After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 800

Chapter 800: Unleash the ultimate move

Everyone looked puzzled and couldn’t understand the situation, and the giant mammoth was equally confused.

It had put all its strength into the charge, only to be casually blocked by a human. It couldn’t comprehend what just happened.


The mammoth swung its head fiercely, its ivory tusks sweeping through the air like sharp knives, leaving no escape for anyone struck by them.

However, Robb pressed his hand lightly on the ivory tusks as it came sweeping towards him, leaped up, and vaulted over the mammoth’s head. This move was the displacement skill of the Eagle Warriors called “Jungle Leap.” He used the sweeping ivory as if it were a tree branch to launch the skill.

The onlookers were astonished.

Ordinary Eagle Warriors would never be able to do this because the sweeping motion of the ivory was too fast. Who could possibly find the leverage to perform a double jump on such fast-moving ivory tusks? It was simply unreasonable. How fast must an Eagle Warrior’s eyes and hands be to achieve this?

But Robb did it. Not only did he leap over the ivory, but he also executed another signature move of the Eagle Warriors in mid-air, the “Jungle Roundhouse Kick.” It was a beautifully executed kick that no other Eagle Warrior could have dreamed of. Robb seamlessly connected the “Jungle Leap” with the “Jungle Roundhouse Kick.” He kicked the mammoth right between the eyes as soon as he took off.

However, despite the impressive move, no one had high expectations for its effectiveness.

The mammoth was incredibly powerful. Countless Eagle Warriors had used various techniques against it, but not even a single hair on its body was harmed, and spears couldn’t pierce its skin. Even though the kick looked impressive, it probably wouldn’t do any damage.


Everyone’s jaws dropped in disbelief. Robb’s kick actually worked. The mammoth looked dazed and took a couple of steps back before sitting down on the ground, shaking its head as if it were feeling dizzy.

Robb somersaulted in mid-air, landed firmly, turned around, and smiled at the mammoth.

When he kicked it just now, Robb realized that the strength of this mammoth was roughly equivalent to a level 80 elite boss monster in the game “Dark Blade,” slightly weaker than mythical beasts like the Sphinx. But compared to ordinary monsters, it was much stronger. No wonder the Maya people were helpless against it.

Even if Robb used the kicking techniques of the “Fighter” class, he couldn’t defeat the mammoth in one move. Not to mention the “Jungle Roundhouse Kick” he just used, which belonged to the “Eagle Warrior” class and was much weaker than the kicking techniques of the “Fighter” class. It could only cause a small amount of damage to the mammoth, and its HP was still plentiful.

The mammoth shook its head, stood up again, and its massive body towered in front of Robb.

Robb looked up at the mammoth, and the mammoth looked back at him.

One human, one mammoth, they posed in an epic manner, staring at each other.

The two tribe leaders shouted, “Quick, go help him!”

Just as the Eagle Warriors were about to step forward, Robb turned around and waved his hand, saying, “No need, you deal with the regular mammoths. I’ll take care of this giant mammoth.”

However, after he said this, the Eagle Warriors didn’t stop because they didn’t understand the language.

As a result, the translator rushed over from the side and stood next to Robb, loudly declaring, “Leave it to me! I alone am enough.”

The Maya people looked at the translator with admiration and said, “You’re a true hero, to confront the mammoth on your own.”

The translator replied, “It’s not me, I’m just the translator. It’s Godfather who will handle the mammoth alone.”

The Maya people said, “But the mammoth is swinging its trunk at you.”

The translator turned to look and indeed, the mammoth had been having a standoff with Robb, and the translator inexplicably ran over to stand beside him, with his back facing the mammoth while talking to the other Maya people. This made the mammoth feel insulted, so it swung its trunk at him.

The translator exclaimed, “Oh my goodness! Help!”

Robb reached out and grabbed the mammoth’s trunk. This trunk had just swept through the Eagle Warriors, easily knocking over a dozen of them, but when Robb reached out, he effortlessly grabbed it, making it look ridiculously easy.

Taking advantage of the situation, the translator ran away while shouting, “Victory is ours! Did you see that? Godfather caught the mammoth’s trunk with one hand. We don’t need you losers’ help. In Westwind Town, when Godfather takes action, you losers automatically retreat.”

Everyone stood there in silence.

The two tribe leaders, the Eagle Warriors, and even the ordinary townsmen who were ready to come and help all retreated to a distance. Well, they were already somewhat afraid to face the mammoth, and if someone wanted to fight it alone, they would let him. If he couldn’t win, don’t ask them for help.

Robb held onto the mammoth’s trunk with one hand. The mammoth was furious and tried to pull its trunk back, but it realized it couldn’t move it. This small human, despite appearing so tiny, had even greater strength than itself.

Unable to win the tug-of-war, Robb forcefully pulled the mammoth’s trunk over, tied a knot in it, and then released it.

The mammoth stood there awkwardly with its knotted trunk.

Everyone: “…”

“Alright, let’s finish this quickly. I don’t want to waste any more time.” Robb picked up a spear that had fallen from an injured Eagle Warrior on the ground, held it in his right hand, and now with a shield in his left hand and a spear in his right, he looked quite prepared. Oh, he was still missing a feathered hat.

He noticed a wounded Eagle Warrior lying on the ground in the distance and immediately beckoned to him. Using the magic “telekinesis,” the Eagle Warrior’s hat flew over to Robb, and he caught it and put it on.

Now he was all set!

He raised both hands, holding the small leather shield and the spear up high towards the sky. Then, he made a strange “wooh-oh wooh-oh” sound with his mouth.

The people of Westwind Town couldn’t understand this strange sound, but the Maya people did. It was the jungle’s roar!

It was the starting move for the Eagle Warriors’ ultimate skill – Tropical Jungle’s Rampage!

They felt a sudden tension and wondered, “This white guy knows that too? What kind of person is he?”

But the mammoth didn’t care about any starting gestures. It lowered its head and charged at Robb again, with its knotted trunk looking quite comical.

Robb suddenly lowered his head, and a green light began to emanate from his body…

Glimmering green particles spread out from him. In an instant, he dashed towards the mammoth, mid-air, and unleashed his ultimate move, “Tropical Jungle’s Rampage.”

The people could only see a flash of light above Robb’s head, and it suddenly lit up.

Then, from somewhere, he produced a short bow and shot an arrow at the mammoth. Just as the arrow was flying, Robb blew out a poisonous dart from his mouth. Next, he put away the bow and drew out his spear, launching a barrage of thrusts towards the mammoth.


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