After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing Out All Classes Chapter 810

Chapter 810: Is this the magic I released?

Robo made a gesture of burning incense and praying towards the Ingots, muttering under his breath, “Heavenly elves, earthly elves, nymphs, appear quickly and bless me with random enchantments that increase intelligence.”

Astonished, Elsie asked, “Godfather, what are you muttering?”

Robo replied, “Can’t you understand? I’m praying to the nymphs, asking them to bless me with the desired attributes.”

Elsie inquired, “What kind of deity is a nymph?”

Robb answered, “Well, they are stronger than the God of Light, at least.”

Elsie suddenly realized and said, “No wonder Godfather has always shown disbelief in various deities. So you believe in nymphs. Can I follow you in believing in nymphs?”

Robo hesitated and said, sweating, “Um… I think it’s better if you don’t. Nymphs are something I want to enjoy by myself. Don’t come and compete with me.”

Suofa next to them looked at them askance, wishing she had a greasy bacon to slap these two men’s faces. It was simply insane.

After pretending to pray, Robb reached out and rubbed his hands together.

Saronite Gauntlets!

He quickly checked the random enchantments on this item, and to his surprise, it was quite good. He had extremely good luck. These gauntlets happened to have an intelligence boost, and the additional attributes on high-level equipment like this provided several hundred points of intelligence.

“Not bad, not bad!” Robo exclaimed. “The nymph really gave face. I prayed for intelligence, and she delivered.”

He then grabbed the few pieces of sapphire and used the enchanting skill to add an additional enchantment of intelligence. With a snap, he added over a hundred points of intelligence.

Now it was all set!

Robo grabbed the gauntlets and threw them forcefully toward the large ship in the distance.

The gauntlets traced a perfect parabola in the air, and with a thud, they landed right beside Kante.

Kante’s eyes were fixed on the enemy ship ahead, but he heard a thud beside him. He turned around and saw a pair of gauntlets emitting a shimmering blue light that had fallen at his feet. He immediately recognized them; the metal of these gauntlets seemed similar to the one on his shield.

“Ah, these are Saronite Gauntlets.” Kante quickly glanced towards the shore and saw Robb waving at him.

Kante hurriedly placed the shield in front of him, sat behind it, took off his Gauntlets, and put on the Saronite Gauntlets.

The material of these gauntlets is extremely lightweight. After putting them on, Kante felt that they were much lighter than the steel gauntlets, making his movements much more agile. The shimmering blue light on the gauntlets gave him a sense of becoming “wise.”

Just as he put on the gauntlets, the Westwind warriors on the shore start shouting in unison, “Kante, use magic! Kante, use magic! Kante, use magic!”

The rhythmic chant shows their enthusiasm for spectacle, not fearing any potential danger.

While others may not necessarily meet the audience’s expectations, Kante, who is known for his flamboyance, previously organized a soccer team and participated in the first football league of Westwind City. He is a typical young man who likes to be at the forefront of the era. Meeting the demands of the audience is a given, and he never fears embarrassment.

He laughed heartily twice and shouts in the face of the enemy’s cannon fire, “I, the Magic Knight Kante Chengguang, have never been afraid of using magic! I will now show you the ultimate secret magic technique passed down in the Chengguang family, the Tornado Spell!”

“What the heck, just a Tornado Spell?” The captain beside him almost jumped up in anger. “Isn’t that a low-level magic? Don’t act like it’s something extraordinary. When I heard about the Chengguang family’s secret technique, I thought it would be something remarkable. What about Hurricane Spell? Tornado Storm? Multi-blade Wind Strike? Storm Domain? Those are the truly top-tier wind magic spells. Show me one of those!”

At this moment, the battle lines of both sides are constantly approaching, and all the warships have entered the range of magic. The short cannons on both sides have temporarily ceased firing, and the artillerymen have brought out magical artifacts and desperately fired at the enemy ships. Various spells flew between the eleven warships, and magical particles filled the air.

The magicians from both sides have also taken to the deck, continuously casting defensive and offensive spells.

The captain of the first fleet of the Kingdom of Gran, who is also a magician, specializes in Earth magic. He tried to cast Stonefall on the enemy ship and was blocked by a magician’s water barrier. He turned around and saw a sailor from his side throwing a rope onto the enemy ship’s mast, entangling it.

The sailor pulls hard on rope and exclaimed in joy, “It’s caught! We can board now.”

“I’m coming!” Kante was the first to climb up the mast. With his left hand holding the shield and his right hand grabbing an iron hook, he hooked it onto the rope and swiftly slid toward the enemy ship.

Enemy magicians and archers simultaneously open fire at Kante in mid-air, attempting to shoot him down.

But Kante shrank his body behind the Saronite Shield, and all the enemy’s magic and arrows hit the shield, without any effect whatsoever. Kante slid on the rope onto the enemy’s deck, instantly surrounded, but he showed no fear and shouts, “Tornado!”

People on the shore widened their eyes, waiting to see what powerful magic Kante will unleash after equipping the gear Godfather just gave him.

However, this guy never changed his ways. He resorted to his signature move once again. With a kick, he striked an enemy soldier in front of him, causing the soldier to spin half a circle. Kante then swung his sword and cleaved the soldier’s back, and he fell with a thud.

Everyone: “…”

Elsie, “Godfather, equipment can’t save this idiot!”

Suofa,: “Let Lord Nuolun have a good cry.”

Just then, enemy sailors from all directions rush towards Kante…

When facing multiple opponents, Kante can’t use his classic Tornado Spell. At this moment, he finally stops fooling around and forcefully plunged his sword into the ground, exclaiming loudly, “Wind Pillar!”

A blue light emanated from the gauntlets, enveloping his entire body. The additional intelligence bonus of several hundred points took effect the moment he casted the spell. The terrifying intelligence bonus instantly multiplied the pitiful power of his magic several times over. A horrifying wind pillar expanded from him as the center with a swishing sound.

Kante himself stood unaffected within the eye of the wind, but everyone around him was lifted into the air by the wind pillar, shouting and being flung about in the sky, then crashing into the nearby sea.

Both sides of soldiers and the onlookers on the shore simultaneously exclaim, “Wow! What the heck?”

Kante himself looks bewildered. He stood in the center of the wind pillar, looking left, right, front, and back, then with a perplexed expression, he said, “What the heck is this? Did I unleash this magic?”


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