After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 775

Chapter 775: The first merchant ship

Robb sat between the two girls and asked with a smile, “What’s up with you two? You’re not even wearing your nun outfits?”

The two dark little nuns whispered, “We’re planning to leave the convent.”

“Huh? You’re leaving the convent?” Robb was surprised. “I always thought you two were very devout.”

The two little nuns pursed their lips. “After experiencing this war, how can we still be devout?”

They had admired and faithfully followed their Master, number 8, who they thought was a faithful servant of their deity. But during the war, they were surprised to find that he had removed his black robes and donned a different robe, going to confront the Dark Templar Knights.

Meanwhile, the dark Templar Knights kept shouting in the name of their deity to destroy Westwind City and West Gran…

Spies were lobbying in the city, saying bad things about Godfather and the Queen. The devout followers who used to appear very devout suddenly became unfaithful after hearing the spies’ words. They took action and caught the temple’s spies and handed them over to Elsie.

Overnight, the nuns couldn’t tell who believed in the Dark God and who didn’t. The question of whether the Dark God had actually sent down a divine decree also became something they couldn’t wrap their heads around.

After a long time, they finally realized that they had been deceived.

“We’re leaving the convent,” the two little nuns said pitifully. “We still faithfully believe in the Dark God, but we no longer trust the Church, the Master, or even the followers. No one respects the opinions of the Dark God. Everyone is just acting for their own benefit.”

“Hahaha!” Robb laughed. “It’s good that you figured it out. What are you going to do now? I heard that nuns are usually daughters of wealthy families. You should go back to living the life of a rich young lady. By the way, I don’t know anything about your family background. I’ve never heard you talk about it.”

“We are both daughters of sea merchants,” the two little nuns said. “Our father is a partner in a sea merchant business. They leased a big ship and made a lot of money through trading. But we don’t like money, so we became nuns.”

Robb knew that nuns vowed to guard their own poverty, but he couldn’t understand why the daughters of a merchant family would willingly choose to live in poverty. However, it also showed that their character was noble and pure, and he couldn’t fault them for that.

“Are you going back to Lost City?”

The two little nuns shook their heads. “No need. We’ll just wait in this port city. We believe our father will soon do business here.”

The two of them have been living in Westwind City for a long time and firmly believe in the power of Godfather and The Queen. Since these two are planning to develop this port city, they will definitely be able to do it and surpass Lost City sooner or later. They don’t need to take risks and return to Lost City. They just need to wait here, and their father will definitely come in a big ship.

“Okay! I respect your choice,” Robb said. “You’ve been nuns for so many years and have always lived in poverty. You probably don’t have any money now, right? So, I’ll buy you a house here and you can live there and wait for your father to arrive.”

The two young nuns… oh no, they should be called young ladies now, bowed to Robb and obediently agreed without any hesitation. They didn’t even consider Godfather an outsider.

As the three of them were talking, a large sail appeared in the distant sea, a clean white triangular sail that only ocean-going ships have. Obviously, it was a merchant ship.

“Ah, a merchant ship is coming!”

“A merchant ship is coming!”

The few workers on the dock were suddenly energized.

This was the first ocean-going sailboat to visit this place!

Everyone stared eagerly at the ship, hoping it would come closer. However, the ship stopped on the distant sea, clearly without any intention of rushing into the port.

Robb used his “detection technique” with a range of 5,000 yards and scanned the ship.

He saw a middle-aged man wearing a captain’s uniform standing on the ship’s deck. He was clearly using his own “detection technique” to observe the harbor. Robb looked around the captain but couldn’t find anything that could represent his identity. Then he looked up at the flag on the ship.

After a while, he finally found a flag of the Kingdom of Norma.

No wonder this ship didn’t dare to approach hastily. It turned out to be a Kingdom of Norma merchant ship.

Kingdom of Norma merchant ships usually operate to the west of Fengmo Continent and rarely come to the south, which is quite unusual.

The captain used his detection technique to observe the port for a while, found the flag of the Kingdom of Gran, sighed, turned around, waved his hand, and the helmsman and sailhands behind him worked together to turn the ship around and prepare to leave.

At that moment, Robb spoke up, using his bard skill “Sound of Nature”. His voice traveled thousands of yards and drifted towards the large sailing ship, “Merchant ship of the Kingdom of Norma, are you worried that this port will not welcome you? Don’t worry! Although this port belongs to the Kingdom of Gran, it is a ‘free trade port’ that is not affected by political factors. Here, we only talk about business, not national affairs. Your nationality will not affect your business here. You are welcome to come in and have a look.”

The voice reached the ship, and the captain and crew were stunned for a moment. After a few seconds, the captain leaned over the railing and used his detection skill to scan the port, looking for who had just spoken.

Robb laughed and raised his hand, using the ” Gigantification ” spell to make it grow to an enormous size, like a mountain of fingers towering over the sand. He waved at the captain.

The captain was startled and exclaimed, “Meow! I’ve seen people greet each other in various ways, but I’ve never seen anyone greet like this. This is insane!” However, the “Gigantification” spell immediately reminded him of various rumors and news about the Kingdom of Gran, which sometimes surpassed the intelligence agencies of the kingdom. He knew a lot about the civil war in the Kingdom of Gran in recent years, and when he saw the giant hand, he almost immediately understood who the person was.

“Ah, Godfather of Westwind City is here!” The captain exclaimed happily. “That man never goes back on his word and is most concerned with protecting merchants. He said that we only talk about business here and not national affairs. So we can dock here.”

The crew on the ship immediately cheered, “Great! We can finally dock!”

It turned out that this merchant ship had recently experienced a storm at sea, deviating from its course, and had run out of food and water. They urgently needed to dock and resupply. Being able to dock here was the best outcome.


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