After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 781

Chapter 781: This will make you a tyrant. Stop it

“Of course it’s not reliable to transport workers from our own kingdom,” Robb said, “but there are people in the New World who can do it.”

This reminded the queen that she had received some intelligence about the New World. It was said that there were savage people with brown skin on the New World who had not yet blossomed and were still in a relatively primitive state. These wild people called themselves the “Maya people,” so the sea merchants named the New World the “Maya continent.”

The queen seemed to understand, “The people of the Kingdom of Norma capture the locals to mine for them?”

Robb nodded, “That must be it.”

The queen shouted, “Then we can’t fall behind. I will immediately send warships to the New World to capture some locals to mine…”

Robb smiled and shook his head, “Don’t! Don’t follow the Norma way. Are the locals not human? Forcing them to mine is against the natural order.”

The queen said, “I heard that these savages are uncivilized, eat people, and are similar to orcs. You have always supported us to capture monsters and make them work, or drive them away. Why do you think it’s wrong when it comes to savage natives?”

“Because they are humans,” Robb said, “They are not non-communicative creatures. They can understand human language and can become just like us through education. They are a race that can coexist and prosper with us, not like monsters that only know how to fight humans.”

Pausing for a moment, Robb continued, “Their learning ability and intelligence are also not comparable to monsters. Under slavery and oppression, they will produce tremendous rebound power. Once they rise up, no one can stop them. In the end, they will take back everything you have squeezed out of them. Even the surging wave of rebellion will make you unable to cope and eventually drag you down…”

The queen listened quietly. If someone else had said these things, she would have kicked them away, but she listened carefully to every word Robb said, trying to think, and weighing its feasibility and foresight.

She was silent for a long time and whispered, “So what do you mean?”

“Mutual progress,” Robb smiled, “We should treat the New World natives like we treat the poor townsmen in the Kingdom of Gran and support them to grow together with the Kingdom of Gran. Although you will get less at first than the Kingdom of Norma, in the long run, you will find that you will get more than them.”

The queen listened quietly, preparing to slowly discuss it with her ministers after returning.

At this moment, both of them saw a cloud of dust rising in the desert outside the city wall. The yellow sand was spreading, and then a group of people riding camels appeared in the middle of the desert. There were not many of them, only about twenty or thirty.

Robb activated his detection technique, while the queen took out a newly developed magic tool “telescope” to look over.

It was obvious that this group was not a caravan. The people on the camels wore armor and carried scimitars. They were obviously officials of the desert kingdom.

The queen frowned, but Robb smiled and said, “The diplomatic envoy is here.”

“Hmph!” The queen snorted coldly. “At this point, what’s the point of diplomacy with me? The Desert Kingdom is too disgusting. Not to mention the invasion they launched years ago, they also provided magical tools, poisons, and toxic fog to Mondra and acted as a guide for the Kingdom of Norma. How dare they come to me for diplomacy? I haven’t sent troops to attack the Desert Kingdom, which is already very rational and restrained of me.”

Robb smiled and said, “Good relations or bad relations, we still have to meet envoys from other kingdoms.”

The queen nodded and stopped speaking. The two of them quietly watched them come closer and closer. When they arrived at the checkpoint below the city wall, the Wind Knights on the wall immediately drew their bows and aimed their magic tools at the group. A knight in mithril armor stuck his head out and shouted, “This is Crystal Canyon, the border town of the Kingdom of Gran. We do not accept people from other kingdoms without a proper identity. I advise you to leave immediately, or don’t blame me for showing you the true power of ‘iron pots and why flowers are red’.”

The queen said sideways, “Why is this Wind Knight’s line so meaningless?”

“Because his name is Kante Chengguang, a person from Westwind City, and he is the bastard son of Baron Nuolun Chengguang of the Wind Knights,” Robb whispered in the queen’s ear.

“Oh! If you’re around something long enough, you become it, and if you’re around a crazy man, you’ll also become meaningless,” the queen replied.

“You use the word ‘meaningless’ so skillfully, which means you’ve also become meaningless,” Robb said.

The people riding camels below the city raised their heads and shouted loudly, “We are envoys sent by the Pharaoh. Here is our appointment letter. We plan to go to your capital to meet Her Majesty the Queen for important national affairs.”

Kante sneered, “At this point, what do our two kingdoms have to talk about? Go back and prepare to be abused by us! Oh, I remember, the desert lacks water, so you usually don’t take a bath, haha, you won’t have water to bathe even if you want to.”

Despite being mocked, the people below the city wall did not get angry, they just kept quiet.

The ambassador had a heavy responsibility on his shoulders and was not in the mood to argue with the border guards. He spoke seriously, “Knight, with your status, you are not qualified to refuse a diplomatic envoy. I advise you to report to your superiors immediately and contact Her Majesty the Queen of your kingdom. It should be her decision whether or not to see us, not yours.”

Kante replied with sarcasm, “You’re right, I’m not qualified to refuse, but I have the right to delay. You can dig a hole in the desert and wait for us there. I’ll wait ten days or half a month before reporting to my superiors. You’ll have to wait in that hole for ten days or half a month. You can’t leave in anger because you have to follow the Pharaoh. Hahaha.”

The ambassador remained silent.

Upon hearing this conversation, the Queen couldn’t help but smile and said, “This Kante person is quite interesting. When he comes to me, I’ll give him ten gold coins as a reward.”

Robb raised an eyebrow and said, “Only ten?”

“It’s a lot!” replied the Queen. “I rarely give such a large sum of money to anyone.”

Robb retorted, “You may not know how wealthy the Chengguang family is. Most of the candy you eat is produced by the Chengguang family. The gold coins you contribute to them may be worth several hundred. Now you’re giving him only ten gold coins. What’s the point?”

The Queen’s expression froze for a few seconds before suddenly becoming angry. “Kante Chengguang neglected his duty and acted beyond his authority to deal with a foreign envoy. I will fine him fifty gold coins.”

“Hey! This will make you a tyrant. Stop it,” Robb protested.

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