After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing Out All Classes Chapter 808

Chapter 808: Cannonballs are coming!

Robb sat down on a rock by the seaside, with Elsie on his left and Suofa on his right. Behind them were a large group of soldiers and miners from Westwind City, sitting in rows by the sea, eating fruit and preparing to watch the naval battle unfold.

However, the Maya people felt a sense of unease. They had just been hit by cannon fire and knew how powerful and formidable those projectiles were. Were these white people sitting by the sea not afraid of being accidentally hit by stray cannonballs?

A courageous Eagle Warrior couldn’t help but ask the translator cautiously, “Aren’t you afraid of cannonballs?”

The translator replied, “I’m a bit afraid myself, but these Westwind warriors next to me aren’t afraid at all. It’s strange. Let me ask for you.”

After a few questions, one of the Westwind warriors chuckled softly and said, “Who in Westwind City doesn’t know that sitting next to Godfather is the safest place in the world? There’s no need to fear anything. Even if cannonballs come, we won’t die…”

Before he finished speaking, a cannonball flew over from the sea and landed with a thud, hitting the Westwind warrior squarely in the head.

The warrior’s skull instantly flattened, and he fell to the ground, lifeless.

The Eagle Warrior exclaimed, “Ah! Ah! Ah!”

“Don’t be afraid, it’s just one person who died,” another Westwind warrior said, lifting the dead body and bringing it in front of Robb. As Robb raised his hand, the warrior immediately got up from the ground and said, “Oh? Did I just die? How did I die?”

“It was a cannonball that killed you!” another Westwind warrior laughed. “That Norma warship fired a shot at our ship, missed, and ended up hitting you right on the head.”

The warrior who had just died smiled sheepishly. “Well, I must be really lucky. I’ll have to try my luck at gambling tonight. Guaranteed win.”

Everyone burst into laughter.

The translator: “…”

The Eagle Warrior: “…”

The Maya people: “…”

The Westwind warrior returned to the translator and said, “See, I told you we wouldn’t die.”

The translator, sweating profusely, said, “But you just died.”

The warrior replied, “As long as you come back to life, it doesn’t matter. It’s totally irrelevant.”

The translator said, “But it must be painful to die!”

The warrior responded, “As long as you die quickly, there’s no suffering.”

The translator: “…”

The warrior said, “Make sure you translate that for the Maya people to hear.”

So, the translator reluctantly translated the conversation to the Maya people, who sat behind Robb a few minutes later, in rows, eating fruit.

In fact, they were quite interested in the naval battle and wanted to learn from it, even though they knew they didn’t have the ability to intervene.

At this moment, the battle at sea had become intense. Eleven large warships were engaged in fierce exchanges of fire, with cannonballs flying between the warships. At a distance, both sides could only use short cannons to engage in battle because the range of short cannons was greater than that of magical projectiles.

The biggest drawback of loaded magical projectiles was that their range was limited to the magic contained within. For example, if it was loaded with a fireball, it could only shoot as far as a fireball. Similarly, if it was loaded with an ice arrow, it could only shoot as far as an ice arrow.

Most magical ranges were much shorter than that of short cannons.

Therefore, the first round of attacks was almost entirely launched by short cannons. Solid iron shells flew back and forth between the ships, hitting the hulls and creating holes, but not enough to cause significant damage to the warships.

However, among the solid iron shells, there was an unusually different type of shell, a hollow shell with a silver shell casing.

There weren’t many of these shells, so only a few were equipped on the flagship. Now, upon the captain’s command, one of them was fired. The gunner did a commendable job and hit the foredeck of a Norma warship precisely.

With a loud “boom,” the explosion spell sealed within the hollow shell activated.

Although defensive magical barriers were set up on the warship to guard against fireball spells from the enemy, this cannonball physically passed through the barrier and then exploded magically inside the barrier. This completely caught the Norma people off guard.

A wave of heat swept over the foredeck, knocking over numerous Norma soldiers. The entire bow of the ship was engulfed in flames, which climbed up along the masts. Even the fire-resistant-treated sails were ignited.

This incident startled the people of the Kingdom of Norma as well as the Maya people watching from the shore, who experienced firsthand the enormous technological gap.

The captain of the Norma fleet shouted, “That ship, that damned flagship! It can fire explosive shells. We can’t allow it to hit our ships like that again. Concentrate our fire and sink that flagship!”

The other five warships turned around together, aiming their broadsides at the Kingdom of Gran’s flagship and opened fire.

In an instant, cannonballs filled the sky.

The broadside of the flagship was bombarded by a barrage of cannonballs, causing chaos and scattering wooden splinters as solid shells struck the wooden hull.

The Maya people on the shore watched with pale faces…

The people on the ship were naturally in a difficult situation. The captain roared, “Fight back! Counterattack with all your might! Let’s concentrate our fire on their flagship.”

Beside him, Kante wore an excited expression despite the danger and shouted along with the captain, “Charge forward, engage them in close combat, board their ship, and fight to the death! I’ll personally slaughter those Norma pigs.”

The captain retorted impatiently, “Knight, stop shouting here. Others might mistake your words for my orders and act recklessly. Shut up and stop disrupting my command system.”

Kante looked embarrassed, “Ah, sorry. It’s my first time participating in a naval battle, and I got too excited.”

Before his words could settle, the captain’s face suddenly changed dramatically, and he yelled, “Get out of the way!”

“What?” Kante was startled and quickly turned his head. In that instant, he saw a solid iron cannonball whizzing through the air, approaching dangerously close to him.

There was no time to dodge. He only had time to raise the new shield in his left hand in front of him.

He managed to raise the shield, but deep down, he knew he was finished.

A shield couldn’t withstand a cannonball. He was about to hear the sound of his shield shattering, followed by his own head being blown apart. But dying shouldn’t be a problem. Godfather would definitely resurrect him…

As he was thinking this, he heard a loud “clang” as the cannonball struck the Saronite Shield in front of him. And then, surprisingly, that was it. The cannonball fired from the short cannon was actually deflected by the shield and fell weakly to the ground.

Kante looked bewildered, “Huh?”

The captain next to him was equally perplexed, “What the hell?”

Kante was drenched in sweat, “What kind of shield is this? Even if it’s really strong and can’t be shattered by a cannonball, it should still carry enough force to slam into me and kill me. How did it manage to block the cannonball?”


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