After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing Out All Classes Chapter 804

Chapter 804: The reinforcements from the Kingdom of Norma

Elsie and his group returned to the mine first. Although they wanted to stay and accompany Robb in mining, especially Elsie, who liked to curry favor and be familiar with people, they couldn’t endure staying on the mountain for too long due to the extremely powerful evil aura emanating from it.

After they all left, Robb picked up the small mining pick again and continued mining.

He suddenly realized that mining in the real world was quite convenient.

In the game, once a mineral vein was mined, it would disappear, and one had to wait for the next respawn, which could take a long time. But in the real world, when a mineral vein was discovered, it wouldn’t just have one piece of ore, but many. One could simply stay here and mine without running around like in the game.

Robb simply lay down at the edge of the mine pit, used the mining skill multiple times, and then went to sleep, ignoring everything else!

Meanwhile, to the east of the mithril mine, there was the sea.

Three large three-masted sailing ships approached the shore with an imposing manner. There was a small harbor of the Kingdom of Norma there, but since the last time the queen helped the Maya people drive away the people of Norma, no one had been managing the harbor.

The queen’s people had not yet arrived, and the Maya people had no interest in the harbor, so it remained abandoned for a while. And now, the people of Norma came back with great momentum.

Soldiers jumped off the three ships one after another. Each ship carried two hundred soldiers. In no time, there were six hundred people gathered at the harbor. The leader was a commander dressed in heavy armor, carrying a huge shield and a long sword, looking majestic.

He shouted loudly to the soldiers, “Listen up, everyone! The mithril mine we found in the New World has been occupied by those damn dogs from the Kingdom of Gran. What we need to do now is to reclaim that mine, and moreover, the Gran dogs have also been mining another mithril mine nearby. We must seize that mine as well. Control all the mithril mines and let the Gran dogs play with iron.”

“Norma Forever!”

“Norma Forever!”

The soldiers cheered along, their emotions stirred up.

It turned out that a few days ago, after Robb and the queen drove away the people of Norma, they immediately contacted the other nearby colonies.

While the Kingdom of Gran was busy with its civil war, the Kingdom of Norma had been operating in the New World for a long time. They had established several colonies in the north and south coasts, and many large sailing ships traveled between these colonies.

Therefore, they quickly brought three large sailing ships with a force of six hundred people for retaliation.

The soldiers took a short rest at the harbor and then hurried to the mine at the fastest speed.

However, when they arrived at the mine, they found that there wasn’t a single soul in sight. They couldn’t even find a piece of the mithril ore that had already been mined. There were only a few abandoned pits and a pile of scattered footprints.

It turned out that such a large-scale force entering the jungle couldn’t escape the notice of the Maya people. The Maya Eagle Warriors had already used their swift footwork, faster than a galloping horse, to inform the workers in the mine and the few responsible individuals who stayed behind, including the queen, who quickly evacuated. They even moved all the mined ore.

The leading knight said, “Shameful Gran dogs. They fled as soon as they heard about our arrival.”

A priest from the Church of Light approached and whispered, “Commander, what should we do now? Should we defend this mine and wait for reinforcements?”

The knight shook his head. “Defending is useless. It’s meaningless to stay in such a broken place. We need to achieve greater gains while the Gran dogs’ reinforcements haven’t arrived yet.”

The priest nodded.

The two of them unfolded a map, which showed a simplified depiction of the nearby area. It was much simpler than the one drawn by Suofa. However, the map marked the location of Westwind City’s mine, as well as the Gada Tribe, Polar Tribe, and several nearby small tribes.

The priest asked, “Commander, where should we strike first?”

The knight carefully studied the map for a while and said, “The Gran dogs’ mithril mine might not be easy to attack. After abandoning the mine they stole from us, they will definitely concentrate their main forces there, and their strength will be formidable. If we launch a direct assault, the casualties will be significant. How about…”

He pointed his finger at the village of the Gada Tribe. “This village is where those Maya natives who joined forces with the Gran dogs to attack us last time reside. Let’s raze it to the ground first. That way, when we attack the Gran dogs’ mine, there won’t be any native Eagle Warriors to help them.”

The priest agreed. According to the intelligence, this small Maya village had only three hundred Eagle Warriors at its peak, and after several battles, their numbers should have dwindled to two hundred. With six hundred soldiers arriving this time, they would have more than enough to deal with two hundred Eagle Warriors.

Without hesitation, the two of them led their troops and marched deeper into the jungle.

However, they hadn’t gone far when they heard a muffled groan. The last soldier in the army suddenly fell to the ground, foaming at the mouth. It was evident that he had been poisoned.

The knight chuckled and said, “These Maya people only know how to play dirty tricks. Priest, quickly treat him.”

The priest nodded and used a detoxification spell followed by a healing spell to revive the fallen soldier.

But at the same time, a flurry of arrows suddenly rained down from the jungle. The warriors of the Kingdom of Norma were startled and quickly raised their shields. After a series of thuds, most of the arrows were blocked, but a few people were still hit and fell to the ground.

Someone shouted, “Eagle Warriors!”

“They’re quite numerous.”

“There are probably no fewer than five hundred.”

“How is that possible? The Gada Tribe should only have two hundred Eagle Warriors.”

“There are other tribes as well. Look, those damn Eagle Warriors with different headdresses, they belong to another tribe.”

“The ones wearing wolf-skin clothes are from the Polar Tribe.”

“Damn it, these natives have actually formed an alliance.”

The soldiers inwardly felt that things were not looking good. The individual combat prowess of the Eagle Warriors was formidable, especially in the jungle. Many of their combat techniques could be utilized with the aid of trees, making them even more formidable.

When there are more people fighting against fewer opponents, these Norma warriors are not afraid of the Eagle Warriors. However, when the numbers are equal or when they are outnumbered, the situation becomes quite troublesome. Not only are they unable to win the fight, but even escaping becomes a problem. This is because the Eagle Warriors’ swift footwork allows them to move as fast as galloping horses.

“What should we do, Commander?”

“Damn it, these natives!”

The Commander angrily replied, “Retreat, fall back to the harbor.”


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