After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 802

Chapter 802: Killing him will bring unity

After hearing the reasons, Robb couldn’t help but laugh and ask, “What about the woman now?”

“She passed away a long time ago,” both tribe chiefs replied sadly.

“You’re still fighting even though she’s passed away?”

“Well, it has become a habit!”

Robb: “…”

It doesn’t seem like an irreconcilable conflict. Robb smiled and said, “Come on, you’re both old men, still arguing about things from your youth. Don’t you find it ridiculous? Here, have a piece of chocolate and taste it.”

He placed a piece of chocolate in the hand of the polar tribe chief.

The polar tribe chief took a bite, and his facial expression instantly became delightful. “Ah, this is made from cocoa beans. It’s delicious… Unfortunately, there are no cocoa beans in my territory.”

Robb said, “There are no cocoa beans in your territory,” then he turned and pointed at the Gada tribe chief, “and there are no woolly mammoths in your territory.”

“But if your territories are combined, you’ll have everything,” Robb said.

“Yes, that’s why we fight,” both TRIBE chiefs said together, “If we get rid of him, then I’ll have everything.”

Robb: “…”

Okay, these two stubborn guys have really given Robb a headache. He paused for two seconds, then sarcastically remarked, “As far as I know, on the Maya continent, there are thousands of tribes with a total population of millions. Aren’t you worried that other tribes will come and attack you when you exhaust your strength fighting each other?”

“We have good relations with other tribes, we trade with them regularly!” both tribe chiefs said together, “Only this scoundrel is my enemy.”

Robb: “…”

“Damn it!” Robb slammed the table, “Can’t you two love each other and merge peacefully?”

“We can’t merge with this idiot,” both tribe chiefs said together again.

Robb could only raise his hands and say, “Alright, then I’ll have to tell you some more specific issues. You should know that white people often visit the Maya continent.”

The two tribal chiefs were aware of this, and they nodded together. “Not just white people, there are also people as black as coal who often visit the Maya continent.”

Robb said, “Then you should know that not all of these white people are friendly.”

Both tribal chiefs nodded, especially the Gada tribe chief. Not long ago, many of his men were killed by the white people, and hundreds of townsmen were captured as laborers. If it weren’t for Robb and the The Queen’s intervention, he would have suffered greatly. Now his tribespeople can play here safely, all thanks to Robb and the Queen.

Robb said, “These white people and black people may not all be as easy to talk to as I am. Among them, there are many bad people, cunning and powerful individuals who may not have the intention of making friends with you. They might attack you, harm you…”

The faces of the two tribal chiefs changed.

“With the arrival of white people and black people, your world will become bigger and bigger,” Robb said earnestly, “There will be many weapons that you have never seen or learned before, but they are extremely powerful. New ideas, new concepts… You will feel that every day brings something new.”

Upon hearing these words, the two tribe chiefs understood. Recently, they had begun to feel the impact of what the white people brought to their lives.

Robb continued, “So, at this time, internal strife between your tribes is really not a good thing. What you should do now is to integrate and unite within your own tribes and then bring together all the small villages, settlements, and tribes, uniting their strength to withstand the upcoming bandits.”

Both tribe chiefs fell into contemplation. After a while, Gada tribe chief cautiously asked, “Will you help us like you did last time?”

“I will certainly help!” Robb smiled and said, “But are you the kind of tribe that needs someone’s constant help to survive? Don’t you have any pride or self-respect?”

This statement made the expressions of the two tribal chiefs serious. “You make a valid point. We Maya people are not so easily subjected to the force of villains. We can’t rely on your help every time. We have to find our own ways to fight against those evil white people.

Robb said, “There are good and bad white people, just like there are good people like me.”

Both tribe chiefs nodded, saying, “We understand now. Those who call themselves ‘Norma’ are the bad guys, and those who call themselves ‘Gran’ are the good guys.”

Robb shook his head firmly, “No! Don’t oversimplify this issue! Regardless of how they identify themselves, it doesn’t mean they are good or bad. To judge what kind of person someone is, you need to look at their actions, not their nationality.”

“I can only say that there must be good people in Norma, but there must also be bad people in Gran! Keep fighting.”

After saying that, Robb no longer acted as a mediator. It was better to leave the affairs of these tribes to them to negotiate and handle.

He led the people from Westwind City and headed back home, leaving the two tribe chiefs and a large group of tribespeople there, facing each other in silence. After a while, the two tribe chiefs exchanged a glance and sighed simultaneously, “Let’s talk.”

Three days later, the Polar Tribe and the Gada Tribe announced their fusion. The chiefs of the two tribes “discussed” and decided the future development of the tribe. Such a management style would be nearly impossible in the civilized world, but it could be realized in relatively primitive tribes.

The territories of the two tribes were unified, internal strife ceased, and they immediately became a large tribe with over five hundred Eagle Warriors.

A few more days passed…

Robb sat in front of a small chapel in the middle of the mining camp, flipping through a newly obtained map.

With the help of people from the two tribes, Suofa had created a very detailed map that covered a wider area. In one place in the northern part of the map, a woolly mammoth was drawn, indicating the presence of woolly mammoths in that area.

One place depicted a cocoa tree, while another showed an iron ingot, indicating the presence of an iron ore deposit that had been surveyed but was currently left untapped.

Of course, eventually they would have to mine these resources. However, they didn’t have the capability to extract such resources on the New Continent at the moment. They would have to wait for the development of the New Continent to reach a certain level of prosperity before they could exploit these iron ore deposits.

Robb held the newly acquired map with great excitement. First, he activated the “Mineral Search” skill. As he scanned the map, he was surprised. There were four small yellow dots that lit up on the map. Two of them were mithril deposits being mined, one was a surveyed but untouched iron ore deposit, and there was another mine located in a vast barren mountain range that he didn’t know about.

“Well, it seems that this place is worth exploring.”

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