After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 798

Chapter 798: What is the situation?

The polar eagle warrior showed a fierce expression, but Robb also grinned at him aggressively, “Why are you being fierce?”

The polar eagle warrior: “…”

Robb said, “Anyway, you are welcome to come and exchange the woolly mammoths with me anytime, but it is delusional to use that to restrict how I make friends. If you really have human intelligence and not that of monsters, think about it carefully.”

The Maya people were indeed human, not monsters, and their intelligence was above the human average. It didn’t take long for the Polar Tribe to make a decision, which was to become friends with Robb. However, they would continue to be enemies with the Gada Tribe.

Due to Robb’s mining site located southeast of the Gada Tribe, while the Polar Tribe was northeast of the Gada Tribe, with the Gada Tribe in between, it was quite difficult for the Polar Tribe to bring the woolly mammoth skins to Robb and exchange them for thousands of kilograms of food.

They could only send small teams under the cover of darkness, carrying the mammoth skins, bypassing the villages of the Gada Tribe and sneaking into Robb’s mining site. After exchanging for food, they would carefully carry the sacks and sneak back.

Such actions could be concealed for a while but not forever.

Three days later, the guards of the Gada Tribe discovered the covert actions of the Polar Tribe, and the tribal chief personally came to negotiate with Robb. The result was the same response from Robb, “You have no right to interfere with whom I befriend.”

The Gada tribal chief didn’t dare to break ties with Robb as he wanted to exchange for sugar and food, but knowing that the people from the Polar Tribe were also exchanging goods with Robb, his anger burned.

Alright, if you can come and steal, I can go and steal too.

The people of the Gada Tribe secretly organized a hunting team and took advantage of the Polar Tribe’s people being inattentive to cross their territory and go hunting where the wooly mammoths often appeared. They actually managed to kill a mammoth and returned joyfully with its body. They ate the mammoth meat, made ivory ornaments, and sold the skin to Robb.

This matter couldn’t be hidden from the Polar Tribe either!

Both sides felt that their territories were being entered at will and their dignity was being trampled upon mercilessly.

Thus, the second war between the Gada Tribe and the Polar Tribe began.

At noon that day, Robb had just finished eating the lunch Lillian brought from the portal and was standing on the eastern side of the mining site, gazing at the sea, pondering when The Queen’s fleet would arrive. Suddenly, he saw Elsie with the translator and a group of Westwind warriors rushing in from outside.

Robb exclaimed, “Elsie, what’s the rush?”

“It’s war, we’re going to war!” Elsie shouted, “Godfather, something big has happened, we’re going to war.”

Robb responded impatiently, “A fight between over 200 and over 300 eagle warriors is considered a war? Can’t you be a bit more sensible? You’re not someone inexperienced.”

Elsie said, “it’s not a fight between these two tribes, something even more terrifying has appeared.”

Nonchalantly, he continued, “Mammoths, huge mammoths, incredibly massive woolly mammoths, oh my goodness.”

“Huh?” Robb questioned, “What the hell?”

“Anyway, a major event has occurred,” Elsie said, “Godfather, come with me immediately. There’s a super exciting show waiting for us.”

Intrigued by his excitement, Robb became interested and followed Elsie. The group swiftly ran north, passing through the village of the Gada Tribe, witnessing a chaotic scene. Many elderly, weak, and women were packing their belongings and fleeing to the south, while some were running north to support their husbands.

The translator whispered, “Some of the elderly, weak, and women are trying to escape, while others are going north to support their husbands.”

Robb remarked, “Oh, it seems like things are really serious. The elderly, weak, and women either flee or have to participate in the war. This is indeed a major event.”

They continued running north and emerged from a dense forest, where the view suddenly opened up. There was a clearing with snow-white mountains visible in the distance, and a terrible battle was taking place in the clearing.

A gigantic woolly mammoth, at least two to three stories high, was leading a group of thirty to forty ordinary-sized wooly mammoths, confronting the eagle warriors in the clearing.

Eagle warriors from both the Gada Tribe and the Polar Tribe were present, and many women from both sides were also participating in the battle. Hundreds of people were fighting against dozens of mammoths, creating a truly spectacular scene.

The colossal woolly mammoth roared angrily into the sky and then swung its head forcefully. Its long trunk swept across the clearing like a whip. The eagle warriors in front of it raised their small leather shields in their left hands, desperately blocking the attack.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

A series of muffled thuds sounded as the trunk of the gigantic woolly mammoth hit the shields. Anyone whose shield was struck was sent flying backward. Even the agile eagle warriors, after being struck, couldn’t adjust their posture in mid-air or convert the force, they were flung backward like bullets, crashing into the bushes or colliding heavily with tree trunks, and then sliding down the tree trunk with no strength left.

Someone shouted loudly, “Watch out for its trunk!”

“Don’t let its trunk stab you; it’s game over in an instant.”

“Use a net to cover its head.”

“Don’t forget about the small woolly mammoths next to it.”

“Those aren’t small at all; they’re ordinary adult mammoths.”

“What the hell is this giant? How did it grow so big?”

The eagle warriors cursed loudly and fought cautiously.

However, their strength appeared minuscule in front of this enormous woolly mammoth. With a casual charge, the giant mammoth could scatter the eagle warriors, leaving them in disarray and unable to put up any resistance against it head-on.

Curiously, Robb asked, “What are these two tribes doing? Why did they suddenly join forces to fight against the giant mammoth?”

The translator ran out and asked around, returning after a while to report, “Godfather, the Gada Tribe and the Polar Tribe were about to fight each other here. They had an agreement that the losing side would merge with the other tribe. However, just after they started the brawl, this group of mammoths suddenly charged out of the mountains and attacked them relentlessly. I believe both tribes have been secretly hunting woolly mammoths recently, which must have angered the leader of the herd. The herd leader led dozens of mammoths out for revenge, and coincidentally encountered the two tribes fighting. As a result… it turned out like this.”

Robb: “…”

In front of him, the open space was filled with chaos as mammoths and Maya people fought fiercely. However, the giant mammoth was truly terrifying. No Maya person could withstand a swing of its trunk, and the attacks from the Maya people were like tickles to the mammoth. At this rate, the Maya people would eventually be wiped out by the giant mammoth.


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