After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 779

Chapter 779: Lend me your bugs

In 1349, the year passed by peacefully. Time flew by, and before they knew it, it was already 1350.

It had been two years since the year of the Black Dragon’s Flight and a year and a half since the unification of the Kingdom of Gran. Everything was going smoothly, and progress was being made in all areas.

A diesel train was chugging along and had just arrived at the entrance of a tunnel. This tunnel was called the “Sunrise Tunnel” and was built in the year 1348, which was also known as the year of Sunrise.

The tunnel was 2,900 yards long and cut through a steep and treacherous mountain range between Stone Canyon and Crystal Canyon. It was now one of the greatest wonders of the Fengmo Continent. Many nobles and wealthy people would deliberately come to visit Stone Canyon and Crystal Canyon, even though they didn’t live nearby or need to travel this route, just to take a ride on the diesel train and pass through this great wonder.

However, in Robb’s eyes, this was just an ordinary tunnel, and he couldn’t help but laugh at calling it a wonder. It was only 2,900 yards long, and in the city of Shuangqing in his original world, it would be easily surpassed by any random tunnel.

A sweet-looking train attendant stood in the middle of the noble carriage and picked up the amplifying magic device. She spoke with a cadence, “Everyone, please pay attention. This train is about to pass through the ‘Sunrise Tunnel’. This tunnel was built in the year 1348 of the Fengmo Continent and is…”

As soon as she started speaking, most of the noble tourists in the carriage who had come to travel and see the sights of the Western Region, all adopted an attitude of listening attentively. Even the Queen also put on a serious face and listened carefully to every word the train attendant said.

Of course, Robb wouldn’t do that. He lay lazily, not moving, and smiled at the reactions of these guys on the train.

When the train attendant finished her introduction, the locomotive had just entered the tunnel, and the light suddenly became dim. The passengers could only see the torches on the walls and the tunnel lights illuminated by the golden gems outside the windows.

Almost all the tourists on the train exclaimed in unison, “Wow! The train entered the tunnel!”

Even the Queen couldn’t help raising her eyebrows, and a hint of excitement flashed in her eyes.

Robb said unkindly, “What’s so exciting about drilling a hole? You’re a queen, so please act more calmly.”

The Queen quickly adjusted her expression and suppressed her excitement a little, but protested, “This is a great project! They dug through the mountain and allowed the train to pass straight through! It’s so magnificent! I am in the midst of this feat, and there’s nothing wrong with being a little excited. Just because I’m the Queen, does that mean I have the right not to show reverence for such a great creation?”

Robb shrugged. “Yes, yes, you make a good point. But may I ask, as a queen of a kingdom, why are you not handling affairs in the capital and instead riding a train out here for leisure?”

The queen gave him a sidelong glance. “Am I here for leisure? I am clearly inspecting the border of Crystal Canyon. Do you think a queen should always be holed up in the capital and never move? That’s a sure way to become a tyrant.”

“What’s there to inspect in Crystal Canyon?” Robb asked with a sneer. “You’ve already entrusted it to my student, Robb Smith. With him in charge, the place is perfectly secure. There’s no need for inspection.”

“I want to see just how secure it really is,” the queen replied. She glanced at Robb Smith, who was sitting in another chair nearby with his eyes closed, looking like he was sleeping. Since boarding the train, Robb Smith had been in this state of deep sleep, which irritated the queen to no end. But she didn’t have time to deal with a lowly subject, so she focused her attention on the crazy man instead.

She turned her gaze back to Robb and whispered, “Crazy man, how did you teach him? He’s so young and yet he can summon the King of Wind. It’s unbelievable.”

Robb chuckled. “I didn’t really teach him much. I just gave him some random instructions.”

“Fine, don’t tell me. But it’s good for the Kingdom of Gran that he’s becoming more powerful,” the queen said.

As they spoke, the train emerged from a tunnel, and the scenery outside the window became bright again. The nobles exclaimed in unison at the experience of passing through the tunnel, feeling both novel and touching. This journey was worth it.

The queen whispered, “Let’s make a deal.”

“What deal?” Robb asked.

“Can I borrow your two tunnel-crawling worms… no, forget it, just rent them to me. The few tunnels I’m digging are taking too long with a bunch of useless goblins. It’s been six months and we haven’t made any progress.”

“I don’t mind lending them to you, but those two big worms are giant earthworms that need to eat soil to survive. Digging is in their nature, so they won’t get tired. But…”

“But what?”

“I only have those two, and you’re trying to build a whole kingdom. Do you really think you can dig up the entire kingdom with just those two worms? I doubt it.”

The queen nodded. “So what should we do? Should I go catch more worms? Do you know where to find such large worms? If I can catch a few hundred or even a thousand, then I can start digging all over the kingdom.”

“Why do you always think of things this way?” Robb snapped.

The queen asked, “Then what do you suggest?”

Robb said, “What I mean is, we need to find a way to use technology and invent a machine that can drill underground to replace the tunnel-crawling worms.”

The queen frowned and asked, “How do we research this?”

Robb replied, “You are an earth magician, why are you asking me? Think about it carefully and try to infuse earth magic into the magical tools that can dig and blast mountains. Let the workers use them to dig tunnels. This is the right way to do it.”

The queen suddenly realized, “Why didn’t I think of this before? Although my earth magic isn’t as powerful as yours, who can create a canal, I can still dig a big hole. If many skilled earth magicians infuse their magic into a magical tool, we may be able to create a magical tool similar to ‘Thor’s Roar’ of the Desert Kingdom, which can concentrate power to do something great. Then we could have the ability to drill through mountains.”

Of course, this is just an idea, and specific research is still needed. But as Robb Smith said, once the idea is there, success is not far away.

“Okay, what you said makes sense. We can’t always rely on the power of the worms,” said the queen. “I’ll look into this and see if I can make a magical tool that can drill through mountains.”

As they talked, they approached the Crystal Canyon not far ahead.

This is the border of the northern frontier of the Kingdom of Gran.

It is a place where the military strategists of both sides vie for control.

To the south of the canyon is the lush and magical kingdom of Gran, while to the north is the desert kingdom, Kerte, which is covered in yellow sand. Currently, the relationship between these two kingdoms is not very good.


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