After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 785

Chapter 785: Maya people

Robb and the Queen passed through the portal and arrived at the mithril site on the New Continent.

The mining site was not far from the beach as it was discovered by sea merchants and naturally located near the coast. The mining site was only the size of a football field, with a deep mine in the middle and a circle of houses for the miners to live in.

Outside the houses was a deep and dense forest. The trees here were obviously different from those in the Kingdom of Gran. They had many tangled vines, making the forest look very complex and secretive, giving people a feeling of being full of venomous snakes.

When Robb and the Queen arrived, the battle had already begun in the dense forest surrounding the mining site.

Sounds of swords clashing, arrows piercing through the air, and the angry shouts of Westwind warriors could be heard from time to time, “Damn it, these natives are so fast, did they use some kind of strange movement skill?”

“Those are Maya Eagle Warriors, with feet so fast they can catch up with horses. Be careful!”

“Ah! I was hit by a strange arrow…damn it, it just happened to slip through the gap in my armor…my head is dizzy…this arrow is poisoned…priest, I need detoxification magic…”


“Ah, the cat people warriors are here, great! The speed of the cat people can catch up with these eagle warriors.”

“Wow, their movements are so fast, it’s not easy to catch up with them, meow.” The sound of Huahua’s meow echoed from the nearby jungle, followed by fierce meow, and then a muffled groan, probably from the enemy, but they did not speak.

The Queen listened carefully and did not speak out of turn.

But Robb shouted loudly, “Hey, why are you fighting in the forest? You can’t even see anything. Have you considered the audience’s feelings? Come back here!”

His voice rang out and the people of Westwind City were delighted, “Godfather is here!”

“Hahaha, great, Godfather is here in person.”

“There’s no need to fight anymore, let’s go back to the mining site.”

In the blink of an eye, all the Westwind warriors retreated to the middle of the mining site and surrounded Robb and the Queen. The cat people who had just arrived also retreated from the dense forest, with Huahua still holding a strange hat with many feathers on it. It seemed that they had snatched it in the battle just now.

Robb happily took the hat and put it on his head, “Do I look like a Maya native?”

Everyone laughed, “Godfather, you need to wear a colorful leather outfit or linen clothes to look like them. Grab a set from the natives later.”

Robb laughed, “Why is it always about grabbing as soon as we speak? We are civilized people! Can’t we acquire things in a more civilized manner?”

The foreman of the mining site whispered, “It might be difficult to use civilized methods. These Maya natives are fierce and don’t communicate with us in a civilized way.”

As he finished speaking, the mining site was already surrounded.

Due to everyone retreating to the mining site, the Maya natives in the jungle were able to calmly organize a siege and silently encircle the entire mining site. On the distant treetops, a brown face could be seen shaking, with a feathered hat on his head.

Then, faces of brown-skinned people appeared sporadically on treetops from all directions, along with many feathered hats. Only one person had no hat and had three cat claw marks on his face. It turned out that poor kid had just been hit by Huahua and had his hat stolen.

The Queen surveyed the natives and whispered, “It seems that there are quite a few indigenous people on this Maya continent. With just a glance, I can see no fewer than two hundred people, and they are all fierce warriors. How many indigenous people are there on this continent? Does anyone know?”

The foreman of the mining site whispered, “Report to Your Majesty, we have a limited understanding of the New Continent. Even the sea merchants can’t provide a clear answer. We have no idea how many Maya people live deep in the jungle. Our preliminary estimate is that there are at least several million of them.”

“So many?” The Queen was slightly surprised, “That’s a huge nation.”

“It’s not exactly a nation,” the foreman whispered, “They exist in the form of tribes, with dozens to tens of thousands of people in each tribe. They have no connection with each other, and even neighboring tribes have completely different cultural forms. Each tribe has its own name, but we collectively refer to them as Maya people.”

As they spoke, the Maya people on the outskirts were already preparing to attack.

They were actually confused. The people from this mining site appeared extremely fierce earlier, rushing into the jungle to fight them and leaving them in a sorry state. There were still a dozen wounded lying under the trees behind them. But now, these people suddenly retreated back to the mining site and formed a circle, resembling a group of targets. They didn’t know what they were up to.

However, it didn’t matter. When it comes to things they couldn’t figure out, there was no need to insist on understanding. They just have to shoot these people with random arrows and be done with it.

On the treetops surrounding the mining site, a large number of Maya people appeared. Some of them drew short bows, while others took out strange little bamboo tubes and held them to their mouths, aiming at the people in the center of the mining site.

They expected these people to react in some way, such as raising shields or using strange magic…

However, all these people stood there without moving!

Since Godfather had arrived, the Westwind warriors naturally put down their weapons and couldn’t be bothered to fight.

While the opponents put down their weapons, the Maya people didn’t hold back. Someone shouted something in a peculiar tone, and then the warriors on the treetops simultaneously shot arrows, bamboo tube arrows, and threw spears. In an instant, hundreds of miscellaneous flying projectiles were shot towards the people in the mining site.

Faced with this overwhelming attack, the people from Westwind City didn’t even furrow their brows, but The Queen felt a slight discomfort. Strictly speaking, she and Robb rarely fought together, so she didn’t have the same admiration for Robb’s combat prowess as the people of Westwind City did.

Robb, on the other hand, stood motionless, and a golden shield suddenly expanded from him, enveloping all the Westwind people around him. Then, all the bows and arrows, bamboo tube arrows, and spears hit this gigantic shield.

They all became powerless and fell to the ground against the outer wall of the shield.

The Maya people were startled, and someone shouted something in a language that nobody understood.

Surprisingly, the foreman of the mining site understood a word or two. He whispered to Robb and the queen, “These Maya people are saying that we are using sorcery …”


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