After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 788

Chapter 788: Let’s have a good talk

New continent! Belonging to Westwind City, the mine in the outskirts of the dense forest.

In the evening, the setting sun is once again hammered by the evening glow in the sky.

Even the sunset on the Maya continent cannot escape the cruel fate of being tormented by the evening glow. It won’t receive special treatment just because it has run to another continent.

A Maya Eagle Warrior perched on a tall tree on the outskirts of the mine, attentively observing this mining facility built by the white people.

In the past ten days, the tribe has not ordered an attack on this mine. The reason, of course, is that during the previous attack, they encountered a white-skinned Eagle Warrior.

Although they have different skin color and language, the other party is indeed a standard Eagle Warrior, every move he made was performed flawlessly, making the Eagle Warriors in the tribe feel ashamed and almost doubting their own authenticity.

After seeing that Eagle Warrior and hearing them say things that they were good people, the tribe’s elders decided to temporarily suspend the attack on these white people and see what they are really up to.

So, in these recent days, they have been merely monitoring without taking any action against the mine.

After observing for many days, they discovered that these white people are actually quite honest. They stay in the mine and don’t wander into the dense forest, nor do they capture Maya people to work as laborers like another group of white people who are more brutal.

Perhaps attacking this mine was wrong from the beginning!

The elders of the tribe also want to communicate with the white people in this mine and ask them what they want. Unfortunately, the languages of both sides are not mutually understandable.

Just as the Eagle Warrior was thinking about this, he suddenly heard slight footsteps behind him. He quickly turned around and saw the same white Eagle Warrior from last time waving and smiling, walking towards him.

“Damn it!” The Eagle Warrior jumped up and thrust his spear towards Robb.

However, the next moment, his spear fell into Robb’s right hand, while Robb reached out his left hand and grabbed his shoulder.

The Eagle Warrior exerted all his strength to struggle, but he felt as if his strength was as insignificant as a drop in the ocean, unable to create even a ripple.

Robb smiled and said, “Come, come, sit down in the mine. I want to have a chat with you.”

Of course, Robb knew that the Eagle Warrior couldn’t understand what he was saying, but human language has its commonality. A gentle tone and soothing content, even if the other party doesn’t understand, they can still feel your goodwill.

The Eagle Warrior’s vigilance slightly eased, but he didn’t give up on the idea of trying to break free and escape at any moment. However, he could feel that the power difference was too great, and he would never be able to escape from Robb’s grasp.

Five minutes later, the Eagle Warrior sat in a room in the middle of the mine.

Inside the room, there was a beautiful large round table with chairs placed around it.

Miss Queen sat in the main seat, and Robb happily sat in the adjacent seat, with the translator sitting next to them. The Eagle Warrior sat alone on the chair opposite the table.

He felt unfamiliar with this thing called a chair, a bit uncomfortable. However, the soft seat cushion and beautiful armrests made him feel happy sitting on it while vigilantly watching Robb and the others.

Robb pushed a cup towards him and smiled, saying, “Drink!”

The translator deliberately didn’t translate this sentence immediately but repeated the word “drink” in the Elven language and then switched to Maya, saying, “Drink!”

Upon hearing Maya, the Eagle Warrior looked at the translator in astonishment.

The translator smiled and said in Maya, “Don’t look at me like that with curiosity. I’m a friend of the Maya people, and by the way, we all are.”

The Eagle Warrior’s wariness decreased significantly. He picked up the cup, first said “drink” in Maya, then repeated the word “drink” in Elven that Robb had just said. He seemed to understand something, poured the liquid from the cup into his mouth, and instantly the refreshing taste of soda conquered him.

“Are you happy?” Robb smiled and said, “Is it delicious?”

(Author: From here on, it is assumed that the translator has been continuously translating. I won’t repeat the translation in Maya again.)

The Eagle Warrior happily said, “It’s delicious.”

“You see, we give you delicious water and a beautiful chair to sit on,” Robb said, “This shows that we’ve come to make friends, friends!”

The Eagle Warrior’s wariness further diminished. “Friends!”

“Why did you attack our mine?” Robb asked, “I heard that initially the Maya people were friendly towards us, doing business and exchanging goods. We were good friends, right?”

When asked this question, the Eagle Warrior’s expression suddenly turned hostile again. “You… deceived us, killed our people, captured them to work as slaves. We want to drive you out of our homeland.”

“Oh?” Robb seemed to understand something, “When and where did this happen?”

“About forty days ago, in the northeast direction, at the tribe,” the Eagle Warrior angrily said, “All the warriors in the entire village, a total of over eight hundred people, were killed by you. The remaining people were all captured.”

Robb frowned.

The Queen beside him also frowned.

Because both of them knew that they were not responsible for this, the people who did this was already apparent, “The kingdom of Norma!”

“Oh, yes, Norma. I’ve heard them use this word to represent themselves,” the Eagle Warrior said, “You are like them, Norma, right? You have the same appearance.”

“However, that’s not the case,” Robb smiled, “We come from a place called the Kingdom of Gran, and we are not associated with the Kingdom of Norma.”

Upon hearing this, the Eagle Warrior finally breathed a sigh of relief, but he remained cautious. “I can’t trust you. We initially trusted the people of the Kingdom of Norma as well, but they deceived us. They exchanged beautiful little beads with the leader, and we thought they were gemstones. Later, we found out that they were something created by the people of the Kingdom of Norma called glass beads.”

He continued, “They dug a large mine on the territory they deceived us of and then attacked our village. They killed all the warriors in the village and captured ordinary townsmen to work in the mines! Many townsmen died from exhaustion, and their bodies were thrown into the sea. We couldn’t defeat them, so we wanted to capture you to exchange for our people.”

Now the situation was clear.

Robb sighed lightly, “Tsk!”

The Queen couldn’t help but glance at him. A few days ago, she proposed a similar plan, but it was rejected by Robb. Unexpectedly, the Kingdom of Norma had already started doing such things.

She turned her head and looked at Robb with an inquiring gaze, wanting to hear his opinion.


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