After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 778

Chapter 778: The development of the port city

The captain nodded, “I understand. You want me to find all kinds of stones that you’ve never seen before, and then you will identify if they are the metal ores you’re looking for.”

“Exactly,” Robb laughed. “Especially the ores from the new continent, Maya. I’m quite interested in those, and as far as I know, the seafarers from the Kingdom of Norma are most familiar with the Maya ores.”

The captain vigorously nodded, “You’ve found the right person. I’m not bragging, but I’m one of the most knowledgeable seafarers in the new continent, and I have established a considerable degree of trust with the Maya people. The chili peppers and sweet potatoes I brought over this time were bought from the Maya people.”

Robb said, “Then I entrust this great task to you. When you go to Maya next time, please help me find rare and peculiar ores. If you find a piece of stone that satisfies me, it will make you a lot of money.”

The captain was delighted and asked, “What about an introduction fee?”

Robb laughed, “Even if it’s an introduction, I’ll still give you a generous commission.”

The captain exclaimed, “No problem. I’ll take care of it. I’ll mobilize countless seafarers to help you find the stones.”

“It’s not just stones,” Robb said. “Rare wood, strange animals, and strange herbs, anything that you think might be useful, I want it. If it’s useful, I will give you a lot of money. Even if it’s useless, as long as the thing is rare enough, I will give you a commission for your hard work.”

The captain said, “Then it’s settled.”

After agreeing to the terms, Robb disappeared with a flash and reappeared on his beach chair, while the large sailing ship slowly left the harbor city and headed west along the coastline.

Suofa, dressed in a bikini, ran up from the sea and stood beside Robb, “Godfather, are you just going to let him go like that? Shouldn’t he help promote this harbor?”

Robb smiled, “He doesn’t need me to remind him of such small matters. The large amount of cheap goods he shipped out will help promote this place. Now what we need to do is wait quietly. In the near future, more and more merchant ships will arrive.”

Suofa nodded, indicating she understood. However, she suddenly realized something and exclaimed in surprise, “Oh? Our conversation almost made me forget, we’re not in Westwind City at all. We’re in the port city, which is not our territory, it’s the queen’s territory. Why are we helping her to develop the harbor?”

Robb laughed heartily, “Is it mine or hers? Why bother splitting it up so clearly?”

Suofa seemed to understand something, but she didn’t pay attention and just remained quiet. However, in the distance, Xuelu’s laughter could be heard, “Oh, can I understand this as me being eliminated?”

“Eliminated? From what?”

“Don’t ask knowingly!” Xuelu said, “Indeed, as a woman who wanders around, I can’t keep a man’s heart.”

Robb laughed heartily, but remained silent.

Xuelu turned to Suofa, who was standing next to him, and said, “Hey, don’t think I don’t know, you have the same thoughts as me. Why aren’t you bothered by seeing him with the queen?”

Suofa imitated Robb’s shrug, then looked indifferent as she was too lazy to argue with Xuelu. In the desert kingdom, a man can have four wives. Suofa didn’t care, as she felt that she could still get a seat somehow.

“Okay, okay, let’s not argue.” Robb got up from the beach chair and said with a smile, “I should go to the sea to swim too. Xuelu, let’s go diving and catch some lobsters to eat.”

Xuelu was delighted, “Okay!”

Lilian, who was hiding behind a tree, also came out, “Ah, if we’re diving, I want to go too. I won’t be afraid of others seeing my swimsuit if I’m underwater.”

Robb laughed, “Everyone can come. We’ll each have our own underwater breathing device and go shopping on the seabed.”

“Godfather, how long do you plan to stay in the port city?”

“Well…of course, until the end of summer.”

“Huh? That long?”

“Of course! Who doesn’t love the sea in the summer? I’ll be here this summer, not going anywhere else. The only regret is that there are only a few beauties in bikinis here. The people here are too conservative.” Robb looked depressed, “Ah, social trends need guidance. There are no other bikini beauties here.”

A few days later, another large sailboat arrived.

This time, the sailboat didn’t come because of getting lost in a storm, but because they had heard about the “free trade port” and came specifically to look for it.

The captain who had come last time had arrived at Lost City seven days ago, where he had sold a large amount of goods to local merchants and spread the news of the place.

So, a captain who was quick to act set sail the next day and took seven days to arrive at the port city.

Then another ship came, and another…

The once deserted port suddenly became lively.

Merchants pursue profits, which is their nature, or one might say, it is a necessary and admirable quality for merchants. Since this place can bring them benefits, it is only natural that they come here.

Some of these merchants only run short-distance sea trade along the coast, while others cross continents and oceans to transport goods to the new world. There are even ultra-long-distance sea merchants who circle the Fengmo continent and transport ceramics, silk, and tea from Big Tang.

Their arrival has made the port suddenly bustling.

More and more foremen were stationed near the port to “guide” the merchants. Every day, foremen can be seen shuttling with merchants in various trading places, promoting goods to them and collecting goods from them at the same time.

Merchants from the Kingdom of Gran also sniffed out the business opportunities here and began to take trains to the port city to deliver or ship goods. The big trains ran tirelessly all day, but still couldn’t transport the piled-up goods, making the Iron Railway Company, jointly established by Her Majesty the Queen, the Corton family, and the great merchant Pobo, earn a lot of money.

Although the port uses mechanical arms to deliver goods, which greatly saves labor costs, with the prosperity of business, countless job opportunities still emerge, greatly increasing the demand for population in the port city. The residents of nearby villages and towns were attracted by the rich remuneration here and also begin to flow into this city.

As the population continued to increase, finally, on the beach, one can see bikini girls other than the girls from Robb’s family.

For Robb, this is really a joyous thing. Lying on the beach, drinking cola, watching bikini girls walking past one by one. It’s so cool!


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