After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 766

Chapter 766: An epic adventure

The next day, at sunrise, the tomatoes in the chapel yard were ripe.

The bright red fruits hung from the branches, looking very pleasing. Mischievous children came again and leaned on the fence of the yard, watching these beautiful fruits and swallowing saliva constantly.

However, one child remembered the horror of being dominated by red peppers last time, and shouted at the tomato tree, “Don’t be fooled by this thing. This kind of red fruit must be very spicy. The red pepper last time made me cry.”

The other children couldn’t help but recall the previous incident and burst into laughter.

Indeed, these unrealistically red fruits couldn’t be as spicy as red peppers.

At this time, Robb got up, dressed in a nightgown, and walked out of the chapel, waving to the children with a smile, “Kids, do you want to eat? You can eat them. I allow each of you to pick five to eat.”

The children shook their heads quickly, “No, thank you. It looks very spicy.”

Robb smiled, “Not spicy, it’s sweet and sour, very delicious.”

However, the children who had been tricked by the red peppers would not believe Robb. Godfather never lied in other matters, but when it comes to coaxing children, he can be insane and cruel, especially when teasing little girls. They had to be careful.

No one went to pick tomatoes, they just played hide and seek on the tomato tree with a smile.

Robb shook his head and smiled, then let Lilian call a group of farmers, gave them some wages, and let them pick all the tomatoes from the trees and stack them in a special warehouse. Inside the warehouse was a magical tool that could blow cold air to keep the temperature, specially used to store fruits and vegetables.

Now, this kind of magical tool was selling like hotcakes in Westwind City!

This is also a feature of Westwind City, where research on civilian magical tools is highly valued. A large number of people have used magical tools to improve their lives, or rather, change their lives.

After picking the tomatoes, Robb didn’t want the tomato tree anymore, and let the farmers who helped move it away themselves.

These farmers still didn’t know what tomatoes were for, but they understood one thing, the things Godfather planted must be good things. No matter what, they would dig up the tree and plant it in their own yard. They will understand what it is for sooner or later.

At noon, when it was almost time for lunch, Miss Queen’s call came on time.

Sure enough, as long as it was related to eating, she could make time no matter how busy she was.

Moreover, there were two royal chefs standing behind her, staring wide-eyed and ready to learn by stealth.

This can no longer be considered learning by stealth, but rather a bold robbery.

But Robb didn’t care, he took a basket of tomatoes and handed them to Lillian, saying with a smile, “Go through the portal and take these to the opposite palace. The lady over there is practically crying for them.”

The queen calmly retorted, “I’m not even close to crying.”

“Do you want them?”

“Of course!”

In the blink of an eye, a basket of tomatoes also appeared on the queen’s table.

Robb started making tomato and scrambled egg dish in front of them. The two chefs on the other side followed his movements in sync. In no time, Robb finished his dish and the two royal chefs on the other side also finished theirs. There was no doubt that the pirated version once again surpassed the original, at least in terms of presentation.

Robb could only shrug at the crystal ball and say, “Ha, just as expected.”

The queen also proudly laughed, “It seems that mine is once again better than your original.”

Nevermind, it doesn’t matter, Robb picked up his plate and was about to taste his creation when he suddenly heard a crisp laughter in the distance. Then, a red figure rushed over and grabbed his arm.

Xuelu had returned!

The queen on the other side of the crystal ball suddenly stiffened as she watched Xuelu cling to Robb’s arm, intentionally or unintentionally brushing her chest against his arm. The queen felt her blood pressure rise.

Gorda and Kike also walked over, grinning.

“Hey, you’re finally back,” Robb said with a smile.

“We finally took down the Archbishop,” Gorda laughed. “This time, the task we gave ourselves was really difficult, and we worked on it for too long. So the three of us don’t want to take on any tasks for now, we’re just going to rest in Westwind City.”

As he spoke, he looked around the environment. “Ah, Westwind City has changed so much again. This city is constantly changing so quickly that if we leave for a little while, we won’t recognize it when we come back.”

Xuelu pointed to the “wonder” on the cliff behind them and asked curiously, “How did a whole mountain-sized sculpture appear here?”

Robb replied, “It was during the Year of the Black Dragon’s Flight. The black dragon came to steal things and we fought it. Afterwards, this was made.”

“What?” Xuelu exclaimed in horror. “You guys fought the black dragon? Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god!”

Robb said, “Hasn’t this story been spread far and wide by now?”

“We were in East Gran, where all news about West Gran is tightly blocked,” Xuelu exclaimed, holding her head in despair. “What did we miss? Oh my god! Gorda, Jike, we missed the greatest adventure in the world.”

Gorda and Jike looked embarrassed. For adventurers, killing the black dragon could be considered the ultimate dream. However, they had missed such an exciting event because they had gone to kill the Archbishop.

Xuelu fell to the ground in disappointment, bending forward, “I’m done, I feel like my life has lost its purpose.”

The queen on the other side of the crystal ball smiled smugly. She was happy to see Xuelu feeling down.

However, at this moment, Suofa next to them spoke up, “Xuelu, you don’t have to be upset. The black dragon isn’t dead yet. We only drove it away and couldn’t kill it. Godfather plans to gather strength and fight it to the death next time.”

“What?” Xuelu was overjoyed and jumped up, grabbing Robb’s arm and shaking it vigorously, “Wow, take me with you next time to fight the black dragon! I want to participate in the battle.”

Gorda and Jike’s faces also showed excitement!

They weren’t foolish. If someone randomly said they wanted to fight the black dragon, they would certainly advise against it and wouldn’t go themselves. But they had heard that Robb had already fought with the black dragon, and now he was standing here in one piece. That meant that Robb was confident in fighting the black dragon, so why not join him?

Robb was amused and helpless, “Okay, Xuelu, don’t swing my arm like that, I’ll take you with me. But stop swinging, or you’ll dislocate it.”

Xuelu was ecstatic, “Great, you promised! Don’t go back on your word, haha! An epic adventure, haha, it’s awesome.”


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