After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 787

Chapter 787: Find a translator

The two sides couldn’t communicate due to the language barrier, so there wasn’t much to talk about. After some mismatched words, the Maya people only understood one phrase, “No fight, we, good people.”

Seeing Robb’s strength and the fighting skills of the Eagle Warriors he displayed, the Maya people were a bit confused and didn’t continue the fight. After making some strange sounds, they all retreated and disappeared instantly.

The queen seemed somewhat regretful. “It seems difficult to communicate with these natives. If it were someone else here, they would have probably killed them all just now and pursued their forces to wipe them out completely, so they wouldn’t threaten our mine again. Only you would allow them to escape.”

Robb smiled and replied, “I already told you before, they are humans, not monsters.”

The queen nodded, understanding that this topic didn’t need further discussion. Overall, she was willing to listen to Robb’s opinion. “Unfortunately, nobody understands the Maya language, so we cannot communicate with them. The next time they come, they will still be enemies, not our friends.”

Robb chuckled, “You can’t say that. Think about it, why can the seafarers trade various goods with the Maya people? It means they were initially successful in communicating with them. Why are these Maya people suddenly unwilling to communicate and resorting to attacking us with all their might? There must be something fishy going on.”

The queen seemed to grasp something. “Once we solve the problem, we can communicate again, right? It seems we need to find a seafarer who can communicate with the Maya people and hire them as translators so we can have a chat with them.”

“Or we can work together, Your Majesty,” Robb suggested. “It’s more convenient that way. Unlike when I’m working in Westwind City, it’s so troublesome. I have to be both a father and a mother, and I have to handle every little detail myself. It’s really annoying.”

“You dare say you interfere?” the queen said with a stern face. “My spies often report to me that you are the laziest lord they’ve ever encountered.”

“No, no, you seem to have misunderstood. Number 32 is the ruler of Westwind City. I’m just an ordinary civilian,” Robb replied.

The queen retorted, “Stop pretending. You’re really good at pretending!”

At this point, her gaze shifted to the nearby mine, and a hint of envy appeared on her face. “It’s great! You can mine on another continent at your leisure, thanks to the transmission gate.”

Robb laughed, “Don’t be so two-faced. Once you establish friendship with the Maya people, you can hire local natives to mine for you and transport the resources back using large ships.”

“Can’t you give me a few transmission scrolls?” the queen asked.

“No!” Robb firmly shook his head. “If I give you a large quantity of transmission scrolls, your technological development will stagnate. Because you’re not me. Although I have plenty of cheat-like items, I still firmly promote technological advancement. If you get your hands on cheat-like stuff, you’ll forget about basic development in no time. Then, not only will you neglect seafaring, you’ll even be too lazy to build railways. The entire kingdom will regress in its development. And then, when the day comes that I leave, unable to draw transmission scrolls anymore, everyone will realize that this kingdom can’t do anything without transmission gates.”

The queen remained silent.

Although she wanted to retort, she had to admit that Robb was right.

“Fine, go find a translator!” she finally conceded.

Since there was nothing else to do there, the two of them passed through the transmission gate and returned to the port city. However, the cat people were left behind, temporarily acting as guards for the mine. With agile cat people present, they weren’t too worried about the threat posed by the Eagle Warriors.

Ten days later!

Robb was sitting by the seaside, holding a long fishing rod in his hand. The queen sat next to him, also holding a fishing rod.

However, Robb had already caught a pile of miscellaneous items while the queen hadn’t even caught a single fish. Her mind was clearly not focused on fishing, as she didn’t even notice the float moving several times. Naturally, she couldn’t catch any fish.

Robb chuckled, “Hey, if you don’t want to fish, then don’t come here. Go back to handling the affairs of Bright Road and don’t daydream here.”

The queen calmly replied, “The Kingdom of Gran is currently on the right track. There are civil officials to handle the affairs on land. And the most important task for me right now is maritime affairs!”

“Is that your excuse for daydreaming and fishing?”

Just as they were talking, Xuelu rushed over from the direction of the pier, laughing, “Mission accomplished! We found a translator! Queen, pay up!”

The queen felt annoyed seeing Xuelu, but since she completed the task, she had to give her the money. While instructing her attendants to give Xuelu the payment, she sarcastically said, ” Xuelu, you’re relying on that guy and have more money than you can spend, yet you still insist on doing these ‘finding a translator’ and similar small tasks. Don’t you think it’s a bit crazy?”

Xuelu burst into laughter, “I don’t do these things solely for the money. The main point is that they’re fun!”

The queen huffed, “I don’t know what’s fun about it.”

Robb smiled, “Well, I can understand Xuelu. Every adventurer finds doing quests fun before they get tired of adventuring.”

As the two were talking, Xuelu had already brought the translator in front of them.

The dock of the port city had now become home to a large number of sea merchants. It had gradually taken over the position of Lost City and became the largest cargo shipping port in the southwest region of the continent. Sea merchants coming from the south and the north liked to unload their goods and trade here. The trading within the port was tax-free, which attracted countless sea merchants to conduct their business here.

With the increase in sea merchants, it became easy to find a sea merchant who could speak Mayan.

The translator was the captain of a small merchant ship. The profits from transporting goods were not too high, but upon hearing that they could work for Godfather and the queen, the captain quickly abandoned his own small ship and eagerly came over.

“You can understand the language of the Maya people?” the queen, who was always straightforward and disliked wasting time on idle talk, asked.

“Yes!” the sea merchant respectfully replied. “I used to work as a crew member under a prominent sea merchant in Lost City. I was one of the first to set foot on the New Continent. We traded various goods with the Maya people. At first, it was through gestures, but gradually I learned a lot of Maya language and could engage in basic conversations with them.”

“Oh, not bad,” Robb smiled. “Great, then come with us to the New Continent. We need your translation skills. After your task is completed, there will be a generous reward.”

“I am willing to serve both of you.”


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