After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 769

Chapter 769: Exorcism Operation

“Even with two tunnel-crawling worms, it’s difficult to dig through a mountain and create a tunnel big enough for a train to pass through,” said the dwarf leader. “These two insects will exhaust themselves.”

Robb nodded. “You’re right, that’s a valid concern. So we need to increase our workforce.”

He pointed to the nearby Black Pine Mountains. “Have Commander Elsie lead his troops into the mountains and capture a few kobold tribes to force them to help us dig tunnels. While they’re at it, they can also clear out all the monster forces along the new railway line to prevent them from causing any harm. We humans can’t just sit in our cities and wait for monsters to attack us. We also need to take the initiative and go after them.”

The dwarf leader remained silent for a moment. This crazy command made him sweat, but upon closer thought, it made sense. Why should they just sit and wait for monsters to attack them? Why not take the fight to the monsters instead? If not for the Grandmaster in Westwind City constantly pushing back the monster armies, many innocent people would have died in the jaws of monsters.

It was the only way to ensure their safety.

Moreover, as the railway expanded, friction between humans and monster tribes grew larger.

Areas that humans would never dare to venture into in the past now had railways passing through them. When constructing these railways, humans inevitably engaged in battles with the local monsters.

Of course, now that the monster armies were scattered and governed by their respective tribes, they were no match for humans. However, after being defeated, these monsters would lurk along the railway lines and attack trains, causing trouble for transportation.

Robb’s first diesel train was equipped with many magical items that could combat monsters. However, the steam trains built by the dwarves later on were not equipped with such items. This was partly due to cost issues and partly due to weapon control regulations.

The kingdom could not allow civilian trains to carry thunderous weapons at all times. Therefore, it was necessary to regulate the use of magical items on trains. Under these circumstances, railway safety became even more crucial.

Rather than waiting for monsters to attack them endlessly, it was better to take the initiative and clear them out. This was why Westwind City had not been visited by monsters for a long time. Within dozens of miles around Westwind City, there wasn’t a single monster in sight.

The dwarf leader nodded, “Understood! I will discuss with Elsie and deal with this matter.”

“Let the elven scouts also move around and search for the monsters that threaten us in the forests along the railway line. Drive them all far away,” he ordered.

With that, Robb gave the order, and the campaign to drive out the monsters began in full swing!

The army of Westwind City launched an attack along the railway line, driving out all the monsters within dozens of miles on either side of the railway line. Of course, they didn’t drive out the kobolds because they were good at digging holes. Instead, they caught them and had them cooperate with the worms to dig a huge tunnel that stretched for three thousand yards.

This move immediately caught the attention of the queen!

This wicked woman had been increasingly open about stealing Robb’s techniques. She heard that Robb was digging tunnels on the mountain to allow the railway to pass through the mountain, and immediately thought that it was a good move that could greatly save the cost of the tracks, avoiding having to go around.

However, since the queen didn’t have tunnel-crawling worms, she needed more kobolds to dig the tunnel!

Although people’s minds were stable, and no one wanted to fight in large-scale wars anymore, the army was still happy to engage in small-scale wars like fighting against the kobolds. So, throughout the Kingdom of Gran, a campaign to catch the kobolds and drive out the monsters began in full swing.

At noon that day, a diesel train entered the station across from the chapel, honking its horn.

This was the only diesel train on the entire continent, coming from Stone Canyon. The others were all steam trains.

The train stopped, and a large group of dwarves and human craftsmen got off, laughing and joking as they poured out of the station. The dwarf leader also got off the train, walked over to Robb with a smile and said, “Master, we’ve finally dug the tunnel through. Following your instructions, we reinforced the walls inside the tunnel with cement, and are currently laying the tracks. Once the tracks are in place and the cement on the tunnel walls have solidified, it can be put into use.”

Robb nodded and smiled, “Very good. Once the train is running, our oil trade caravan can go straight to the border by train, making it more convenient to purchase goods.”

At this point, Commander Elsie also emerged from the train. Instead of returning in his tank, he came back by train, indicating that he had left his army outside.

Upon seeing Robb, he immediately straightened up and walked over with a serious look, “Report! I have completed your orders perfectly. There is not even half a monster to be found within dozens of miles along the railway line from the Stone Canyon to the Crystal Canyon. Even the fierce beasts that threaten human safety have all been driven out.

Robb gave him a thumbs up and said, “You’re awesome.”

Having received Robb’s praise, Elsie was happy. He loved to gain trust from Robb, as it ensured his position was secure.

However, before he could bask in the glory, everyone suddenly felt an unusual flow of magic in the sky. They couldn’t help but look up and saw a magical owl flying quickly from the southwest sky.

This owl wasn’t a real owl but was formed using high-level magic. It emitted a sparkling blue light and dispersed magical particles into the air while flying. This was a sign that its magic was depleting, and if this continued, it would disappear soon.

“That’s a Magic Transmission Owl!” Elsie immediately recognized it.

The Dwarf leader said with annoyance, “Ah, it’s just a trick that those proud elves like to play. They must be sending messages from far away to the elves in our city.”

He guessed correctly. After the magical owl flew from the southwest, it slowed down when it reached the skies above Westwind City. It scanned the ground with its eagle eyes for several tens of seconds until it found its target. It then dived and landed on the shoulder of the elf elder who was reading a book at the “Citizen Library.”


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