After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 789

Chapter 789: Don’t treat indigenous people as savages

The queen remained silent, but those around her, including the guards, warriors, and miners, shared the same thoughts, [The Kingdom of Norma pulled off an impressive move! Arriving on a foreign continent to mine rare minerals, how would they extract the resources without any local labor? Of course, they would capture the indigenous people and put them to work! It was a brilliant plan, like a guiding light.]

However, everyone also understood that Godfather would never agree to such actions. Godfather, despite being immensely powerful, had the utmost respect for others, regardless of their strength or weakness, their progress or backwardness. He would never allow anyone to enslave a group of innocent people.

Therefore, although everyone wanted to applaud the impressive move by the Kingdom of Norma and say, “Let’s do the same,” they only thought about it silently. All eyes were fixed on Robb and they waited for him to speak.

Robb carefully considered the situation and then turned to the queen, saying, “We discussed this matter last time. In reality, Westwind City has no problem with mining on the New Continent. We can use transmission gates to extract the resources without any manpower or resource issues… However, as I mentioned before, relying solely on transmission mining is not a sustainable solution. Sooner or later, we need to return to normal production methods. Therefore, we must find a way to coexist with the residents of the New Continent.”

He spoke in the language of Gran, but the translation was not provided. The eagle warrior looked bewildered, listening to this lengthy speech by the white man without understanding what was being said.

The translator smiled at the eagle warrior and said in Maya, “He’s saying you look very handsome.”

The eagle warrior was delighted and asked, “Oh? Is it true?”

The translator replied, “Of course, it’s true.”

Robb pointed at the eagle warrior and said to the queen, “The current attitude of the Kingdom of Norma towards the Maya people will undoubtedly lead to short-term profits. They can obtain unlimited cheap labor through this method, with almost no labor costs, just by brutally enslaving them. However, such oppression will only lead to massive resistance. Therefore, I hope you can adopt the approach I used when I first arrived in the Kingdom of Gran.”

In fact, for Robb, the people of the Kingdom of Gran were also indigenous people. When he first arrived in the Kingdom of Gran, he felt similar to how the Gran people felt the Maya people when they arrived on the New Continent—a group of ignorant natives.

But from the very beginning, he did not treat the indigenous people as mere natives, but based on the principles of equality and mutual assistance, he supported the people of Westwind Town step by step, steadily moving forward. This is how Westwind City exists today, and how the Kingdom of Gran has prospered.

No one understood better than the queen how Robb had built up Westwind Town step by step…

Admittedly, during the construction of Westwind Town, Robb gave up countless benefits that should have been his own. But precisely because of his concessions, the people of Westwind Town were energized. They worked tirelessly, with a spirit of determination and progress, shaping Westwind City into what it is today.

The spies dispatched by the queen witnessed Westwind Town transform from a small town with a population of 2,000 into a large city with nearly 50,000 inhabitants.

“I understand!” the queen exclaimed. “If I want my own foundation in the New Continent to be stable, prosperous, and bring long-term returns, I cannot have a short-sighted approach… I need to be friends with the indigenous people here, not their masters.”

Robb gave her a thumbs up.

The queen turned to the eagle warrior and said, “Mayan friend, the Kingdom of Gran and the people who captured you and enslaved you from the Kingdom of Norma are not allies. On the contrary, we are enemies! Next, I will show my sincerity by waging a war against the Kingdom of Norma to settle our old scores.”

The eagle warrior turned to the translator and asked, “Is this white lady also saying that I look good?”

The translator responded, “Oh, she said that we are enemies with the Kingdom of Norma, and we will help you drive away those bad Norma people.”

“Ah, really?” The eagle warrior was overjoyed. “If you can really do that, it would be a blessing. Many of our townsmen have been captured by them, and we are willing to pay any price to rescue them, even our own lives.”

Hearing his words, the queen had no more doubts. She turned to Robb and asked, “You will help me fight this battle, right?”

“No!” Robb shrugged. “Too much trouble! Don’t always think about dragging me into everything. Your kingdom will become unhealthy.”

The queen: “…”

Although she knew he was shirking responsibility, what he said made sense. If the queen wanted to establish a firm foothold on this New Continent, she would have to take matters into her own hands as much as possible, integrate herself into this place. Relying on Robb for everything was definitely not a viable solution. She was a strong woman, and when she could avoid relying on men, she would do so.

She looked at the people in the mining site, mainly consisting of Westwind City’s forces. Since Robb refused to help, the people from Westwind City couldn’t be used either. She had no choice but to turn to her attendants and said, “Go to the port city and bring my personal guard legion here.”

Soon, the queen’s personal guard legion passed through the portal and arrived at the mining site. The size of this army was not large, only about two hundred people, along with a few members of the court magicians. After all, it was a time of peace, and the queen did not have the bad habit of wasting resources by constantly mobilizing thousands of troops. Bringing a few hundred guards was mainly because the port city was near the sea, where sea merchants and pirates coexisted, making it relatively dangerous. Otherwise, she would usually stroll around with only a few dozen people.

The translator addressed the eagle warrior, “Friend, I’ll trouble you to lead the way and take us to see the mining site of the Kingdom of Norma.”

The eagle warrior nodded and quickly assumed the role of a guide.

The queen and her entourage, including the translator, followed the eagle warrior into the dense forest. It was surprising for Robb to see her personally involved, indicating how important this matter was. Robb couldn’t help but follow along with a smile.

The queen couldn’t help but say, “Hey, I thought you weren’t going to get involved?”

Robb laughed and replied, “I won’t lend a hand, but I can still enjoy the show and see how you handle things.”

The queen gave him a sidelong glance and said, “You’re afraid something might happen to me, so you came to protect me, right?”

Robb responded, “Wow, if you think so, then sure.”

The queen hmphed and fell silent. Women were particularly good at imagining things. Regardless of whether Robb came to watch the spectacle or to protect her, as long as she perceived it as protection, she would feel happy.


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