “Send troops to attack Lost City!”

“Hey!” Robb shouted from the crystal ball on this side, “Didn’t we agree not to use troops for the time being?”

“I changed my mind!” the queen said.

“Don’t be ridiculous, it’s outrageous to launch a war just because of a tomato or something like that. Tomorrow at noon, I’ll use this thing to cook, and then you can call me and learn how I did it. You’ll get to taste it,” Robb said.

“But I’m only free in the evening, and noon is when I’m busy with government affairs,” the queen replied.

“Quit making excuses, for the sake of good food, you’ll make time,” Robb said.

The queen said, “…”.


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