After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 799

Chapter 799: Invincible Giant Mammoth

The giant mammoth swung its long trunk with a loud bang, sending five more eagle warriors flying.

Several eagle warriors on the side took the opportunity to fiercely stab their spears into the mammoth’s flank, but it had no effect at all. The mammoth’s hide was incredibly strong, and the spears couldn’t even pierce through. Instead, due to the excessive force of their stabs, the recoil caused severe pain in the hands of the eagle warriors.

The enraged mammoth turned its head and stared at the eagle warriors who had just attacked it. With a roar, it swung its long ivory tusks towards them.

The tusks were much more powerful than its trunk, and being struck by them meant certain death.

Terrified, several eagle warriors turned and ran, not even daring to use their small shields to block.

At that moment, the chiefs of the Gada Tribe and the Polar Tribe both took action. A strange red light enveloped their bodies as they unleashed the unique Maya sorcery. Suddenly, two peculiar pillars appeared in mid-air, resembling the totems of Shaman priests.

The two pillars descended from the sky and firmly planted themselves in front of the mammoth, blocking its path and preventing it from pursuing the fleeing eagle warriors.

For a brief moment, the mammoth was bewildered. Although it was powerful, its intelligence was limited. It needed time to understand what these strange pillars falling from the sky were.

Just then, two red snake heads appeared on the pillars, opening their large mouths and spewing out red magical beams towards the mammoth.

It turned out to be a unique skill of Maya sorcerers, Venomous Serpent Guardian!

It was quite powerful. The two red magical beams carried a tremendous magical force. Although the magical system of the Maya differed slightly from that of the Fengmo Continent, the fundamental difference was minor. Both derived their power from the forces of nature.

The two magical beams struck the mammoth’s head!

The mammoth clearly suffered some damage and was no longer unscathed like before. It angrily took two steps back and shook its head.

The two Venomous Serpent Guardians had no intention of stopping there. The snake heads opened their mouths again and repeatedly spewed out red magical beams, striking the mammoth’s head.


The continuous barrage of magical attacks caused the mammoth intense pain in its head, and it let out a furious roar.

The eagle warriors were overjoyed, and someone shouted, “We can win!”

“With the assistance of sorcery, we have a chance.”

“If we take down this giant wooly mammoth, we’ll get a huge piece of skin that the white people will trade for tens of thousands of pounds of food.”


The eagle warriors were filled with high elves as a large group of them rushed forward, forcing the ordinary-sized woolly mammoths to retreat. The two Venomous Serpent Guardians continued to unleash magical beams, relentlessly striking the giant mammoth. The mammoth kept retreating, retreating, retreating…

“Hold steady! We’re going to win!”

“Keep pushing, and when the mammoth falls…”

Before an eagle warrior could finish shouting, the mammoth stopped retreating after reaching a certain distance. It let out a long roar, then suddenly lowered its head and charged forward.

This charge was terrifying, causing the ground to shake with each step. As its head lowered, its long ivory tusks extended forward like a terrifying siege ram.

Ignoring the attacks from the two Venomous Serpent Guardians, it madly charged forward.

The two Venomous Serpent Guardians desperately fired their beams, “Biu, Biu, Biu,” but they couldn’t stop its relentless advance.

With a loud crash, the mammoth’s head collided with one of the Venomous Serpent Guardians, instantly breaking it and sending it flying into the sky. It exploded into a flurry of magical particles, dissipating into nothingness. Then, the mammoth swung its head horizontally and collided with the other Venomous Serpent Guardian, resulting in the same outcome—broken and flying into the air, dissolving into magical particles.

Both chiefs exclaimed in unison, “Ah!”

“This mammoth isn’t even afraid of the Venomous Serpent Guardians.”

“It’s over. Is there any other way to deal with it?”

“No way!”

The chiefs of the Gada Tribe and the Polar Tribe, who had recently been fighting each other, now stood side by side. They had expressions of panic as they said, “What do we do?”

“I don’t know what to do either!”

“Should we run?”

“Do you think you can outrun a charging woolly mammoth?”

“How about climbing a tree?”

“This mammoth is taller than a cliff. Climbing a tree won’t help.”

The two chiefs were at a loss.

The mammoth stared at the crowd with its giant eyes and quickly locked onto the two chiefs. It remembered that it was these two who released the Venomous Serpent Guardians, causing it great pain. It held its trunk high, let out a roar of anger, and then lowered its head, charging fiercely towards the two chiefs.

Both chiefs were elderly and had magic-oriented classes. They couldn’t run fast, and when they saw the mountain-like giant mammoth charging towards them, they couldn’t even muster the thought of escape. They could only close their eyes and await their death.

The eagle warriors on both sides exclaimed loudly, and some desperately threw spears at the giant mammoth, but it was of no use.

Amidst the terrified screams of the people on both sides, the mammoth charged forward and reached the two chiefs. It swung its enormous head and viciously tried ramming into them…

In this critical moment, suddenly, a figure flashed between the mammoth and the two chiefs.

Then, with a loud “boom,” the mammoth stopped.

The two chiefs had closed their eyes, expecting death, but now they realized they were still alive. They quickly opened their eyes and saw a white man standing in front of them. This white man was the leader of the people who had come from across the sea to mine, known to everyone as Godfather.


Everyone exclaimed in astonishment, “He stopped the mammoth!”

“How did he do it?”

“It’s the shield! A small leather shield!”

Everyone noticed that Godfather had picked up a small leather shield dropped by an eagle warrior on the ground. He used this small shield to block the mammoth’s charge…

That fiercely charging mammoth, as massive as a mountain, was actually stopped by him using a small leather shield. The overwhelming force of the impact was withstood by his small body and shield, which was simply unreasonable.

What’s even more absurd is that Robb, with his shield raised to block the mammoth, performed a standard Maya Eagle Warrior’s blocking technique!

The eagle warriors’ small leather shields were primarily used to deal with ranged attacks and were ineffective against close-quarters combat. The effectiveness of this blocking technique was also quite poor. However, this white man managed to block the mammoth’s head-on collision with this ineffective blocking technique, which was simply incomprehensible.

The crowd: “…”


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