After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 776

Chapter 776: Advanced port facilities

“The large sailboat slowly docked at the port.

From a distance, the crew couldn’t see the facilities of the port clearly. But as they approached, they realized that the port was very impressive. The pier was not made of wooden frames, but of beautiful cement platforms.

Cement was a rare material even in Lost City, and only a few noble houses used it. It was not popularized. The crew could not imagine that the port even used cement to build the pier.

“What an amazing pier!”

“No wonder, Godfather of Westwind City likes to do things in a big way.”

“But this city is not Westwind City, is it?”

“Maybe Westwind City is expanding? Will they start a war with West Gran?”

“Why expand? The queen of West Gran and Godfather of Westwind City are in a relationship. They work together to build and develop, it has nothing to do with expansion.”

“What West Gran? Are you an idiot? Now there is only the Kingdom of Gran. There is no East or West Gran anymore.”

The crew discussed for a while, and the sailboat finally stopped. The captain was still cautious and did not dare to disembark easily. He only sent a few crew members to the shore, who loudly shouted at a foreman on the pier, “We need a large amount of food and water to support a hundred people until we reach Lost City.”

The foreman smiled and said, “No problem! As long as you can pay for it, there is no limit to the amount of food and water you need.”

The crew paid the money and waited for the workers to bring the food and wine. However, they were surprised to find that the foreman on the pier did not move, but took out a small crystal ball from his pocket and shouted into it, “Freight team, freight team, Pier 17, 40 barrels of wine, 40 barrels of black bread, come quickly.” (TL: I have no idea why it became wine)

Not long after he finished calling, a huge diesel engine on the pier rumbled to life. A huge mechanical arm grabbed two large wooden barrels which moved over from the sky.

This was the technology that Robb had developed, and it was the latest cutting-edge technology replicated by the dwarves. Even the people of Westwind City had not seen much of it.

The mechanical arm placed the barrels on the ship and then moved away. It grabbed two more barrels and put them on the ship again. It repeated the process mechanically and quickly, and soon dozens of barrels were placed on the deck of the sailboat.

The crew was all stunned, as if they were fools. The captain was also shocked and forgot to give orders.”

The foreman on the dock laughed and said, “What are you fools doing? Hurry up and move the wooden barrels into the cargo hold. Our robotic arms will soon have no place to put them.”

The crew suddenly realized and quickly got to work, moving the barrels.

The captain stood by the side of the ship and watched as the robotic arms continuously moved things. He couldn’t help but be mesmerized, “This thing saves so much effort for the dock workers, it’s really amazing.”

The foreman laughed, “Of course. The first time I saw this thing, I was just as confused as you. But when you think about it, this was made by Godfather of our Westwind City. It’s not surprising at all to see something so amazing coming from him. It’s almost a given that anything he creates will be extraordinary.”

The captain sighed in amazement, “I’ve heard of Godfather’s legend for a long time, and now that I see it with my own eyes, it’s truly admirable.”

The foreman smiled at him, “Why don’t you come ashore and take a look? I know what you’re worried about, that you won’t be able to leave once you set foot on the dock. But you don’t need to worry. Look at the steel battleships in the distance. If we really wanted to kill you, do you think you could escape?”

The captain looked at the distant naval base where two huge steel battleships were anchored quietly. Indeed, no wooden ship could escape if they wanted to catch it. If they didn’t make a move, it was clear they wouldn’t harm him. There was no need to worry unnecessarily.

The captain said, “But I’ve already restocked on food and water, so there’s no need to go ashore.”

The foreman said, “We might be interested in the cargo on your ship. You need to understand that although there’s only one person in front of you right now, your cargo is facing everyone in the entire Kingdom of Gran.”

The captain thought carefully and agreed. The relationship between the Church of Darkness and the Kingdom of Gran was very bad right now, and it was rumored that the trade between Lost City and the Kingdom of Gran had been cut off. A large amount of cargo was piled up in Lost City, not shipped to the Kingdom of Gran, only transiting there before being sent to the northern desert kingdom and the Kingdom of Norma.

Merchants were actually very opposed to this kind of thing, especially sea merchants. Their stage of activity was the ocean and the whole world, not just one continent or one kingdom. They hoped to be happy and do business on the world stage. Practices done by the Church of Darkness, which blocked ports and did not provide goods to the Kingdom of Gran, were really hated by sea merchants.

“Okay, I’ve got some good things from the New World here,” the captain leaned over the ship’s rail and shouted, “there are chili peppers, sweet potatoes, some rubies and sapphires, and a very large piece of golden dog head! I wonder if anyone here needs them?”

As soon as he finished speaking, the foreman took out a crystal ball and shouted inside it, “Commodity Exchange, this is Pier 17. A Commander has arrived here who can provide chili peppers, sweet potatoes, some rubies and sapphires, and a very large piece of dog head gold… Oh? Three merchants have registered their interest in purchasing these items? Okay, please transfer these merchants’ phone numbers…” (TL: dog head gold is the only term I can think of when translating 狗头金. Do correct me if there’s a better term for it)

He hung up the phone and said to the captain, “Good news, three merchants need these items, and they will arrive soon.”

The captain was completely confused, “I want to know, that crystal ball in your hand, is it a strategic communication crystal ball? Can a small foreman on a pier just use it casually? “

“It’s different, this one is made of small pieces of crystal, with no images, only sound, low cost, and has entered the civilian field,” the foreman smiled happily, “Of course, it’s still quite expensive, ordinary people can’t afford it, but ordinary nobles and wealthy people can already buy it. This one is not mine, it’s the public property of the Port Commodity Exchange.”

The captain: “…”

Soon, three merchants arrived with their entourages, one of whom was actually Robb’s old friend, a wandering dwarf merchant. He hadn’t been able to get goods into Lost City for a long time and was eager for chili peppers and sweet potatoes. The other two merchants were also interested in the captain’s gems and dog head gold. The three merchants quickly divided all the goods on the ship, loaded them onto their large carts, and happily drove away.


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