After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing Out All Classes Chapter 803

Chapter 803: Saronite

Robb brought Elsie, Suofa, the translator, and a small team of eagle warriors responsible for guiding, and set off towards the small yellow dot on the map.

One of the eagle warriors felt a great sense of unease about the place Robb pointed out, “Mr. Godfather, the mountain you want to go to is extremely steep and dangerous. It’s full of rocks, hardly any trees. We dislike places without trees. Are you sure you want to go there?”

“I’m sure!”

“What exactly are we going to dig there?”

“I don’t know what we’re going to dig.” Robb shrugged. “It’s precisely because I don’t know that it seems interesting.”

The eagle warrior was speechless for a moment. Well, he couldn’t understand, but it didn’t matter. The guide fee provided by the white people was high, and whether he understood or not, as long as there was profit.

The group passed through the jungle, crossed hills, and before long, they finally arrived at the designated location on the map. It was a small mountain entirely black in color. All the stones on the mountain were black, but it wasn’t coal ore, just plain black stones.

Since the mountain was mostly made of rocks, there was no vegetation growing, making the whole mountain bare and ugly.

No wonder the Maya people didn’t like it here!

The translator looked at the treacherous mountain and said somewhat awkwardly, “I may not be able to climb up this kind of mountain.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he saw Robb wave his hand at him and said, “You can try climbing now.”

“Huh?” The translator felt himself suddenly becoming light as a feather. It was a feeling that his agility had been increased countless times. He tried to climb the mountain and was surprised to effortlessly climb up the cliff like a monkey, as agile as one can be.

“Hey, I’m invincible!” The translator shouted from the mountaintop.

Elsie couldn’t help but laugh. “This idiot is experiencing Godfather’s buffs for the first time. Haha, he’s really a kingdom bumpkin.”

One by one, the group climbed up the mountain. Following the guidance of the map, Robb soon arrived at an ugly valley full of black stones. There were no plants or animals here, not even a trace of insects. The whole valley was eerily silent.

A few eagle warriors whispered, “Godfather, we feel very uncomfortable here. There’s a strong aura of evil, and it’s difficult to breathe.”

Elsie nodded as well. “Godfather, no wonder there are no plants or animals here. I also feel very uncomfortable. This mountain has a magic that seems to repel all living creatures, warning them not to approach.”

Although Suofa didn’t say anything, her uncomfortable expression made it clear that she didn’t like it here and wanted to leave quickly.

The translator, being the weakest of them all, was already trembling.

Robb said, “I can feel it too, an uncomfortable magic! Hold on for a moment, I’ll see what’s going on here.”

He stood directly above the small yellow dot, looked around, and couldn’t see anything on the surface. It must be underground. He frowned and punched the ground.

With a loud bang, sand and stones flew, and the earth shook.

A huge pit appeared on the ground, almost causing the translator and the eagle warriors to lose their footing and tumble down from the slope. Only Elsie and Suofa remained calm. Instead of being scared, they approached and looked down into the large pit created by Robb’s punch.

As soon as she leaned over the edge of the pit, Suofa nearly threw up.

She quickly moved away from the edge and whispered, “The pit emits a very strong magic, a very, very uncomfortable one.”

Elsie had a stronger resistance than Suofa. He could still endure leaning over the pit. A gentle golden light enveloped him, obviously using holy magic to protect himself. He carefully looked into the pit and shouted, “Godfather, there’s a peculiar ore down there, emitting a green glow. Ugh, that ore is disgusting. I really want to fill up this pit.”

Robb had already figured out what it was and couldn’t help but laugh. “Saronite!”

“Saronite? What is it?” Elsie was amazed. “Why have I never heard of it?”

Robb smiled and said, “It’s normal that you haven’t heard of it. The knowledge of minerals in the Kingdom of Gran and the Kingdom of Norma only goes as far as Thorium ore. This thing called Saronite is far beyond what you know.”

In fact, Robb had gained some knowledge about it. This stuff called Saronite didn’t emit this uncomfortable evil aura in the game because the game only provided visual effects and didn’t give players other sensory experiences. Game designers wouldn’t create a piece of ore that made people uncomfortable; they didn’t have that technology.

But in the real world, when you see this kind of mineral, you can feel the intense and uncomfortable aura it emits. Robb could resist this aura, but ordinary people would have a hard time enduring it.

Robb sighed. “It seems that it’s difficult for ordinary miners to excavate this kind of ore unless they receive a bunch of buffs. Otherwise, this mine won’t be operational.”

“Oh?” Elsie exclaimed, “Godfather, you really plan to mine this ore that makes people so uncomfortable? I think it’s so disgusting that even if it’s mined, it won’t be able to make proper equipment. Who would dare to wear this thing? It would be nauseating.”

“That’s not necessarily the case,” Robb took out a small mining pickaxe he had prepared in advance and smiled. “I’m going to mine it and give it a try.”

Master-level mining skill activated… Channeling, 1.5 seconds…

Soon, a square-shaped piece of “Saronite ore,” resembling a large stone, appeared in Robb’s hand. Upon touching it, the uncomfortable feeling was indeed intense.

He then rubbed his hands together, “Smelting,” after a 1.5-second channeling, a brick-like green metal ingot appeared in his hand—the Saronite Ingot.

He brought the ingot close to his face and felt it. Huh? That uncomfortable feeling disappeared!

Clearly, Saronite ore in the real world did make people uncomfortable, but when Robb processed it into a “Saronite Ingot” using the smelting skill from the game, it became an ingot that followed the rules of the game. It didn’t have the side effects that game designers couldn’t make.

“Hey, now it can be used.” Robb was happy. “Very well, I’ll mine more of this stuff and smelt it all into ingots. Then, it can be used to make equipment. It will take some time, so you all can go back for now. If there’s anything urgent, just give me a call.”


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