After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 774

Chapter 774: What a big fish, meow

In the year 1349 of the Fengmo Continent, summer!

A newly built port city.

This is a city where almost all of it is painted with cement, with all the outer walls of houses painted with cement, the streets with cement roads, and even the docks are not made of wooden frames but instead with cement boards. The whole city looked shiny and modern.

The city’s dock is divided into two sections: a military dock with two steel battleships and several sailboats, where all of the maritime military forces of the Kingdom of Gran are concentrated. Anyone who dares to invade the maritime territory of the Kingdom of Gran will face the ruthless attack of this fleet, and currently, there is no kingdom in the world that can stop the Kingdom of Gran’s two steel battleships, not even the Knight Kingdom of Norma.

The other is a civilian dock, which is built very large with large ship capacity, but currently, there are only a few small old ships and two retired large sailboats that have been refitted into fishing boats.

There are no merchant ships, not even one!

This emerging port city is not yet known to merchants, so no merchant ships come here to load or unload goods. There is not even an atmosphere of a trading market formed on the dock.

A purple transmission gate stands on the beach not far from the teleporter.

On the beach near the transmission gate, Robb wore beach shorts lying on a beach chair with his arms bare.

Xuelu wore a red swimsuit and frolicking in the sea not far away, creating large splashes of water.

Just like last time, this woman took the train to Bright Road, then transferred to port city, and took Robb by transmission scroll to Westwind City.

So now, Robb can lie on the beach chair by the sea, drink coke, sunbathe, and enjoy the charming curves of Xuelu’s swimsuit, feeling very happy.

Suddenly, he thought of something and turned his head to call out, “Hey, Lillian, don’t hide behind the tree, come out and play together.”

Lillian poked half of her head out from behind the tree and said timidly, “It’s embarrassing to walk out in a swimsuit in broad daylight by the sea. What if other people see it?”

Robb said, “Swimsuits are not underwear. What does it matter if someone sees it? Swimsuits are made for people to see.”

Lillian said sadly, “I can’t tell the difference between a swimsuit and underwear.”

Robb: “…”

Damn, this should be something only men can’t tell, why can’t you as a woman tell?

But never mind, Lillian’s shyness is quite cute.

“Robb didn’t force her, let her hide and play by herself. Then he turned his head and saw Suofa in a bikini at a glance, almost spitting blood on the spot, “Hey, Suofa, what’s with your swimsuit?”

Suofa grinned, “The latest invention, a swimsuit that only shows hands and face. With this, I can also go swimming.”

“Stop it, don’t invent such crazy things.”

Robb fell off the beach chair and rolled around in the sand.

Fortunately, only Suofa was crazy. Soon, Marian, the Big Loli, and the others came out one after another, all wearing relatively normal one-piece swimsuits. Robb finally regained some strength and crawled back onto the beach chair.

“Only the nuns won’t come,” Robb sighed helplessly.

Little Yi and the two Little light Nuns refused to come to the beach to play, conservative to the point of insanity…

He was feeling unhappy when suddenly the transmission portal shimmered again. Then, three girls came through the portal, led by the little cat girl Huahua. She looked at the sea and immediately exclaimed, “Wow, such a big river, meow!”

Following her were the two Dark Little Nuns, but they were not wearing the black nun’s clothes of the Church of Darkness, but ordinary clothes, looking like two ordinary noble girls.

One of them reached out and pulled Huahua’s hand, smiling, “That’s not a river, it’s the sea. Do you want to go down and play?”

Huahua shook her head vigorously, “No! No! I hate so much water, meow!”

Robb laughed from afar, “Huahua, there are very big fish in the sea, you know.”

Huahua didn’t believe it, “How big can there be? Are they bigger than the big black fish in your aquarium?”

Robb said, “I’ll take you to the pier to see.”

He then flashed over to Huahua and grabbed her arm. With a swish, they flew up and scared Huahua into closing her eyes. When she opened her eyes again, she found herself standing thousands of yards away at a civilian boat dock, where there were only two big fishing boats, one of which had a whale caught by the fishermen hanging on it.

Huahua only glanced at the whale and couldn’t take her eyes off it, as if petrified.

After several seconds, she murmured incoherently, “What kind of fish is this, meow? Why is it so big? One can last a year, no, two years…three years, meow…”

As she was chanting, she suddenly shouted “meow!” and ran towards the sea, intending to jump into the water from the pier. “Sea, here I come! I’m going to catch big fish, meow!”

Robb grabbed her by the back of her neck and lifted her up. “Don’t be silly. If you jump into the sea like that, will you be catching fish or will the fish catch you? Can you even fight such a big fish?”

Huahua thought carefully. “Oh, I might not be able to beat it, meow.”

As she spoke, her face showed a sad expression. “I want a big fish…”

Robb laughed. “Okay, okay. I’ll buy that big fish and bring it back to Westwind City to give to your cat people. We’ll all have a big feast together.”

Huahua was overjoyed!

Ten minutes later, Robb and the fisherman agreed on a price and bought the whale. Then, with one hand holding the enormous fish, he went back through the transmission gate and placed it next to the Westwind Canal.

All the cat people in Westwind City were petrified at the sight of the giant fish!

“It’s for you guys!” Robb said.

As soon as he finished speaking, all the cat people fell onto the whale, lying all over its back… Huahua even took a bite.

“Hey, cook it first before eating it. Don’t give me raw fish.”

There was no reasoning with these guys!

Robb went back through the transmission gate and returned to the port city.

Two dark little nuns were sitting on the beach, watching Xuelu, the big loli, Suofa, Marian and others playing in the sea, but they had no intention of going into the water. They held their knees and looked out at the sea, lost in thought.


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