After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 768

Chapter 768: Dig a big tunnel

After Xuelu returned, the biggest benefit was that there was someone to accompany Robb when he soaked in the hot spring at night.

Although Lillian occasionally came to join Robb for a soak after regaining her civilian status, she was still very shy and couldn’t accompany him often, only occasionally.

But Xuelu didn’t have this problem. Before it was even dark, Xuelu had already changed into her red swimsuit and was soaking in the hot spring pool, beckoning Robb with a crazy look on her face as if saying “I’m waiting for you.”

Robb followed her in with a smile and handed her an “Intermediate Flame Magic Training Book”.

“What? Another one of these magical books? You got another one?” Xuelu was overjoyed. She had received a beginner wind magic training book from Robb before, which taught her the basics of wind magic and even made it instantaneous, making it more convenient than her original fire magic. This almost made her want to become a wind magician.

However, Xuelu still preferred fire magic, which matched her personality, so she was super excited to improve her fire magic now that she had the book.

When Robb’s hand mischievously reached for her waist, Xuelu was still seriously looking at the book, without any intention of flirting with him. “Ah! I have to try this book quickly.”

She didn’t even feel Robb’s mischievous hand, which made him lose interest.

Xuelu then shook her hand and the book immediately turned into red magic particles and merged into her body. Then, Xuelu flicked her hand and cast “Firewall!” A wall of fire rose up in the middle of the hot spring pool and burned fiercely in the water.

“Ah, you threw it too close, you idiot,” Robb shouted.

“Oh no! The water… it’s getting hot,” Xue Lu exclaimed.

“Are you trying to cook me?” Robb quickly jumped out of the hot spring pool, and Xuelu climbed out in a sorry state. Then they both saw that the pool was boiling and bubbles were continuously rising.

Robb looked sadly at his pool. “I don’t feel like soaking anymore.”

Xuelu laughed loudly. “What’s the big deal? This small hot spring pool isn’t comfortable to soak in anyway. Are you interested in going to the beach? The wide open sea, endless view, and swimming at the beach, that’s the real beauty.”

“The beach?” Robb was a little interested. “Sunshine, sand, beautiful women, ah…if only the beach could come to me.”

Xuelu: “…”

“Actually, there is a way to take you to the seaside,” Xuelu smiled and said, “I heard that the train from Bright Road to the newly built port city has been opened, so I can take the train to Bright Road first, then transfer to the port city, and open a transmission portal to Westwind City by the beach. That way, you can go directly to the beach, right?”

“Wow, Xuelu! You’re a genius!” Robb exclaimed.

Xuelu smiled, “Are you interested? Then it’s settled. When I’m rested enough, I’ll go to the port city and open a portal to take you to the beach. And we can also see what the new port city that Her Majesty the Queen has built looks like.”

So it was decided happily. Robb suddenly realized that in the future, Xuelu could help him with the map. Wherever she went during her adventures, she could open a portal and he could stroll in casually. It was really convenient. He regretted complaining about Xuelu before.

At this moment, the sewer cover in front of the chapel suddenly moved.

Whenever the cover moved, it usually meant that the dwarf leader was about to come out from there. Xuelu looked at her red swimsuit and grinned. It was only for Robb to see, she didn’t want to show it to the foolish dwarves. She used the Swift Wind skill and ran into the chapel, almost bumping into Suofa who had just come out.

After she disappeared, the dwarf leader slowly crawled out of the sewer and ran up to Robb with his short legs. “Grandmaster Blacksmith, I have good news and bad news to tell you.”

“Tell me the good news first,” Robb smiled.

“The good news is that the railway we’ve built from Stone Canyon to Crystal Canyon on the border is only about three thousand yards away from completion.”

“And the bad news?”

“That three thousand yards distance is a steep mountain!” The dwarf leader laughed awkwardly, “There’s a problem with the map we have. When we were planning the railway route, the map didn’t show that mountain at all. It wasn’t until our railway got closer that we discovered a mountain was blocking the way. This is the mistake of the person who made the map, not ours.”

Robb felt like cursing. How could the person who planned the railway route not even walk the path and not know there was a mountain there? It was ridiculous to blame the mapmaker for such an error.

This railway was very important.

Because the Queen has granted Robb Smith Crystal Canyon in the northern border as a fiefdom, it means that area now belongs to Robb. Therefore, Robb needs a railway to connect Crystal Canyon, Stone Canyon, and Westwind City for easy management in the future.

Who knew these fools would make such a stupid mistake while building the road!

The Dwarf leader said, “Now the only solution is to reroute the railway and make it go around this mountain. But the railway shouldn’t be too curved, so… there’s a long stretch of track that needs to be rerouted, and it will take a lot of time to finish.”

“Reroute?” Robb shook his head. “No need to reroute. It looks like we’ll have to create the world’s first engineering feat again.”

The Dwarf leader asked in surprise, “What engineering feat?”

“A tunnel!” Robb grinned. “Dig a huge tunnel through the mountain, so the train can go straight through the mountain instead of winding around it. Then the tracks won’t need to be curved.”

The Dwarf leader’s mouth opened wide. “How are we going to do that? Dig through the whole mountain? Even our dwarf tribe, who are good at digging tunnels, wouldn’t dare to play such a big game.”

Robb lightly tapped the ground and called out, “Come out, tunnel-crawling worms!”

With a loud rumble, a large hole appeared on the ground, and two hideous giant worms crawled out from underground. These were the tunnel-crawling worms that were used to dig tunnels and attack Westwind City during the invasion of the demon army. Robb had tamed them with his skills as a beast master, and they were now his pets.

Robb said to the worms, “You two follow the Dwarf leader and dig the tunnel.”

The two worms nodded and quickly disappeared back into the ground.


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