After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing Out All Classes Chapter 809

Chapter 809: Baron Nuolun will cry

“This is indeed a very unbelievable thing.

Even if the shield is solid, it cannot withstand the kinetic energy of a cannonball. In theory, even if the shield doesn’t shatter, it would be a dead end for the person behind it. However, this Saronite Shield is so extraordinary that not only does it not shatter, but it also dissipates the energy of the cannonball.

Kante and the captain beside him were dumbfounded, both wearing a bewildered expression, frozen for several seconds.

Kante suddenly reacted and burst into laughter, saying, “Hahaha, the gift from Godfather is truly a good one. I am invincible now, completely invincible.”

This shield is indeed invincible-level equipment for the people of this world.

Because ordinary steel equipment in Dark Blade only had a defense power ranging from four hundred to six hundred, but the Saronite Shield that Robb gave him has a defense power of over four thousand, a tenfold increase.

Kante grabbed the shield and arrogantly ran to the deck, waving his sword at the distant warships, saying, “Come on, you Norma pigs, I dare you to fire at me.”

At this time, the warships on both sides were firing cannons while approaching each other.

After all, everyone knows that it is difficult to sink an enemy warship with cannons. In this era of warfare, it primarily relied on boarding and fighting, with sailors rushing onto the enemy’s warship to kill them.

The two warships were getting closer, and soon they entered the range of magic spells. The ship on the opposite side brought out a magical artifact and shot a fireball at Kante.

Kante blocked it with the shield in his left hand, and the fireball hit the Saronite Shield, completely dissipating. Not even a trace of magic power could overflow and harm Kante.

Kante was overjoyed and swung his sword forward, saying, “Wind Blade!”

The captain next to him secretly thought, [Can you even release Wind Blade? Isn’t your Wind Blade just you trowing your sword and hurting someone?]

However, just as he had this thought, he saw two Wind Blades fly out from the tip of Kante’s sword, cutting through the air and slashing towards the enemy warship. The magic defense barrier on both warships had already been shattered by physical projectiles, and now there was no magic barriers left. The Wind blades easily floated onto the deck and sliced through the soldier who had previously attacked Kante with a fireball.

The person let out a miserable scream and fell to the ground.

The captain said, [What the hell, is this person really a Magic Knight?]

Kante proudly laughed, “I, Magic Knight Kante Chengguang, am invincible!”

Just after showing off, the person on the opposite deck who was knocked down by wind blades climbed up, touched the spot where he was hit by wind blades, and had a look of surviving a disaster, “Fortunately, the power of these Wind Blades is relatively small, and my leather armor withstood it.]

Kante: “…”

Captain: “…”

This was very embarrassing. Kante learned wind magic through the introductory wind magic training book given to him by Robb, rather than relying on his own excellence. His intelligence did not fundamentally improve, and the power of magic is directly proportional to the caster’s “intelligence.”

Kante was wearing knight’s equipment, not magician’s equipment, and he didn’t even have a magic staff in his hand. He only had a knight’s sword used for slashing. In this situation, it would be strange if wind blade spell he released had high power.

The onlookers on the shore burst into laughter, especially those from Westwind City. Who didn’t know Kante? The Chengguang family was also considered a prestigious family in Westwind City. Kante had even organized a football team and was a well-known playboy. Everyone was familiar with him.

His showy move made the Westwind soldiers and miners on the shore laugh uncontrollably.

Elsie said to Robb, “Godfather, it seems that teaching this guy wind magic can only provide some comfort to Baron Nuolun. In actual combat, the power of his magic is still limited by his intelligence. There’s no way he can achieve good results.”

Suofa next to them also laughed and said, “Baron Nuolun was so happy last time. He brought many gifts, piled up like a mountain. I heard that he even held a banquet at home and invited all the influential people in Westwind City to celebrate Kante learning wind magic.”

Elsie nodded and said, “I was also invited to attend. Baron Nuolun cried during his speech at the banquet… He was as happy as a fifty-year-old child, saying that the Chengguang family has a successor and lives up to the reputation of being a renowned family in the tradition of wind magic.”

Robb sweated, “Is that so?”

“Yes!” Even the foreman from the mine joined in this time. “Although my status is lowly, Baron Nuolun didn’t put on airs and invited me to the banquet as well. I saw him moved to tears at that time. He cried a lot, saying that all the past mistakes have been corrected today. He felt relieved and had a nostalgic expression, as if he had no regrets even if he died immediately.”

Robb sweated profusely, “Hey, I didn’t realize Baron Nuolun valued this matter so much. If he hears about Kante’s performance just now…”

Suofa said, “He will be heartbroken!”

Elsie said, “He will be sad!”

The Westwind soldiers next to them chimed in, “Giving him hope and then taking it away is even more cruel than having no hope. Poor Baron Nuolun, he might end up banging his head against a pillar.”

Robb said, “Oh my, I just casually taught Kante a few things. I didn’t intend to play with Baron Nuolun. What should we do?”

Everyone shook their heads together, “How would we know what to do? If even you, Godfather, can’t figure it out, we have no idea.”

Robb felt embarrassed and said, “Well, this is indeed a serious problem. Let me think.”

After thinking for a few seconds, the only way to solve this problem was to increase Kante’s intelligence since intelligence affects the power of magic.

In the real world, it is difficult to increase a person’s intelligence. It requires a lot of knowledge and the more knowledge a person has, the higher their intelligence. Simply put, they have to read books. But this dumb Kante doesn’t like reading and can’t concentrate, otherwise, he wouldn’t have chosen the warriors path.

In the game world, various attribute-enhancing potions are available…

But Robb couldn’t produce such potions. The only way for him to obtain such potions in this world was by fishing, but the items obtained through fishing are random, and you can’t catch what you want.

So the last resort was to find a solution through equipment.

“It seems that what this guy needs is not ordinary warrior equipment but a set of equipment that combines physical and magical attributes, which is preferred by magic and physical damage type characters.”

Robb waved his hand, and a portal opened behind him. “Elsue, go to the mine and bring me ten pieces of Saronite Ingots that I left there. Oh, and while you’re at it, go back to Westwind City and get some sapphires.”

Elsie hurried off, and soon he returned to Robb with ten Saronite Ingots and several good-quality sapphires.


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