After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 780

Chapter 780: Please repeat the sentence you mentioned earlier

The train arrived at the station, with two rows of soldiers standing on either side of the platform.

After all the passengers had disembarked, they had to pass through these two rows of soldiers and show their identification documents at the ticket gate in order to enter the Crystal Canyon.

This was, after all, a border fortress and not a famous tourist attraction. Only the nobles who were bored and had nothing better to do would come here to visit the “tunnel wonder.”

The Wind Knight at the train station checkpoint also wore an unhappy expression. After checking a noble’s identification document, he said in a bad mood, “You’re a Flame Knight, living in the Flame Tower of East Gran, why did you come all the way to Crystal Canyon? Just to see a tunnel?”

“Hey, buddy, are you still talking about East Gran and West Gran?” the Flame Knight snorted. “We’re all knights here. Let me remind you, if you keep talking like that, you’re going to get hit.”

“Hit? Who dares to hit me? This Crystal Canyon is under the control of our Wind Knights border forces. I have the protection of marquis Robb Smith, Duke Madeline, and the Queen protects the Duke. Who dares to hit me here?” The Wind Knight hadn’t finished speaking when the Queen herself jumped out from behind the line and kicked him to the ground.

The Wind Knight didn’t see who kicked him, but he jumped up quickly and shouted, “Who? Who would be so crazy…?”

Before he could finish speaking, he saw who was standing in front of him and immediately softened.

The Queen said one word at a time, “Repeat what you just said.”

The Wind Knight trembled and said, “Buddy… you… you live in the Flame Tower in the east of the Kingdom of Gran, why did you come all the way to the west?”

The Queen coldly snorted, “You pass.”

The Flame Knight burst out laughing. “There’s no war going on now, so we Flame Knights are not responsible for guarding the border or driving away demons. We have plenty of leisure time, so I came out to travel. I didn’t just come to see the tunnel. Along the way, I also saw Bright Road, Westwind City, Stone Canyon, and ate a lot of delicious food. I bought many special products too. Look at this paper fan I’m holding, it’s the latest invention from Westwind City. It’s so convenient.”

Why was the Flame Knight so idle?

The reason is actually very simple! Mondra is a magician from the Flame Knights.

So, Mondra’s rebellion has still had some political impact on the Flame Knights. To avoid suspicion, the Flame Knights now obediently stayed out of border affairs and sensitive operations. They’ve given all opportunities to earn military merits to other knight troupes. They now act like idle members, just playing around happily.

Anyway, the Bright Road train line has now fully opened, all the way to the Crystal Canyon’s frontline. It’s super convenient to play along this route.

Miss Queen has also noticed this. In places where the train is running, economic and tourism development is far exceeding other areas. Previously, Nanli Village was as poor as if they had nothing, but now its people are even richer than those in Lost City.

To get rich, you need to first build the roads!

The crazy man didn’t deceive her.

The two of them came out of the train station, with Robb Smith following behind. Robb’s dual identities made things really tricky and exhausting. But there was no other way, it was their fault for playing too recklessly. He didn’t even know how to wrap things up, so they just kept pushing forward, and it served them right.

As the Queen walked, she observed the defenses of the Crystal Canyon.

This border town is now entirely guarded by the Wind knights. The Wind Knight’s captain is still Barry, but he stays on Bright Road and has never come here. Therefore, the real person in charge here is Robb Smith.

Or, one could say, it’s Robb.

Robb naturally cared about his own territory and has spent a lot of money on it!

As soon as Queen reached the north city wall, she saw the equipment here was simply insane. There was a row of magical defensive equipment along the wall, with almost every two to three steps there was a magic cannon, interspersed with short artillery. They had to have both physical and magical hands to handle them.

The soldiers of the Wind Knights on the city walls were all dressed in steel full-body armor. If she didn’t know they were grunts, the Queen would have thought they were all knights.

This kind of financial strength that arms grunts like knights is not something even the Queen can achieve, only the crazy man of Westwind City can.

She couldn’t help but turn around and criticize Robb, “You really are willing to spare no expense for your student. You’ve dumped Westwind City’s stuff all over the Wind knights.”

Robb chuckled, “It’s okay. These steel armor were all discarded equipment from the Westwind Self-Defense Force.”

“These are discarded?” The Queen was startled. “What are the Westwind warriors wearing now?”

Robb said, “They’re gradually switching to mithril sets.”

The Queen: “…”

Originally, half a year ago, a sea merchant discovered a secret mithril mine in the New World of Maya. He didn’t have the ability to mine this vein himself, after all, the New World was too far away. To mine and refine a large amount of ore over there and bring it back, he didn’t have the capability to do so. So he simply went to the port city and found someone from Robb, and sold this information to him.

The sea merchant got a large sum of money and happily took a transmission scroll back to the mine. He used the scroll and Robb’s mining team immediately arrived, and then began to mine the mithril.

As a result, mithril in Westwind City became common equipment material for the Westwind Self-Defense Force. The steel armor they used before was all retired and given to the Wind knights.

Of course, Westwind City was still secretly mining the Arcanite Gold ore at the bottom of the lake, but the output of Arcanite Gold ore was too low to arm ordinary soldiers. Now only a few leading figures were using Arcanite Gold equipment, still far from reaching the level of ordinary soldiers.

The queen wanted to make a comment, but didn’t know how to express it.

At this time, Robb suddenly spoke up, “Oh, there’s a small matter I want to remind you about.”

“Hmm?” The queen asked, “What is it?”

Robb said, “My men were mining in the New World and found that the people from the Kingdom of Norma have been active there recently. They have also discovered a secret mithril vein, and maybe even better ores. It seems that they intend to mine it.”

The queen frowned, “Do they have the ability to mine ore like Westwind City? I don’t believe it!”

Robb shook his head and smiled, “When you think of mining in the New World, you first think of mining ore like Westwind City? Can’t you consider the problem in a conventional way?”

After a moment of thought, the queen whispered, “Send a large number of workers from our kingdom over by sea? I feel like this might not be reliable.”


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