After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 786

Chapter 786: I am also an Eagle Warrior

Robb laughed and said, “In their eyes, is our magic seen as sorcery?”

The foreman nodded and said, “Yes! Because the Maya people also have knowledge of many spells. They refer to it as sorcery. So when they see our magic, they think it’s sorcery too.”

Someone outside shouted, and then the second wave of flying projectiles arrived. Arrows, bamboo tube darts, throwing axes, and spears rained down on the protective barrier created by magic, only to fall weakly to the ground once again.

The queen said, “Now they should stop, right? Foreman, help me translate. I want to have a conversation with them.”

The foreman shook his head and said, “Your Majesty, it’s not the time for a conversation yet. They won’t be receptive from a distance. They will soon charge in for close combat.”

As soon as he finished speaking, the Maya people’s movements changed. Those who were holding bows and bamboo tubes on the treetops temporarily refrained from attacking and instead assumed a defensive posture. Then, a large group of warriors emerged from the forest, carrying small round shields in their left hands and long spears in their right hands.

These warriors had agile figures, with each person’s muscles tight like a leopard. Their colorful clothing was made of animal skins or linen, adorned with numerous feathers, giving the garments an artistic appearance. Their hats were also adorned with feathers, resembling large crests on their heads.

The small round shields in their left hands were made of leather, significantly smaller than the shields commonly used by the people of the Kingdom of Gran. However, these small and nimble shields offered the advantage of being lightweight and flexible, without hindering the warriors’ speed. The spears they held in their right hands were not excessively long, falling somewhere between a throwing spear and a long spear, making them highly versatile.

They maintained a cautious and careful circular formation as they approached Robb’s protective barrier. They moved lightly, as they didn’t wear shoes in the jungle. The fact that they dared to traverse the jungle barefoot indicated their tough foot soles.

The foreman whispered, “These are Maya Eagle Warriors, very formidable! They are incredibly fast, capable of outrunning horses, and their combat prowess in the jungle rivals that of elves. They are quite troublesome. When we first started mining, we were often harassed by them, causing a lot of headaches. It wasn’t until Commander Elsie brought a hundred soldiers here that the situation was brought under control.”

The nearby soldiers of the Westwind City laughed and said, “Even when we arrived, we could only ensure their retreat but couldn’t completely intimidate them from coming. Now that Godfather is here, we can deal with these guys.”

Robb smirked and said, “Actually, you don’t need to introduce them to me. I already know.”

Everyone was astonished, “Huh? The Godfather knows about these strange natives of the new continent too?”

Robb let out a strange laugh, “That’s because I used to be an Eagle Warrior!”

The crowd remained silent.

Robb adjusted the feathered hat on his head, straightened it, and then snatched a shield from the hand of a Westwind warrior. With a snap, he broke it in half, making it about the size of a small round shield. He then took a long tree branch in his right hand, resembling a spear. Robb lifted his head, emitting a strange “woo-woo-woo” howl and struck a peculiar pose, laughing loudly, “Eagle Warriors, here I come!”

The crowd looked baffled, but the most perplexed were the Eagle Warriors who were approaching from the periphery. They couldn’t understand what this blond foreigner was up to. However, they recognized the peculiar pose he struck, which resembled their own ceremonial movements. How did this person understand our culture?

Oh well, never mind, let’s kill him and then figure it out!

The Eagle Warriors let out a cry and rushed toward Robb.

Robb also let out a cry and charged out from inside the shield.

There was a series of collisions as the Eagle Warriors crashed into the shield and were repelled. But Robb easily slipped out of the shield and emerged. One of the Eagle Warriors thrust his spear toward Robb’s chest.

Robb lightly raised his shield in his left hand, blocking the spear, and then counterattacked with a thrust.

This standard technique of an Eagle Warrior left the Eagle Warrior bewildered. He quickly used the unique ability of the Eagle Warriors called “Swift Steps” to leap backward. This skill made his movements extremely agile, allowing him to jump a great distance in one bound. However, before he could stabilize his position, he found out that Robb had also employed the exact same skill, “Swift Steps,” and followed him in an instant. With a single kick, Robb knocked the Eagle Warrior to the ground.

The Eagle Warrior lay on the ground and couldn’t help but shout, “What the hell is going on? Why is he an Eagle Warrior? Every move he makes is the move of an Eagle Warrior.”

Two Maya archers nearby shot arrows at Robb, and another one blew poison darts at him using a bamboo tube.

However, Robb’s small round shield on his left hand turned around, and with three thuds, he blocked all the arrows.

“That’s our Eagle Warrior skill—Arrow Deflection.”

“This can’t be possible!”

An Eagle Warrior roared angrily and leaped toward Robb from a distance, wielding his spear, “Jungle Sting!”


Robb kicked him away, while his spear stabbed towards another Eagle Warrior—”Jungle Sting”!

The Eagle Warrior couldn’t evade in time and could only close his eyes, awaiting his death. However, Robb’s spear gently tapped his throat without piercing the skin, then retracted. Robb then kicked him down.

When these moves were executed, all the Maya people were astonished. Why would a white man use our skills?

For the first time, this fierce warrior race felt a hesitation to continue the fight.

A peculiar voice shouted a few words from behind, and all the Eagle Warriors stopped their actions and leaped back into the dense forest. Only the colorful feathers on top of their heads could occasionally be seen. Then, from deep within the forest, a voice with an odd intonation began speaking.

Robb turned to the foreman and asked, “Can you translate?”

The foreman shook his head, “No! Our communication with the Maya people is still too limited. We haven’t reached the point of normal conversation yet. I can only understand a few words.”

“Alright then, I’ll do it myself.” Robb turned around, facing the forest, and shouted loudly, “No fighting, no fighting! We are good people!”

The foreman became anxious, “Godfather, let me do it. I can say a few words.”

He cleared his throat and loudly called out in the local indigenous language towards the forest, “No fighting, we, good people…”

Then, he pointed at Robb and continued, “He, Eagle Warrior…”

The people in the forest spoke in a flurry, saying a lot, but once again, nobody understood anything. The foreman couldn’t comprehend a single word, so he continued repeating, “No fight, we, good people!”


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